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@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@Lee_Spoons Too many to list but have a look on Google if you’re interested.

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@Cogbat @StephanieHirst Thanks Paul.

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

Ashford & Simpson wrote a ridiculous amount of good songs. My fave being You’re All I Need to Get By by Marvin & Tammi #vinylrevival

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@StephanieHirst @BBCRadioManc Oh I have been told great things and have seen some some of the songs you have picked… https://t.co/VENG3NnAqd

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@StephanieHirst Gutted I missed 78-83! #VinylRevival

@StephanieHirst Stephanie Hirst @StephanieHirst

Fancy 1985 for 2 hours? On tonight’s #vinylrevival every song I play is from ‘85 & ALL from the original vinyl cop… https://t.co/EFTzKg9kTb

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

My 1st #VinylRevival - finally! Cannot wait @StephanieHirst 😁 @BBCRadioManc

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

Woah there José 😁😁😁

@442oons ⚽️442oons⚽️ @442oons

'Lack of personality, lack of quality and lack of desire' - Mourinho chucking some players under the bus there #MUNBHA

@Jbman141Birks Jonathan Birks @Jbman141Birks

Wow, harsh words from mourinho on luke shaw, another talent hes throwing away

@sgevans Simon Evans @sgevans

Mourinho just hammered his players on BT Sport. "Lack of personality" - praise for Matic but says he is an 'island'

@MourinhoNews Jose Mourinho @MourinhoNews

Mourinho on McTominay: “He lost more passes today than all of his other games combined but you can see he’s a Manch… https://t.co/WocegeFSDF

@jimmykimmel Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel

hilarious. https://t.co/wSHi95ehz8

@GOAT_Lookalikes GOAT Lookalikes @GOAT_Lookalikes

Jose Mourinho starting to look like Arthur Fowler when he robbed the Christmas club money.. https://t.co/kvFS4xufCk

Jose Mourinho starting to look like Arth...

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@LondonSnowWatch Are you doing some sort of snow voodoo dance? This much snow in March?? 😳😂

@davidschneider David Schneider @davidschneider

“Corbyn has failed to respond to Russia appropriately. What he should have done is take millions of pounds from them in donations” - Tories

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@MyEighties @Indiepopkid71 @topcatjill You two look great 🤣

@MyEighties Sarah Lewis @MyEighties

When Strawberry Switchblade met Siouxsie Sioux! #80s #My80s https://t.co/P7jo1xYzh8

When Strawberry Switchblade met Siouxsie...

@JohnBoyHastings John Hastings @JohnBoyHastings

If like me you grew up with vinyl, then tune in to https://t.co/cgTcZYJJmB every Saturday night from 10pm or listen… https://t.co/GQxNNswTz2

@JohnBoyHastings John Hastings @JohnBoyHastings

One of the best shows on radio is "@StephanieHirst's Vinyl Revival", which is on every Saturday night from 10pm on… https://t.co/2iQy4gXiMP

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

“I get a thrill when I hear your voice Floy” Man I love this Supremes track - I can hear this playing on the Shaft… https://t.co/DNgyUhnE6Z

@hendopolis Neil Henderson @hendopolis

OBSERVER: Revealed: 50m Facebook files taken in record data breach #tomorrowspaperstoday https://t.co/8rHgtoK0Cp

OBSERVER: Revealed: 50m Facebook files t...

@ItsTomKing Tom King, of comedy. @ItsTomKing

The final sad solo in 'Bin the musical' https://t.co/oSDYFYD1u2

The final sad solo in 'Bin the musical'...

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

GROUP D #WCODuranDuran80s @duranduran #DuranDuran Top 2 Songs to go through

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

GROUP C #WCODuranDuran80s @duranduran #DuranDuran Top 2 Songs to go through

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@80slegends @duranduran Group of Death!

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

GROUP B #WCODuranDuran80s @duranduran #DuranDuran Top 2 Songs to go through

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

GROUP A #WCODuranDuran80s @duranduran #DuranDuran Top 2 Songs to go through

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@80slegends @duranduran Save A Prayer. When I first realised how huge they were going to be and matched it with a sumptuous video.

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