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@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

Why👏do👏I👏have👏to👏be👏a👏year👏to👏late https://t.co/0QKO94Hvqj

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

If you ask a question like a moron would ask "some of us Irish" have the right to point out that you are asking a q… https://t.co/OovEdtTsLj

@moranjustin Justin Moran @moranjustin

Beginning to think if the British had had a negotiating team of this ability in 1922 we’d never have had a border a… https://t.co/GK2zgDzGXl

@CiaranCuffe Ciarán Cuffe @CiaranCuffe

Fantastic day for Dublin. #luascrosscity, Here's our @greenparty_ie tram postcard campaign from 1997 https://t.co/YDNwsaPnAg

Fantastic day for Dublin. #luascrosscity...

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

What to say thats to @marklittlenews for taking the time out of his day to give a brilliant talk on media @IENewparkSchool!

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

In light of the of the death of Christine Keller I am reminded of the brilliant song "Nothing has been proved" abou… https://t.co/91ZKijU6CJ

@IrishPolMaps Irish Political Maps @IrishPolMaps

(1/2) This is the last map I'll post in relation to the border negotiations for the time being. It shows where elec… https://t.co/tzI8GOXQU5

@grescoe Taras Grescoe @grescoe

One lane for: Light Rail—moves 22,000 people/hr. Bicycles—14,000. Automobiles—2,000. Can someone remind me why w… https://t.co/9mngcb7OqD

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

@Ireland_Greener It appears the Lawrence.exe has stopped working. Would you like to kill the program?

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

Want to say thanks to @LushLtd for finding my wallet! Real life saver!

@VoxHib Vox Hiberionacum @VoxHib

Irl: Say it... UK: ... Irl: Say. It. UK: ... An bhfuil céad agam dul go dtí an Brexit más é do thoil é? Irl: We'll see.

@SenKamalaHarris Kamala Harris @SenKamalaHarris

Something that has been quietly slipped into the Republican tax plan: a provision that lets oil and gas companies d… https://t.co/briPoxiRL3

@hankgreen Hank @ PodCon @hankgreen

I just saw someone on Twitter argue that Jesus wouldn't have been a refugee because he wouldn't break the law. Fi… https://t.co/rJFc5h35OE

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

I love the #PearsePiano @IrishRail! Just a little piece of happiness in the world! https://t.co/MzvtA9nWnv

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

The #LateLateToyShow is aimed at kids and the family. It touched on and highlighted the issues in a manor that did… https://t.co/PLdJi9u93p

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

Mice Pies? Check! Hot Chocolate? Check! #ToyShow? Check! #LateLateToyShow @rte #christmas https://t.co/4yVzsNO4ZB

Mice Pies? Check!
Hot Chocolate? Check!...

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

We also need to move ahead with the electrification of @IrishRail that has been delayed for decades! https://t.co/PInf4fxpvc

@unapower Una Power @unapower

Fantastic to be in this week's @DublinGazette discussing @greenparty_ie's #KeepItInTheGround bill with @smytho. It… https://t.co/Odcl8gCJ23

@smytho Cllr Ossian Smyth @smytho

Jospeha Madigan, newly appointed minister, is well known for this leaflet which called traveller accommodation "A d… https://t.co/SgbUiP0fWj

@TheKavOfficial Peter Kavanagh @TheKavOfficial

We asked Irish people to draw the British border. https://t.co/ERfwE8cAZ0

We asked Irish people to draw the Britis...

@Ireland_Greener Lawrence Hemmings @Ireland_Greener

Infrastructure is so often poor for cyclists and pedestrians, while space is given aplenty to cars. Drivers need to… https://t.co/g2WKlLsatU

@unapower Una Power @unapower

Watching this & other recent UK declarations on Ireland feels like living with someone for years, knowing everythin… https://t.co/cIa9BTMKAr

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

@Ireland_Greener @TreeServicesIre @NativeWoodTrust @IrishAppleGroup @Irishwildlife This looks far too low to be pollarding to me.

@Ireland_Greener Lawrence Hemmings @Ireland_Greener

One easy Zero Waste #LifeHacks: switch from bottle to bar soap. It's not petroleum based, lighter in weight and has… https://t.co/a6DcBXJNgv

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

Whatever you think about the Tánaiste's guilt I think most people are in agreement that avoiding a Christmas electi… https://t.co/NqqpwHeA5L

@MichealLehane Mícheál Lehane @MichealLehane

I’ve been told by two senior Government figures that Frances Fitzgerald is set to resign @rtenews

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

I think the simplest solution to the political crisis and #GE17 being a Christmas election is just reschedule… https://t.co/NeEx2qTzN9

@hatterdaniel Dan Hatter @hatterdaniel

Lads, let's get this up! https://t.co/4aSULOWVIM

@KyleKulinski Secular Talk @KyleKulinski

I have 2 favorite kinds of tweeters: - the kind who respond to you making a cookie cutter libertarian/ anarcho-capi… https://t.co/TiA9Q4NDQt

@rodericogorman Cllr.RodericO'Gorman @rodericogorman

So @greenparty_ie actually tried to extend #CharletonTribunal ToR to include Dept of Justice, but our amendment was… https://t.co/GHVama3iJB

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