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@KeenanVictor Beige Cameron @KeenanVictor

On this day 22 years ago, Mark Morrison blessed us with an undefeated jam. Happy Birthday “Return of the Mack” May… https://t.co/r8YiPPRDHk

@PatMcAfeeShow Pat McAfee @PatMcAfeeShow

Good morning beautiful people.. 🗣ON THIS DAY, we drink, we dance, we sing 🗣ON THIS DAY, we forget about life for a… https://t.co/4JNNUq5LAU

@RRinehart2012 Ryan @RRinehart2012

Hearing a lot of takes about Bill Self being bad in March. A few fun facts: - Self has been to the Elite 8 50% of… https://t.co/HLGi5cPW6k

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

Where do I apply? https://t.co/E3SB07d2Af

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

My guy @I_Skate_Fast out here protesting for a great cause https://t.co/StA8q2W8G9

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

There is nothing better than seeing Tiger Woods in red with a chance to win again

@espn ESPN @espn

11 Big 12 Tournament titles ✅ Every other school in the Big 12 has 11 COMBINED. https://t.co/XOlChpN6aH

11 Big 12 Tournament titles ✅ 

Every ot...

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

“Run it again it’ll work” *doesn’t work

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi



@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

When a girl tries to buy you a shot and her card gets declined...

@StoolGametime Barstool Gametime @StoolGametime

Tonight on #BeatTheBlockhead Trivia both blockheads @SmittyBarstool + @DrHipHops were stumped with the question: "… https://t.co/jmzTN4GBGx

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

@_AllieNicole_ It was nice until you got a couple hundred songs and your computer crashed

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

Officially the best month of the year with dartys and March madness making a return

@FTFonFS1 First Things First @FTFonFS1

"They get rid of him because of character issues? Because he argues with coaches? You knew this is the guy he was..… https://t.co/7BOFmQXnS1


Her: I bet he’s thinking about other women Him: I’m so excited that AKL basketball has 2 playoff games this week https://t.co/UW1t0i9jP5

Her: I bet he’s thinking about other wom...

@ChasingSnyder Chase Snyder @ChasingSnyder

Nope. This minute isn’t gonna make the rounds at all. Wow. https://t.co/L0m90Te4e5

Nope. This minute isn’t gonna make the r...

@barstooltweetss Barstool Sports @barstooltweetss

“Bro, there’s so many baddies in here, bro. That one over there, the blonde” - Michael Porter Jr. a born shooter https://t.co/czmrWzOV6i

“Bro, there’s so many baddies in here, b...

@paleginger Brady Herrington @paleginger

Without evidence or reason, through abuse of power and with only themselves in mind, I have been falsely accused an… https://t.co/KLcSqw7BmP

@roughnrowdy Rough N’ Rowdy @roughnrowdy

"We've got a weave down, weave down!" - @PatMcAfeeShow #RNR2 https://t.co/62YLzruClw https://t.co/vYrJGAT4X5

'We've got a weave down, weave down!' -...

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

If you aren’t watching rough n rowdy wyd?


Hi my name trey and AKL gotta basketball game tomorrow. well uh A-team plays at 10 and B-team plays at 9. ⛹️‍♂️🥇 https://t.co/5x8egQxAuP

Hi my name trey and AKL gotta basketball...

@HugzTV Levi @HugzTV

@espn https://t.co/vPucRzGTv4

@espn https://t.co/vPucRzGTv4

@StJohnsBBall St. John's BBall @StJohnsBBall

Happy Birthday to our graduate assistant Chris Huey @c_hueyhoops #SJUBB https://t.co/HsCoAVwmd4

Happy Birthday to our graduate assistant...


Tonight is the night! If you like pure athleticism and raw talent, make your way to the Rec @ 8 to see the B-Team t… https://t.co/ISziI3ZHrp

@BleacherReport Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

#ComebackSZN 👀 https://t.co/kaJTRFY2GB

@ESPNStatsInfo ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

Kentucky dropped out of this week's AP poll after being ranked for 68 straight weeks. That was the 4th-longest ac… https://t.co/MB5vSCDyP6

@JayBilas Jay Bilas @JayBilas

RIP to KU and Celtics Hall of Famer, the great Jo Jo White. I was honored to meet him when he recruited me as an as… https://t.co/z5k2ywAvka

@TotalProSports TotalProSports @TotalProSports

I’M CRYING REAL TEARS! 😂😂😂💀💀 https://t.co/sZe2vi2ztA

I’M CRYING REAL TEARS! 😂😂😂💀💀 https://t.c...

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

RIP Big Black 🐐 https://t.co/OkpNNjRw8U

RIP Big Black 🐐 https://t.co/OkpNNjRw8U

@hueyboi Huey @hueyboi

Sheeeeeeesh https://t.co/S5eXTwy390

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