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muddle aged marketer mother lover of words, whimsy and whiskey. Don't strive to be average. #feminist #warriorwoman

Kapiti Coast, NZ

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@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp And you a day, good sir 😊

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp Splendid. Getting life sorted and moving forward is good for the spirit. And most definitely a job for us both in the new year x

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp Quite. Not bad thanks Rob. Beautiful summer. Christmas. Kids in good spirits. Thank you. You?

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp Yep 😳

@WeavingHouse WomenAotearoaNZ @WeavingHouse

#NZ "From then on I got into the abortion debate - not because of any philosophising but because there were patient… https://t.co/qPnDtX8F49

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@WeavingHouse Extraordinary woman who has devoted her life to women’s health.

@suemoroney Sue Moroney @suemoroney

Good. Now can we focus on stopping violence towards women? Don't judge women running from abuse for their lack of i… https://t.co/q0EtTcEH5V

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@richards_view This is not how Molly usually looks 😂

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

Today the mums participated in a sack race. The dads didn't do it because they were beset with bad backs, broken t… https://t.co/Limwqjt0eE

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

Molly Mustard called in this evening on her way to a 21st. Going to be a fab party! https://t.co/jAX0A2ye4h

Molly Mustard called in this evening on...

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@careyoates 💕Hugs your way xx

@DickKingSmith Dick King-Smith HQ @DickKingSmith

One day working dogs will rise up and overthrow their oppressive masters. https://t.co/ccIc9uerIo

One day working dogs will rise up and ov...

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@DavidSlack @paultudor Did you happen to feel the rain?

@whaeapower The Aunties @whaeapower

So many beautiful gifts today. 1. All the gifts for the Xmas party tomorrow. 2. Gifts for emergency housing client… https://t.co/eKb6F5SqtI

@2TAPU 2Tapu @2TAPU

Hangi Pies and Palusami Pies and Koko Sāmoa Chocolate Cake Blue Rose Cafe in Sandringham is the epitomy of Pasifika… https://t.co/CKqdNva6dO

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

If you really want to annoy the family, simply peel and slice 30 large onions for a sausage sizzle 😭

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp Was a glorious summer evening x

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

Wellington really turned it on last night, when I caught up with some good friends #rose #stinkycheese https://t.co/svZXEczEn9

Wellington really turned it on last nigh...

@TaylarThorpe Taylar Thorpe 🤗 @TaylarThorpe

As @CorinDann just said on 1News "@grantrobertson1... has done the job" in reference to the new Families Package an… https://t.co/KUfo4d3KF0

@thecapnslappy Cap'n Slappy @thecapnslappy

When I said, "Happy Holidays!" What part of that sounded like, "Give me a fucking lecture about how you will only s… https://t.co/3fvf4zn0r3

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@StephenKing Wordsmith 👍

@PonsonbyCentral Ponsonby Central @PonsonbyCentral

We are still taking donations (gifts and food in our box. Open 7.30am -11.30pm, with half hour parking, it’s about… https://t.co/tr3AD3YUcC

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

Is MAGA urban dictionary for MAGGOT?

@Carbosly Carbosly @Carbosly

Cold, tired, cranky & hungry. -an autobiography

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@Lily_McSnarly @DenisODonovan12 Indeed. Such a good gentlewoman 🤔

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@isthismyemail1 @Lily_McSnarly Definitely Nobby. And Lily is quite right about an accompanying still one 🙏

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@Lily_McSnarly Not in NZ Lily dear. But Nobby and his nuts can be found in Aussie.

@NiwaWeather NIWA Weather @NiwaWeather

Which year is not like the other? 🌊🌡️ Compare NZ's mid-December sea surface temps during each of the last 10 years. https://t.co/mvBomMwD5m

Which year is not like the other? 🌊🌡️


@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@Miss_Whanau Ha! You oughta see me between 3-5am!

@helenclifton8 HelenBack @helenclifton8

@FritzFrapp Weeeeeeeeee

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