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Iowa's Cattlemen working together to build Iowa's beef business.


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@crystalcattle Crystal Blin @crystalcattle

Thx Sec @BNorthey for meeting with the Young @IAcattlemen Program. Hopefully soon we'll get to see him in action on a national stage #agchat

@janleerowlett JanLee @janleerowlett

Fun day on the job! @IAcattlemen's Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program is in Des Moines today talking with legisla… https://t.co/us87yNgU9j

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Drought? Tell your legislators to make sure it's accurately recorded at upcoming townhall mtgs w/ @daveloebsack &… https://t.co/4K9xlaPqMd

@ClaraPLauritsen ➳ CPL @ClaraPLauritsen

Happy Valentine's Day to my boys! ♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/CW9l7FbIlO

Happy Valentine's Day to my boys! 

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

CattleFax: Profitability and record high meat and poultry production predicted in 2018 https://t.co/8EQbu3frwJ #iacatttle #iabeefbiz

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

80% of #beef exports go to countries in the midst of trade negotiations: https://t.co/kESKce4HQp #iacattle

@agripulse Agri-Pulse @agripulse

"If we didn't export in 2018 and we had to consume all of that #protein in our domestic #Marketplace - you're talki… https://t.co/mA1fGBaKLs

@FromGate2Plate Matt Deppe @FromGate2Plate

Waiver still in effect through March 18, 2018....ELD @IAcattlemen https://t.co/iQnEkAnkku

Waiver still in effect through March 18,...

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Follow us on Snapchat for updates from the @BeefUSA Cattle Industry Convention! https://t.co/iquLol4qJ5

Follow us on Snapchat for updates from t...

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Spoiler alert: No negative long term effects of corn stalk grazing https://t.co/MMBpkojKs2 #iacattle #soilhealth

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@kennedycattleco But you've got places to go tonight and tomorrow! #iacattle #yclp2018

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Because after several days of frozen waterers, #iacattle producers need something hot and beefy for supper! https://t.co/zgwjlxaitx

@sjcasey Simon Casey @sjcasey

So much for vegetarianism: Americans are set to eat a record amount of meat in 2018 https://t.co/ypTBpn4xhe via… https://t.co/ToRAuVJUp2

@WLonginaker Will Longinaker @WLonginaker

It's that time of year again, Tri-Valley Bank in Randolph, IA is seeking applicants for its 2018 Young Ag. Producer… https://t.co/nDQA4EG3zN

@BeltwayBeef NCBA's Beltway Beef @BeltwayBeef

Tonight's the night! Register now for our year-end policy webinar - it starts at 8:00 pm Eastern time:… https://t.co/BrEzqDPsmZ

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Great way to get your kids to pull their weight on the farm. ;) Help out the kickstarter campaign here:… https://t.co/xrFaBXk29o

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

We've all been there... https://t.co/sbljFsckX3

@FarmFutures Farm Futures @FarmFutures

The North America Competitiveness Scorecard shows that NAFTA has had a net positive effect on the U.S. economy… https://t.co/MT1s86BBqw

@PearsonCattle Mike Pearson @PearsonCattle

Everybody! Thanks for helping Heidi. I'm alive and owe all of you a huge apology for disappearing. Thank you!

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

Seriously - Survey shows consumers want #DNA label on foods https://t.co/VJQYCn9J97

@AgNewsDaily Ag News Daily 🎙 @AgNewsDaily

Dr. Keith Belk from @csuansci is presenting at today's @IAcattlemen conference! Check it out on tomorrow's podcast! https://t.co/IfE0uHlPLX

Dr. Keith Belk from @csuansci is present...

@AgNewsDaily Ag News Daily 🎙 @AgNewsDaily

Trade deficits with China, Canada, & Mexico. "Trade helps keep deficits small"- Dr. Keith Belk https://t.co/QZnwqthxuV

Trade deficits with China, Canada, &...

@WLonginaker Will Longinaker @WLonginaker

Iowa State Beef Checkoff dollars at work! In cooperation with @IowaStateU @IAcattlemen @iowa_corn @IowaFarmBureau a… https://t.co/7NpMeujuWi

@cfreland Chris Freland @cfreland

Beef Economic Impact Study released @IAcattlemen Leadership Summit @iowabeefcouncil state checkoff @IADGIOWA… https://t.co/Q07fltCSWG

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

#iacattle past presidents are sharing their thoughts on international trade. Bottom line - it's VITAL to the beef industry.

@LvstkWriter Sara Brown @LvstkWriter

. @BeefUSA Colin Woodall: We Take @realDonaldTrump Trade Threats Seriously #NAFTA @DroversCTN https://t.co/O9o5vxtRWJ

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

@MarkNel1026 *raises hand* I do! December 7 & 8. https://t.co/wWyTyNgG2g

@ISUMattCampbell Matt Campbell @ISUMattCampbell

To all the Cyclone farmers out there, thank you! #NationalFarmersDay https://t.co/MGvXaZWCD7

To all the Cyclone farmers out there, th...

@iacattlemen Iowa Cattlemen @iacattlemen

More than 97% of Iowa's farms are family farms. #NationalFarmersDay #iacattle #cattlemencare https://t.co/BcxmEo4AGC

More than 97% of Iowa's farms are family...

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