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@SPHeREprogramme SPHeRE @SPHeREprogramme

The #SPHeRE10 Conference on Thurs January 11th is Open for Registration https://t.co/BaZukxETN3 https://t.co/XsDcFVqGdY

The #SPHeRE10 Conference on Thurs Januar...


Delighted to announce @irishthoracicS have just opened their @hrbireland /MRCG Joint Funding Scheme call, valued at… https://t.co/aOwmYDP6S2

@patriciahealy12 Patricia Healy @patriciahealy12

@HRBMumAndBaby @hrbtmrn #Trialmethodology Round 1 of the COSGROVE survey has just gone live and we are hoping for… https://t.co/9GamKsbibb

@_thereselynn Thérése Lynn @_thereselynn

@hrbireland @F1000 Leading the way for open peer review with #HRBOpenResearch #openscience #freethefindings… https://t.co/1IgdRGLIEf

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

FANTASTIC!! Delighted to deliver the @hrbireland Christmas Shoeboxes to today to @ICHHDUBLIN #FillaLuas #mynameis… https://t.co/Bcko930nPO”

@MaireadOConnor8 Mairead O'Connor @MaireadOConnor8

In Irl,1 in 4 women aged 50-60 yrs old have not participated in the #cervicalscreening prgme in last 5 years.Togeth… https://t.co/DNVKUcSRQB

@pmrycaretrials1 HRB PrimaryCare CTNI @pmrycaretrials1

Great to see @hrbireland-funded SAP-C on the international stage. Well done @sinead_lydon @poc_doctor… https://t.co/QWtilkyEWJ

@IanKelleherMD Ian Kelleher @IanKelleherMD

Prioritising research on mental health one of 10 key recommendations in today’s report from Ireland’s Taskforce on… https://t.co/12IJFj7Jvc

@_thereselynn Thérése Lynn @_thereselynn

Busy lunchtime in @hrbireland packing out shoeboxes for @ICHHDUBLIN #christmascheer #shoeboxappeal https://t.co/tSlpOGOIwp

Busy lunchtime in @hrbireland packing ou...


Info on the How2Tell app supported by @epilepsyireland and @hrbireland here https://t.co/R34WwLJcV9

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Congrats on your first tweet @TCDhpm . Look forward to getting all your news! https://t.co/8fplEqaYyX

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Great to see forward thinking! Look forward to working with you in the New Year! https://t.co/Ul0OHUeAlU

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Don't miss the @sparks_eu exhibition @SciGalleryDub over the next while. https://t.co/S0By4EcHuf

@tilda_tcd TILDA @tilda_tcd

Insights into end of life experiences of older people in Ireland. Significant numbers not accessing needed health s… https://t.co/59p6v3gL7o

@med_indonews Medical Independent @med_indonews

Almost 2 people died each day in Ireland during 2015 as a result of poisoning, trauma or medical causes linked to d… https://t.co/JSTDju45Bp

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Drug-related deaths: Poisonings - Cocaine deaths continue to rise. Drug cocktails involved in 2 out of 3 poisonings… https://t.co/8D5g1Ab46W

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Latest drug-related deaths stats published by @hrbireland Two people died each day in Ireland in 2015 from poisonin… https://t.co/hjXkki99s2

@maria_quinlan Maria Quinlan @maria_quinlan

Super evening @SciGalleryDub talking #patientengagement in research with Anne Cody @hrbireland Gianpiero Cavalleri… https://t.co/SbQInvtzU6

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

Delighted to host the Here's to your Health event at the @SciGalleryDub tonight with @sparksandco which will be the… https://t.co/w7AKzeSwnR

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Great to see public patient involvement on the agenda for #SciCom17 https://t.co/QQAgzDYVmf

Great to see public patient involvement...


Vaccine-preventable diseases include: Cervical cancer Cholera Diphtheria Hep B Influenza Japanese encephalitis Meas… https://t.co/zsbR5RqzlU

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Great to see parents @hrbireland red alert on vaccines to get evidence to inform decision about vaccinating their kids

@IT_HealthPlus Irish Times Health+ @IT_HealthPlus

A useful new app for some people with epilepsy. @hrbireland @epilepsyireland @rickoshea @brenda_quigg https://t.co/pR6vh9jgMb

@delightedmary Mary Rafferty @delightedmary

Dr Brenda Corcoran highlights need to develop 'vaccine-resilient societies' which can withstand vaccine scares. @hrbireland @SciGalleryDub

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Herd immunity-Vaccines protect those who are vaccinated but also those who can't be vaccinated. We can only achieve this with high uptake.

@SciGalleryDub ScienceGalleryDublin @SciGalleryDub

Our @hrbireland Red Alert discussion on #vaccines has just kicked off at Science Gallery Dublin - tune in to the li… https://t.co/QGZNvJi44I

@hrbireland HealthResearchBoard @hrbireland

Looking forward to a discussion on vaccines as part of the @hrbireland red alert series at @SciGalleryDub https://t.co/3t0hd7mdPc

Looking forward to a discussion on vacci...

@tilda_tcd TILDA @tilda_tcd

Our data has shown that 53% of older adult in Ireland volunteer, with nearly 20% volunteering every week. To read m… https://t.co/1tQwukCJ8y

@heartbeat_trust The Heartbeat Trust @heartbeat_trust

#STOPHF is a simple blood test which can assess your risk of developing #heartfailure. Read more:… https://t.co/qQdqNJobAI

@SPHeREprogramme SPHeRE @SPHeREprogramme

Congratulations to @UCC @SPHeREprogramme Scholar @Emily_Kelleher7 who passed her PhD viva on Friday! Very well done… https://t.co/eN56HXjfqO

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