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Iowa's Cattlemen working together to build Iowa's beef business.


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@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Seriously - Survey shows consumers want #DNA label on foods https://t.co/VJQYCn9J97

@AgNewsDaily Ag News Daily 🎙 @AgNewsDaily

Dr. Keith Belk from @csuansci is presenting at today's @IAcattlemen conference! Check it out on tomorrow's podcast! https://t.co/IfE0uHlPLX

Dr. Keith Belk from @csuansci is present...

@AgNewsDaily Ag News Daily 🎙 @AgNewsDaily

Trade deficits with China, Canada, & Mexico. "Trade helps keep deficits small"- Dr. Keith Belk https://t.co/QZnwqthxuV

Trade deficits with China, Canada, &...

@WLonginaker Will Longinaker @WLonginaker

Iowa State Beef Checkoff dollars at work! In cooperation with @IowaStateU @IAcattlemen @iowa_corn @IowaFarmBureau a… https://t.co/7NpMeujuWi

@cfreland Chris Freland @cfreland

Beef Economic Impact Study released @IAcattlemen Leadership Summit @iowabeefcouncil state checkoff @IADGIOWA… https://t.co/Q07fltCSWG

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

#iacattle past presidents are sharing their thoughts on international trade. Bottom line - it's VITAL to the beef industry.

@LvstkWriter Sara Brown @LvstkWriter

. @BeefUSA Colin Woodall: We Take @realDonaldTrump Trade Threats Seriously #NAFTA @DroversCTN https://t.co/O9o5vxtRWJ

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@MarkNel1026 *raises hand* I do! December 7 & 8. https://t.co/wWyTyNgG2g

@ISUMattCampbell Matt Campbell @ISUMattCampbell

To all the Cyclone farmers out there, thank you! #NationalFarmersDay https://t.co/MGvXaZWCD7

To all the Cyclone farmers out there, th...

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

More than 97% of Iowa's farms are family farms. #NationalFarmersDay #iacattle #cattlemencare https://t.co/BcxmEo4AGC

More than 97% of Iowa's farms are family...

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Since #NAFTA was implemented in 1993, U.S. #beef exports to Mexico have increased more than 750 percent. #iacattle #iabeef

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

"Mexico could leave NAFTA & have the strength to move on w/o any serious long-term structural damage to the economy" https://t.co/EdQf6r3v85

@CAgConcerns Current Ag Concerns @CAgConcerns

Check out our podcast episode with @IAcattlemen CEO Matt Deppe on our website! https://t.co/lxk3waNt8f

@Grundyfarmer Brian Feldpausch @Grundyfarmer

Ag has 2nd candidate. Iowa State agricultural dean is finalist for university's president's job https://t.co/uE2W2Vo4Qw via @DMRegister

@MyBeefCheckoff Beef Checkoff @MyBeefCheckoff

Your checkoff has relaunched @Beef to help consumers understand how #beef is produced. RT to share! #agchat… https://t.co/7DtleLAU7R

@FarmPolicy Farm Policy @FarmPolicy

US #Beef exports: Japan, South Korea, Mexico were our largest export markets in August https://t.co/suWTxGJ4fF @USDA_AMS #NAFTA #KORUS #TPP

@AndrewLauver Andrew Lauver @AndrewLauver

Thank you @IAcattlemen for helping me start each day @DrakeLawSchool! Serves as a reminder to study hard & advocat… https://t.co/WxNg8qtHQV

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Don't forget! Apps for the Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program are due Nov. 1! #iacattle https://t.co/k6WSllpwG4 #iowaag

@BeefUSA National Cattlemen's @BeefUSA

If you get told to eat more fish by your doctor, this is a perfectly acceptable response. #BeefItsWhatsForDinner https://t.co/19bVuqZVhO

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@tbcattle_72 Not sure. Tristen is out today & she's been handling it. I'll ask Monday. -Katie

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Iowa cattle producers, answer our 2 question survey on #deathtax here: https://t.co/lRdyo9EJkB #iacattle #iowaag

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Good advice for young cattlemen here, too... https://t.co/aYpN8WiXur

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@tbcattle_72 We're trying to get a block at the Hyatt!

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Take care of yourself in order to take care of your farm: https://t.co/7VuWXhGtUZ #iacattle #harvest17

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@AJCharbon Thanks for the info. Compiling it to get a feel for what's going on around the state.

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Animal Disease #Traceability: What Comes Next? https://t.co/yd8Dj31vA2 #iacattle

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@AJCharbon Where are you located? Have you heard about cases in your area?

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

We've had a few calls about anaplasmosis lately. What's twitter think? Are #iacattle producers concerned?

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

BPI plant closures led to 750 employees laid off. 5 years later, there's a fund to help them. https://t.co/Plivm9SKYk

@dfaber84 Faber @dfaber84

Me: Everything hurts, not sleeping and I crave coffee, cigarettes and cheap gas station food. Webmd: Harvest Season.

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