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@steverattner Steven Rattner @steverattner

What Trump doesn’t understand about tariffs: Global supply chains. American consumers, prepare for a more expensiv…

@billsimmons Bill Simmons @billsimmons

LeBron has looked so good that the Cavs are now favored to win East (and should be) even though they’re (a) atrocio…

@footyaccums Footy Accumulators @footyaccums

Ronald Koeman has named Virgil Van Dijk as the new Holland captain. If his red Xmas tree or wasting £150m at Evert…

@emtheresa_model Em Theresa @emtheresa_model

Got to play with styling for this shoot with Max Kay :) with my xmas #purplehair :) . . #TittyTuesday #glamour…

@emilypenny Emily Penny @emilypenny

Are all your eggs in one generic basket? If you can’t do a unique Easter campaign, maybe you don’t really have a br…

@s_dgtl DGTL-S @s_dgtl

@1_leerichardson @TheJimCornette I would have to use some paper towel in that case. No copies of the bible in my ho…

@ogcorvettehaze Mitch D @ogcorvettehaze

@BTLSRadio #prohomo imagine an xmas card from the Clems, You...Sumo...and Tizzy down in front with the pups. Take ya right to the top!

@MoLesetja LesetjaMO @MoLesetja

Lindiwe Zulu and her deputy at the Department of Small Business and Development bought themselves 2 new BMW 540is w…

@streetskitchen Streets Kitchen: @streetskitchen

Just hearing the tragic news that another of our own has passed away. Some may remember Geordie Steve from the 24 h…

@zootmoney Satanista de Fim de Semana @zootmoney

@j_xmas @pfbvan I wasn't aware of your work but I absolutely loved your art, extra points for the book sharing a na…

@ladiesaffiliate 女性アフィリエイターズ協会 @ladiesaffiliate

体幹ストリーム 購入

@44diesel1 diesel @44diesel1

@OptionsMike Do we usually go up into holidays like Easter, Xmas etc.?

@smudgerfc mark smith @smudgerfc

@leighquinnell Yeah very happy.. Stam didn't have plan b and filled the squad with 3rd rate players.. Was to stubbo…

@collectcelticfc Celtic Collectibles @collectcelticfc

Is it not a little early to be getting ready for the next Celtic Shop Xmas Advert ? #Santa @CelticTV PS My compute…

@Shootin5tar4U ☄️Shooting Star ☄️ @Shootin5tar4U

Milf BBW Girl Girl Lesbian xmas orgasms by @Shootin5tar4U @manyvids

Milf BBW Girl Girl Lesbian xmas orgasms...

@kapt_kopter Steve Gray @kapt_kopter

@VinylCarBooty Luckily I didn’t have a penny in change or someone would have unwrapped it on Xmas eve!

@charjane17 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕖 𝕁𝕒𝕟𝕖 ℍ𝕦𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕙 @charjane17

Jeez they weren’t joking when they said year 11 goes fast, feels like it was xmas one minute then Easter the next


90年代のテレビドラマ 白鳥麗子でございます! 是非観て欲しい 松雪泰子様の超美しさは勿論 ドラマ全盛期という事もあり お金がかかってるのわかるし 面白い そして 衣装のセンスが神がかっている コレクターが探し求めてる ヴ…

@kbys_xmas こばりお @kbys_xmas

「妄想少女、恋を語る。」イベント開催 出演:大園桃子 / 久保史緒里 / 山下美月 あなたは彼女の全てを受け止められるのか? 全5話&メンバー別妄想ムービーをGET! 今ならアプリ内RTでガチャチケもらえる!…

@starlight223 Linda Rogers @starlight223

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS Thank u 4 clearing up ur thought process on that bill, anyone could see you hadn't much cho…

@studioawkward Studio Awkward @studioawkward

It's never too early to listen to xmas tunes - only 277 days to go #mariah #pogues #wham #YouOkHun

@patnspankme 🖤🖤Mike P🏁🏁 @patnspankme

Xmas is over and we’re going to keep driving like assholes? OK cool.

@Following_Lisa Lisa 🌸 @Following_Lisa

I'm Still So In Love With These Vegan Muffins (& They're So Easy To Make Too!) ❤️…

@patnspankme 🖤🖤Mike P🏁🏁 @patnspankme

Trimmed or untrimmed? I want this pressed fruit bowl to be perfect for Xmas dinner.

@xmas_art 13、14 クリスマス展 @xmas_art


@biker_trucker Jerry Perez @biker_trucker

Hell just cuz you didn’t get everything on your Xmas list don’t mean you have to do a throw down 😡

@DigitalscotNews @DigitalscotNews

Love this picture. My business partner Peter Ness flying the Digital Scotland flag at the top of Mt Vinson, Antarct…

@dieswaytoofast dieswaytoofast @dieswaytoofast

"What goes up, must come down" - Xmas Lights Edition (Bonus: It's not yet Easter)

'What goes up, must come down' - Xmas Li...

@xoblancaa Blanchè @xoblancaa

I’m to the point that my next bf will get a car from me for Bdays/xmas. Srsssssly

@salgay69 Salman Universe 🌍 @salgay69

SRK : Sharam kar gàndu.. EID pe disaster dia hai tu..😂 SALMAN : Sirf Eid pe nehi😕...Xmas, Diwali, Republic day pe…

@nabeeeel95 Nabeel @nabeeeel95

@Roserat_SS @tybryer9 @TRobinsonNewEra And you take the piss out me believing in unicorns and Muhammad marrying Ais…

@SecretFlying Secret Flying @SecretFlying

New York to Aruba for only $69 one-way (or $261 roundtrip) with @JetBlue.

New York to Aruba for only $69 one-way (...

@peter_entwistle Peter Entwistle @peter_entwistle

@lukeambleruk No, I do that, must be a northern thing! And I get a special buzz when it's a monopoly place that you…

@nspc1020 nspc1020 @nspc1020


@kaisya_no かいしゃ @kaisya_no

@Xmas_evet10 くさそう

@majinafumajime 真面目と不真面目 @majinafumajime

クリスマスが恋しい #xmas #xmas2010

@HMD_WEST_1219 濵田 ゆなっぺ ▹DM夜行きます🙇‍♀️ @HMD_WEST_1219

#好きな曲を6曲紹介して6人指名して繋ぐ 便乗しますっ♡ 指名ありがとうございます♪ 🔹雪に願いを 🔹Lovely Xmas 🔹人生は素晴らしい 🔹僕ら今日も生きている 🔹I god the FLOW 🔹Baby Good !…

@oratengntsime 🐽 Livestock Farmer 🐷 @oratengntsime

Is it just me or 2018 is in fast forward damn so will be celebrating Xmas 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

@SalmansForce_ Robinhood @SalmansForce_

Person- Opng records h?? Mehdi Nisar- Nai Person- Stardom h?? Mehdi Nisar- Nai Person- Without Xmas kuch ukhada h…

@nerdette Tanya Tarr @nerdette

I have SO many good articles about #equalpay leading up to and ON #EqualPayDay - my head is spinning. It's like my…

@titaneren hawkeboy genius @titaneren

the other day my professor got so excited when i mentioned i got a sociology book for xmas. i love my soc professors they're so Pure

@yasqueenbot Bitsy Rust @yasqueenbot

XMAS Queens 2 - Uncut Red Haze dance sequence feat.

@misamisasougo みさみさ@相互フォローします @misamisasougo

【送料無料メール便可】刺繍入りの上品なベビードール ナイトウエア セクシーランジェリー ワイン レッド ブラック の選べる3色 黒色 赤色 Xmas … [楽天] #rakuafl

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