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@BarackObama Barack Obama @BarackObama

ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe.… https://t.co/5qLUsDoaMi

@nycsouthpaw southpaw @nycsouthpaw

When he was 32, Roy Moore picked up an 8th grader outside a custody hearing and molested her. And the White House s… https://t.co/F9ctpoq2tK

@conradhackett Conrad Hackett @conradhackett

TRUMP EFFECT: Change in % confident in US president from Obama to Trump Sweden 🔻83 points Germany 🔻75 S Korea 🔻71 F… https://t.co/Wz8tcoxZQY

@AltNatParkSer AltUSNatParkService @AltNatParkSer

10-year-old Robbie Bond is on 🔥. He's leading the charge to protect National Parks. #resist https://t.co/3XsEI55PsS

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

WE NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS! https://t.co/0lqxXxL5kh

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen

Fox News host @seanhannity tried to book one of Roy Moore's accusers for an on-air interview, and she replies with… https://t.co/DkSoQjzRJB

@amyschumer Amy Schumer @amyschumer

Republican tax bill includes tax break for those with private jets. Wonder if it comes with free peanuts? https://t.co/SAsPy7iNcc

@BDisgusting Bloody Disgusting @BDisgusting

#Repost @vintagehorrorclub ・・・ Bruce Campbell and Greg Nicotero on the set of Evil Dead 2, 1987. #evildead2… https://t.co/5E6Ch8trhM

@NewPageBooks New Page Books @NewPageBooks

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from King Tut's Tomb Shown for First Time After Being Locked Away for 95 Years https://t.co/sldZQHpgvA

@blkgirlculture Black Girl Culture @blkgirlculture

Congrats to the these three. The first bobsled team from Africa, male or female, to qualify for the Winter Olympics… https://t.co/NDJ5tBSycM

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Senate GOP quietly adds tax breaks for private jets to tax bill https://t.co/fGasY7XZdh https://t.co/2pqZMAQ0Am

Senate GOP quietly adds tax breaks for p...

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

I LOVE the #MacysParade #performers! (PSA: Pick *your* fave below & @macys will share something special with you) https://t.co/l7xh1qnWbB

@ShaunKing Shaun King @ShaunKing

Shame on our nation. Shame. https://t.co/TCF4mXCUU1

@BigBabyJRAM Ⓥincent Ⓥalentine @BigBabyJRAM

When you win solitaire on the computer. https://t.co/HRRYpXtxsV

When you win solitaire on the computer....

@maddow Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow

meanwhile, in oklahoma... https://t.co/PVmwdujBZc

@NewPageBooks New Page Books @NewPageBooks

Out With the Old, In With the New in VA, Good Guy Mosquitoes, and the Importance of keeping Children Hydrated in… https://t.co/nOdW6R8NuT

@NewPageBooks New Page Books @NewPageBooks

Keeping these 12 plants in your home can improve your health — and they're almost impossible to kill https://t.co/fIcTXgfXzb

@BDisgusting Bloody Disgusting @BDisgusting

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer Will Be Attached to ‘The Last Jedi’ - https://t.co/0VRwRLY2SQ

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

They're al beautiful, but my secret lover is the tots. Shhhh. Don't tell the others. 😍🍟 https://t.co/IqJWsn9v6S

@xKevinLoganx Kevin Logan @xKevinLoganx

Of course Donald Trump has time to tweet about Sen. Al Fraken, because he feels threatened by him, but won't say a… https://t.co/iPymmFpUz9

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

@KevinHart4real I love you Kevin, but I'm still not sure how to feel about this. Big piece of my childhood. Do us proud. 👍

@pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt


@MarkPalmerComic Mark Palmer @MarkPalmerComic

What's the difference between a group of #Trump supporters and a herd of #elephants? The elephants can actually rem… https://t.co/sEbRmGEDjW

@_lanabelle lanberry sauce @_lanabelle

the DUFF is like our 2000s pretty in pink and not enough people talk about it

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

@_lanabelle I love that movie and when I was a teen I loved the book. Good shit.

@goldengateblond shauna @goldengateblond

White evangelicals are voting for Moore because he’s pro-life since a child molester who wants more kids around is fine, just fine.

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

@pewdiepie But....why?

@nowthisnews NowThis @nowthisnews

This 9-year-old wants to rid the world of plastic waste — and she's doing her part one piece at a time https://t.co/lerv4X0SnY

This 9-year-old wants to rid the world o...

@heyitsamandaroy Amanda Roy @heyitsamandaroy

Guys it's rough out there. Let's just watch some puppies for a while. #puppylove #lovedogs https://t.co/gbrqehiVTV

@Eminem Marshall Mathers @Eminem

SNL tomorrow with host @chancetherapper! https://t.co/K8NVxnxwi7

SNL tomorrow with host @chancetherapper!...

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