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Hello Mr Call Drop Minister @rsprasad if u are really a man then first summon Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya & Nirav Modi… https://t.co/K5HWyOqvno

@sachinsingla008 Sachin Singla @sachinsingla008

यह देखिए #मोदी_सरकार और उसके मंत्री, #इराक में फंसे भारतीयों के मुद्दे पर देश को कैसे बेवकूफ बनाते आए.. अब पूछो इन… https://t.co/hOg1c8nsKz

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Yes u r right. At the end @AmitShah will be caught. https://t.co/UYnND3S5K5

@AtomicBlow Siona Gogoi @AtomicBlow

People maintaining hygiene for eatables under the Gujarat Model. https://t.co/Jh0PnDa8jL

People maintaining hygiene for eatables...

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Nation is waiting for our Narcissist PM @narendramodi to take the credit of the death of 39 Indians in #Iraq just l… https://t.co/A8K9XHpJFD

@milinddeora Milind Deora @milinddeora

Never before have the Maharashtra Government & BMC held a brief for builders & brazenly tried to encroach on Mumbai… https://t.co/cwE5PNIbt5

@SalmanSoz Salman Anees Soz @SalmanSoz

~@pravchak: There may have been reasons to support Modi in 2014, ‘right-wing economics’ wasn’t one. Do read.… https://t.co/qAbCRs3rmy


I told the truth that 39 Indians were killed. The government has misled the 39 families who lost their relatives: H… https://t.co/OhchV6c4qn

@siddaramaiah Siddaramaiah @siddaramaiah

Good! At least you admit the loans of large industrialists have been written off. Now, please join us in requesti… https://t.co/iXLNest9XU

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

When the RSS & BJP encouraged the tearing down of Lenin statues in Tripura, they signalled their cadres to destroy… https://t.co/mQR6PVDOCn

@sachinsingla008 Sachin Singla @sachinsingla008

सुना है, #इराक में 4 साल पहले ही मारे गए #39_भारतीयों के बारे में जानने के बावजूद भी #मोदी_सरकार ने उनकी खोज का नाट… https://t.co/fEoOSYbfrn

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From Nov,2014 EAM Sushma Swaraj is refuting Harjeet Massih statement of death of 39 Indians kidnapped by ISIS in Ir… https://t.co/GCRqZtEHEc

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So finally Sushma Swaraj accepted the sad truth which she was declining from more than an year. She kept the family… https://t.co/8Sl2ckCWFK

@romandsouza Roman D'souza @romandsouza

@RahulGandhi Spoke bout Drug problem in Punjab he ws mocked, but eventually it ws reality. He spoke about women em… https://t.co/8hJ9W4z8r9

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Do u have Any ideas as How many Women's raped in Yogi's UP? Do u know how BJP goons politician r beating policemen… https://t.co/sS0wKF6scw

@Milkyway1955Z OLD-INDIA @Milkyway1955Z

Sacha mein bahut bure Din have come for @BJP4India 🤣😭🥊 https://t.co/IuEFypypDY

Sacha mein bahut bure Din have come for...

@free_thinker Pratik Sinha @free_thinker

Old video of independent U.P candidate circulates as ‘new’ & ‘corrupt’ RJD MP https://t.co/z4S7N8jOf3

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Savarkar will always be remembered as a traitor, working as britishers spy. Not to forget his role in the killing o… https://t.co/zG5LwmnmrU

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Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten. https://t.co/5PFWlzYIl7

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Yeddyurappa's doublespeak on Lingayat row. Letter shows he had supported demand for separate religion. Now when… https://t.co/Hn4aHqsc1D

@GhanshyamTiwa Ghanshyam Tiwari @GhanshyamTiwa

#EkSaalUPBehaal इसीलिए! अबकी बार, सही सरकार https://t.co/CtiPSd29GO

इसीलिए! अबकी बार, सही स...

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Atul Johri is facing 8 FIRs under Sections 354 and 509. Sexual offender Johri is still roaming free as he supports… https://t.co/ji682dafz6

@Shehla_Rashid Shehla Rashid @Shehla_Rashid

One man who is a BJP supporter outweighs 9 girls who are mostly ABVP supporters!! I appeal to women on the right-wi… https://t.co/mqKXitosmm

@GorwayGlobal JayEnAar @GorwayGlobal

@i_me_my5elf Even the strong, 56" Govt in New Delhi has responded by adding a new task in the job description of ev… https://t.co/I1QX3MDfix

@romandsouza Roman D'souza @romandsouza

While defence minister @nsitharaman is busy becoming defend minister, China finds and alternate route in Doklam.… https://t.co/WwH4wTQsrl

@Madhuism_ Madhuri Danthala @Madhuism_

Why is the BJP administration always complicit with those accused of harassing women? Whether it was Vikas Barala o… https://t.co/2OCgX0UVQe

@RiyaKulkarni_ Riya Kulkarni @RiyaKulkarni_

"राहुल गांधी" जी ने सिर्फ़ भाषण दिया, और मोदी जी का सिंहासन हिल गया, "नागपुर" से लेके "गोरखपुर" तक और "रक्षामंत्री… https://t.co/uoBJg4bt29

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