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@_N33R4J_ N33R4J @_N33R4J_

#PunjabCivicPolls #PunjabMunicipalElections2017 Congress Sweeps Local Body Polls, Bags 27 Out of 32 Bodies, SAD 1,… https://t.co/kf9O2IZQ0d

@_N33R4J_ N33R4J @_N33R4J_

#PunjabMunicipalElections2017 Amritsar Full Results (85/85) is out. SAD+ 12, INC 69, AAP 0, Others 4 #PunjabMCPolls

@_N33R4J_ N33R4J @_N33R4J_

#PunjabMunicipalElections2017 Patiala Results (57/60) is out, 3 pending. SAD+ 0, INC 57, AAP 0, Others 0 #PunjabMCPolls

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

If Veerappa Moily is right here then he will also be right when he said that Narendra Modi is a megalomaniac, commu… https://t.co/Zb2tdOmOST

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

BJP knows what's inside EVM as they have manipulated the results by #EVMTampering so not surprised that BJP is putt… https://t.co/K7UfRpkgkd

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Pic-1: Mizoram to soon become gateway to South East Asia - Narendra Modi Pic-2: Guwahati to be made gateway to Sout… https://t.co/tnRV8AbTW3

@inquestioner Sasidharan Pazhoor @inquestioner

When you have the second largest army in the world at your disposal & several Senas embedded inside a fragmented so… https://t.co/Y7gmTarvuh

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Hartosh Singh and Ramachandra Guha, wish both recover soon. Blind hate and so much bitterness helps no one. And in… https://t.co/92lIpV6gY1

@CMofKarnataka CM of Karnataka @CMofKarnataka

Incentives for Dairy Farmers has been increased from Rs. 2 to Rs. 5 per Litre, which has benefitted over 4 thousand… https://t.co/22xDFrYW7Z

@CMofKarnataka CM of Karnataka @CMofKarnataka

To impart quality education through Government Schools, 10 New Schools have been started in Yadgir… https://t.co/Mucescr60U

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

The troll minister now reduced to trolling regional channels too. A fine example of how power corrupts. https://t.co/N9MUsnE1PB

The troll minister now reduced to trolli...

@ManishTewari Manish Tewari @ManishTewari

FRDI Bill 2017 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Bail-in and other clauses make innocent depositors liable for Malicio… https://t.co/mTiF7ZuFRh

@sanjivbhatt Sanjiv Bhatt (IPS) @sanjivbhatt

When Winston Churchill once asked Nehru as to why he didn't feel any bitterness about the nearly ten years of impri… https://t.co/R8geKgTDr7

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

नरेन्द्र मोदी मंदिर गए क्या? और मंदिरों पर क्या भाजपा का कॉपीराइट है? वैसे किस मंदिर में लिखा हुआ है की लोगों को जु… https://t.co/VZYtHWVjZz

@65thakursahab thakursahab @65thakursahab

Indira Gandhi announcing victory over Pakistan & the liberation of Bangladesh, in parliament. The humility & grace… https://t.co/0eEHKjaEpA

@ChiruFollower Megastar Follower @ChiruFollower

The difference between stupidity and genius is that ..... genius has its limits - Albert Einsten. https://t.co/2KDj0R6yIY

@New_Shahbazkhan New_shahbazkhan @New_Shahbazkhan

3 Caveats in 3 Days : Saffron flag on a court, mayor pushed around for Urdu, carol singers attacked… https://t.co/8akXNLgXcy

@shubhpilot Shubham Sharma @shubhpilot

46 years ago, on this day, India won war with Pakistan. #VijayDiwas marks this great military victory when Pakistan… https://t.co/4Cnl7rPVVd

@AtomicBlow Siona Gogoi @AtomicBlow

जब विकास की मौत आती है तो वह धर्म की ओर दौड़ता है।🚩🚩

@Outlookindia Outlook Magazine @Outlookindia

Parachute Journalists From Delhi Ran A PR Operation For Military In J&K, Says International Media Watchdog Report… https://t.co/vfoEgOn52u

@ShatruganSinha Shatrughan Sinha @ShatruganSinha

Today is also the rising day of the most natural & deserving Rahul Gandhi @OfficeOfRG as President of the oldest &… https://t.co/DhxIWOyCXI

@sachinsingla008 Sachin Singla @sachinsingla008

अब बताइए.. क्या मणिशंकर अय्यर गलत थे.? . मुझे तो नहीं लगता.. आपकी क्या राय है.. https://t.co/IC1F2P4JtY

अब बताइए..
क्या मणिशंकर अय्यर गलत थे.?

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

I want the Congress party to become an instrument for dialogue between Indian people, from all corners of our great… https://t.co/E0AQADTdBG

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

आज लेंगें संकल्प देश के लिए नए आंदोलन की शुरुआत का-: भय से मुक्ति का, फासीवाद से लड़ने का, अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी का,… https://t.co/7iwB96280I

@anuraggarg11 Anurag Garg @anuraggarg11

Image 1 :- Came with Camera in his own house and taking photo for political mileage. Image 2 :- Don’t need any Came… https://t.co/tdb2CUiSI4

@i_me_my5elf Invincible @i_me_my5elf

Sonia Gandhi is an epitome of selfless service & Sacrifice. #ThankYouSoniaGandhi for leading by example & lets welc… https://t.co/tm2zMhsYLe

@shashank_rekala Shashank Rekala @shashank_rekala

Rahul Gandhi: Like many of you, I am an idealist. I joined politics because of my profound faith in Indian people,… https://t.co/tqFOakDHDe

@IndianExpress The Indian Express @IndianExpress

"They break the country but we unite it. They burn the country, we douse the flames. This is the difference between… https://t.co/10jTjOckCz

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