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@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@minephilik Philikat @minephilik

The Ruthless Materialists has someone who sounds like Reaper giving advice ? I'm sold ! Don't care what I was going…

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are an avian race. Spiritualist, materialist, and xenophile are the traits belonging to your race.

@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@awildsassaapprs Sassa @ Rimworld, again @awildsassaapprs

@rixsig_writes born under the same hidden sign, the xenophile, friend to everything made from metal and spiritual energy and tears

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@MeanStreetsOMA I realise this is tremendously uninformative. There was a collision in the intersection, nobody seemed excited though

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@MeanStreetsOMA dodge and Beverly

@MeanStreetsOMA dodge and Beverly https:...

@preacherofvalor Preacher of thanksgiving @preacherofvalor

@Prime_Xenophile At a certain it wouldn't be a fight it would be...child abuse.

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@PreacherOfValor That makes more sense

@preacherofvalor Preacher of thanksgiving @preacherofvalor

@Prime_Xenophile Idk if the X stands for vs but it's like a tower raid/defense game.

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@PreacherOfValor I think Naruto will win but who knows for sure

@franzfestung Franz Festung @franzfestung

@brithume @dcexaminer She's a terrible person that doesn't belong in the DHS. She's an open Borders xenophile that…

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@bransonreese Is the man with no ass the senior's target audience, since he himself is also a senior?

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@Royalite Looks like someone is FINALLY playing with Stitches, good for him!

@Kitsunelaine Still A Witch, Damn You! @Kitsunelaine

Hey, USA! In New Zealand we don't have #NetNeutrality. What I'm about to link and post to you is real. This could b…

@Tom_Nikl Tom Nikl 🤔 @Tom_Nikl

Let me explain net neutrality in the most horrific way: if FCC dismantles it, and you get internet from Verizon,…

@yonatanzunger (((Yonatan Zunger))) @yonatanzunger

This isn't even the worst part of ending net neutrality. The worst part happens when ISPs say "we don't like this s…

@LDeeep David Gorman @LDeeep

This is what the internet looks like without #NetNeutrality in Portugal.

This is what the internet looks like wit...

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@bransonreese One day all @bransonreese fans will just be in one big polygamous relationship, only wearing shirts

@RoKhanna Ro Khanna @RoKhanna

The FCC is getting ready to overturn #NetNeutrality. If they succeed, ISPs will be able to split the net into packa…

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are a molluscoid race. Spiritualist and fanatic xenophile are the traits belonging to your race.

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are an avian race. Xenophile, spiritualist, and individualist are the traits belonging to your race.

@xenophile xenophile @xenophile

Trying not to take it personally that my seat mate got up and moved. #doistink? @smarttrain

@anakinskylarkin 🐇Beboppin Skylarkin🐇 @anakinskylarkin

@JaziDope @MrRiteNow41 So says the the thirsty xenophile black chick with fake contacts, blond hair, whose "2nd lan…

@robothegel Dialectic Bot @robothegel

Thesis: Xenophile Antithesis: Recking Synthesis: Nobby

@LeagueOfLegends League of Legends @LeagueOfLegends

PBE Preview Hextech Kog'Maw (loot-exclusive)

PBE Preview
Hextech Kog'Maw (loot-exclus...

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@Royalite I'm excited for this but I wonder if team comp could be weighted at some point

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@Royalite I think this will benefit me and others

@anakinskylarkin 🐇Beboppin Skylarkin🐇 @anakinskylarkin

Look at her pic. Imagine being this much of a xenophile...

@ScottAukerman Scott Aukerman @ScottAukerman

Best of @ComedyBangBang 2017 voting opens today! Vote for your faves, and float on your raves! Guests - feel free…

@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are a mammalian race. Xenophile and fanatic individualist are the traits belonging to your race.

@johnbrandkamp John Brandkamp @johnbrandkamp

Be a xenophile. It's good for your soul.

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are an avian race. Xenophile and fanatic materialist are the traits belonging to your race.

@mopthelop Moppie @mopthelop

@StarKat1138 @Rhagien that’s a heavy xenophile start but once you have the immigrants you can then do what you want…

@dub_gil59 Zemm_ou_riste @dub_gil59

@lea_joli @ffrancepack il ne veut pas contrarier sa future base électorale et puis c'est un xénophile islamophile multiculturaliste assumé

@csandusky_tcc Chris Sandusky @csandusky_tcc

@StellarisGame The sales fleet is under repair after a slightly ill-advised outing to a competing jurisdiction. Bu…

@johannes1222 子音係は..... @johannes1222

@t8131_tgmin @a_xenophile 御見逸れしました

@t8131_tgmin 非リア王@大学垢 @t8131_tgmin

@a_xenophile 恐れ入りました...

@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile

@t8131_tgmin 俺5回受けたぞ

@t8131_tgmin 非リア王@大学垢 @t8131_tgmin


@nairmak_gren kam @nairmak_gren

@StellarisGame this seems kind of strange, lol; my empire is fanatic xenophile yet our comm…

@slav_rabble What's the deal with political e x t r e m i s m ? @slav_rabble

@Croatian_Fella @amalieskram True, but that was back then. Lately, they're trying their best to be as politically c…

@alecfa Alec Faulkner @alecfa

did... did the rock film two movies at the same time in the same jungle in the same outfit

did... did the rock film two movies at t...

@paulcam22765748 Rumplestiltskin @paulcam22765748

@patrickamon @jeremycorbyn @scottishlabour A Scottish leader should at least be Scottish you ridiculous little xeno…

@crownedsun Brandon L Quina @crownedsun

@StellarisGame Hmm. Probably the Republic of Bos'Tuxica. They were fanatical peaceful Space Turtles who spawned nex…

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