@Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷

Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷

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✨Here for #hashtag games! ✨ In a polyamorous relationship with cheap wine, dark chocolate, and gluten-free pizza. 🍷🍫🍕


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@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

Who doesn't love popcorn? #NationalPopcornDay https://t.co/crwzmpefHo

Who doesn't love popcorn? #NationalPopco...

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@LaMorena301978 @sko12 @MariaCopland1 @MiniT46 @XcuseMyFro @MaryG0401 @VanillaTw1Lite A spiral book would be perfec… https://t.co/9i7HmULXcK

@telliabear Tell Ya @telliabear

#ItsNotMyFaultBut you seem to keep coming back for more.

@DanielAshley13 I'm Just Dan @DanielAshley13

#ItsNotMyFaultBut You should not have left your phone out and open to Twitter. You might have a few things to explain to your followers

@TimmyLittleSays Timmy Little @TimmyLittleSays

#ItsNotMyFaultBut motherfucker had it coming. https://t.co/n7ofGWWrSo

#ItsNotMyFaultBut motherfucker had it co...

@craigflynn1 craig onetweetwonder @craigflynn1

#ItsNotMyFaultBut I think I saw Colonel Mustard brandishing a candlestick in the study.

@bigmacher Jeff Dwoskin - Hashtag Roundup @bigmacher

#ItsNotMyFaultBut feel free to blame me anyway.

@colbywinters JaKe W........................................😎🖕 @colbywinters

#ItsNotMyFaultBut that glitter came from me reading cards at hallmark tryin to find u the perfect one....

@GretelSugar Gretel Armstrong @GretelSugar

#ItsNotMyFaultBut someone ate your chocolate... https://t.co/9ithoyzh8X

#ItsNotMyFaultBut someone ate your choco...

@Robin46_2 ®️obin @Robin46_2

#ItsNotMyFaultBut you should've told me you were lactose intolerant Before I ordered the pizza.

@kristenRN202 Just Kristen 💁🏼‍♀️ @kristenRN202

#ItsNotMyFaultBut it is the fault in our stars.

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

#ItsNotMyFaultBut I’ll be danged if duct tape won’t fix it. https://t.co/f2YHIBwXbZ

#ItsNotMyFaultBut I’ll be danged if duct...

@Billie_Jean00 Billie☮️♥️♊ @Billie_Jean00

I wish I could get super happy for Friday's. I work from home so I don't get to go crazy at the office when it's ti… https://t.co/OHwdEIvcoW

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@Billie_Jean00 Me too! And I like weekdays because I'm home alone, lol.😂

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@JadeBlondez @colbywinters @laughingskull59 @TantanNation Thanks so much, Jade! Happy #FF to you too! https://t.co/oCTD0UoMXu

@JadeBlondez @colbywinters @laughingskul...

@JadeBlondez Jade @JadeBlondez

I missed some important gals/guys too. #FF but can’t find names right now. My girl Elizabeth I think is your name w… https://t.co/qAzsajvOxq

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@TheBrofucius Ha ha! I love it.😊

@RKDrumboy RKDrumster @RKDrumboy

When your still waiting for @heyjacqui_ and her zoomba video ! https://t.co/lIk2a43Wam

When your still waiting for @heyjacqui_...

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@RKDrumboy Come on over!! https://t.co/85yDqfa5dK

@RKDrumboy Come on over!! https://t.co/8...

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@RKDrumboy I like a man who attends to my needs. 😜 https://t.co/16owBt45Zn

@RKDrumboy I like a man who attends  to...

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@RKDrumboy OMG I'm using him right now!!! I'm in love. 😍😍

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@klf113 And the tears, lol. "I've only known you for 30 seconds but I think I'm falling for you." What do you think… https://t.co/YMtmTH6I6B

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@TheBrofucius https://t.co/n7uIydxXmp

@TheBrofucius  https://t.co/n7uIydxXmp

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@klf113 I SWORE I wouldn't start another season but "accidentally" saw Monday's episode. Tbh I'm getting too old fo… https://t.co/SqqiYgEz6X

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui -🍷Is it wine o’clock??🍷 @heyjacqui_

@clark_gasm This was on my bucket list. 😂😂

@clark_gasm Clark 💯% Awesome @clark_gasm

You just couldn't wait to get a 30 year mortgage on a house with someone you hate. #BadReasonsToGetMarried

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