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Big shout out to Taehyung for pointing out things like his pimples and blemishes, helping people feel less insecure… https://t.co/FMin0Z0tPB

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

Kim Taehyung is a true social butterfly https://t.co/RBcvJpUNGZ

Kim Taehyung is a true social butterfly...

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

This made me so happy 😍 I'll be waiting for that Jungkook and IU selca 🙏💜 https://t.co/ocJShP3S2b

This made me so happy 😍 I'll be waiting...

@vlissfuI 블리스 @vlissfuI

[FROM K-ARMY] an instruction/guide to vote for the 27th seoul music awards! please read carefully, retweet and spr… https://t.co/QGIlGGfwoh

@firstsight_jk First Sight @firstsight_jk

Bang PD: @BTS_twt will sing in Korean in the US. That is K-Pop. https://t.co/Je7PZJskvb

Bang PD: @BTS_twt will sing in Korean in...

@snowberrytae ℓunie @snowberrytae

ok but wait a second... is this a concert or a fashion runway https://t.co/tN5J6t7VXZ

ok but wait a second... is this a concer...

@DarlingSpectrum Rachel💜DesertBecomesSea✨ @DarlingSpectrum

Next Chapter. 🙃 @BTS_twt https://t.co/eigFuxlYV2

Next Chapter. 🙃
@BTS_twt https://t.co/ei...

@BTS_ARMY_I 방탄소년단 아미 @BTS_ARMY_I

[INSTAGRAM] Actress Ha Jiwon posted a picture with Taehyung "Every instant of each performance was perfect like a… https://t.co/t1YVfDvnDe

@Ben_pamei Ben ♡bangtan girl @Ben_pamei

The journey of wings tour from 18 February till 10 December 2017 😭 IM EMOTIONALLY WRECKED #WingsTourFinalDay3… https://t.co/pGZgKJYDKJ

@kthxxxtata ot7 @kthxxxtata

A quick tutorial on how to vote BTS on SMA by watching ads! One video (ad) is 50 coins. 100 Coins = 1 ticket = 1… https://t.co/r9lX7ifjLt

@guxxi_mong тιғғany.мong @guxxi_mong

ARMY please download the app “Seoul Music Awards”to vote for @BTS_twt . 1)Watch ad in the shop to get coins 2)exch… https://t.co/WeZy8Vhq2r


[!] 27th Seoul Music Awards🏆 Voting criteria - ▶Main Prize - Vote 30% (Korean+Overseas) ▶Popularity Prize - Vote… https://t.co/3XDhFMmcqV

@btsanalytics worldwideBTS 🌎 @btsanalytics

[@BTS_twt SMA Vote 2:50PM] 🌟Main Prize: #1 [+3.9%] 🚨Popular (🇰🇷): #4 [-39.8%] 🌟K-wave Popular: #1 [+17.54%] Vot… https://t.co/oQqRMDk4Ko

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

나를 자랑스럽게 생각해주는 우리형누나들😊 #난온리트위터 https://t.co/U3iyu9MHU2

나를 자랑스럽게 생각해주는 우리형누나들😊 #난온리트위터 https://t...

@btsanalytics worldwideBTS 🌎 @btsanalytics

Voting starts in 4h. Please remember that it shouldn’t become our sole focus from then onwards. Let’s continue to s… https://t.co/Bw4oTvAxDU

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

오늘 추운데 너무너무 고마웠고 내일 봐요 ~ #JIMIN https://t.co/JINtxBY1io

오늘 추운데 너무너무 고마웠고 내일 봐요 ~
#JIMIN https://...

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

내일!!! https://t.co/xmelDRvf3S

내일!!! https://t.co/xmelDRvf3S

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

Appreciation tweet for all the translators that work so hard for international ARMYs. Thank you so much for all the… https://t.co/3np9lFaiTJ

@BT21_ BT21 @BT21_

Meet #BT21 NYC & SEOUL on DEC16 https://t.co/ohM8glEIQ7 https://t.co/wYBd2iKu7R

Meet #BT21

@blossomhhj 황혜진 @blossomhhj

연예인 성장사에 대해 쓰는 게 할 일이고 꿈을 이뤄가는 여러 사람을 보면서 멋지다는 생각이 들지만 한편으론 내 인생이나 꿈만 제자리걸음인 것 같다고 느껴질 때가 있다. 연차는 쌓이는데 잘 가고 있는 건가싶은… https://t.co/TElaRh4KB8

@radiodisney RADIO DISNEY @radiodisney

Watch #BTS play Holiday Hot or Not with @CandiceOnAir! @bts_bighit @BTS_twt https://t.co/PfRbttkcY8

Watch #BTS play Holiday Hot or Not with...

@peachBOY_0613 peachBOY @peachBOY_0613

SG 171211 『You’ve worked hard』 I’m really thankful Let’s hurry and go to sleep!! You did a great job!!

@agirlinthepark JP @agirlinthepark

Lucky ARMY got Yoongi’s water bottle haha https://t.co/hd70ry4JUW

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

@bts_simandysi @nailogical Same she's one of my fav YouTubers, I've been watching her videos for a long time haha

@nailogical Simply Nailogical 💿 @nailogical

“Can I touch your holo?” “Okay just don’t make it so obvious” https://t.co/QQRZUPLah4

“Can I touch your holo?”
“Okay just don’...

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

@nailogical OMG THE HOLO QUEEN HERSELF JSJDNSJSD https://t.co/tsupgXvWqx


@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

@BTS_twt My love and friend, heaven and pride, I will tell you forever, I won’t change. When we're together, even d… https://t.co/b8tveYwDy8

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

@BTS_twt BTS really changed my life, I will forever be thankful to them! I will support & love each and every membe… https://t.co/sOZ9dxbmCq

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

@BTS_twt I feel so loved by them.. They gave me strength to move on, they taught me a lot of valuable lessons about… https://t.co/K6kO4EOlWX

@herjamsn 🐥ñoür🐥 @herjamsn

My days used to be so boring, nothing new, either study or work.. Same sh*t everyday.. After knowing @BTS_twt my li… https://t.co/QOAPgo9uiF

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