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@katiekat3000 Kaitlin Kat @katiekat3000

@AsaTJ Going along with the Cthulhu you should be xenophile so you can spread the madness

@toestel77 에스텔 @toestel77

아 나 진짜 저 'to further the universal rights of all sentient life' 이 부분 너무 좋아... 인류의 미래는 xenophile 일 수 밖에 없는 것이다.

@prime_xenophile Luke Holt @prime_xenophile

@MattMira @JamesBondingPOD If he wants to eat that sandwich before fixing it I support his decision

@sapphysics senua stan @sapphysics

@mattenee xenophile

@bransonreese brans💋n reese @bransonreese

God in Space

God in Space

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are a molluscoid race. Spiritualist and fanatic xenophile are the traits belonging to your race.

@RealSardonicus Sardonicus @RealSardonicus

These two need a good home. A like and a retweet will get you a chance to get one. On the of 1st March I'll count t…

@shaunaghg Shaunagh @shaunaghg

@xenophile my ears

@Xbox Xbox @Xbox

Last chance! RT to be entered to win an Xbox One X console inspired by the #AirJordan III. NoPurchNec. Ends 02/21/1…

@lulualmansor Mimi Almansor @lulualmansor

République xénophile, judéophile, nécrophile, francophobe, christianophobe, véritophobe et pédomane. Ce joyeux cock…

@jxzmeyn ` @jxzmeyn

happy birthday @Xenophile_love yown!!!!!!!

@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile

飲み会でイヤフォン踏まれた 3万5000円壊れた

@citoyenomega citoyen Omega @citoyenomega

@Aristate11 @Primevere55 @lafrancendeclin Le xénophile et coprophile qui invente des situations. Et prête ses fanta…

@shizao_ Shizao @shizao_

@_4eeer "Nationaliste xénophile" is the new "J'aime les étrangers mais quand ils restent chez eux"

@xenophile xenophile @xenophile

@the_real_LAFord @MrOrganic61 @LaneyRobinson31 @realDonaldTrump So, those armed cops stationed outside the school t…

@sodumoulin soww @sodumoulin

T'es xénophile ? — non

@turklestan Dank Dan, Prince of Dabs @turklestan

Every time I try to play a super space fascist in Stellaris I end up feeling guilty and returning to playing xenoph…

@a_xenophile HMM @a_xenophile


@gogengo_bot Gogengo! - 英単語 語源 @gogengo_bot

語源 xeno「外国人、未知の」を含む英単語には、xenophile「外国人を好む人」、xenophobia「外国人恐怖症、未知への恐怖」があります。

@stellarisbot Stellaris Bot @stellarisbot

You are an arthropoid race. Militarist and fanatic xenophile are the traits belonging to your race.

@otoltek Olive Tolteque @otoltek

Le multiculturalisme est profondément anti occidental 😎 #radiocourtoisie Nous sommes Xenophile persuadé que ls migrants sont de bon sauvage

@xenophlie 場末の踊り子@HDD&Speed Queen @xenophlie

xenophileは本気で 「対戦ゲーム」 をしてはいけません。 世界の法則が乱れます。 2Dが3Dに与える影響とは・・!!

@draxezvos Gaidex XI Viller @draxezvos

Humans are xenophile species from are way of incorporating animal into are life style and culture.

@hopenight_sg J-HOPE_SG 홉나잇💕 @hopenight_sg

We cant forget the most important element of Hobi, Dance & Rap😍 Theres sooo many more I wanted to add but 30secs is…

@luminushoseok jaz ♡ hobi; vernon; dokyeom @luminushoseok



@luminushoseok jaz ♡ hobi; vernon; dokyeom @luminushoseok

you give me and everyone hope cause youre an angel. i hope you enjoy this day of yours. stay healthy and always rem…

@luminushoseok jaz ♡ hobi; vernon; dokyeom @luminushoseok

i dont know how or what's the reason for me to choose you but i only know that you make me smile (and suffer most o…

@xenophile_love hapi birthday hobi @xenophile_love

Malamng hinihintay nanamn ni @luminushoseok mag 12 para sa janyang minamahal na hobi ahhahah

@xenophile_love hapi birthday hobi @xenophile_love

Alarm set: 1:00 a.m hihi excited na ko.pangasinanan here i come ..bday na ni hobi bukas ahuehue mamatay nanaman si @Jxzmeyn. @luminushoseok


#GoldenHobiDay is trending at No.1 worldwide to celebrate JHOPE's birthday! @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

#GoldenHobiDay is trending at No.1 world...


Happy Birthday to our sunshine, our precious hope! We hope you keep shining brighter than the sun Hobi! We love you…

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

👍🏻😁 #photobyddongman

👍🏻😁 #photobyddongman

@hollerbangtan xyra @hollerbangtan

some new armys might haven't seen this yet but this is literally one of the most iconic bts choreography, their tal…

@BusanKinqs Mona💭/School @BusanKinqs

Bighit has officially hired a lawyer in the US for BTS Bighit also has copyrighted our fandom name so when antis de…

@luvvpjm farah @luvvpjm

my whole timeline right now ⬇️🙈 #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt

my whole timeline right now ⬇️🙈


@JlNPIC jin pics @JlNPIC

#BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt

#BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @BTS...

@iHeart_U_BTS iHeart 방탄소년단 @iHeart_U_BTS

[ @BTS_twt vote 3 ] We need to increase our voting rate! #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards

@e_alexjung E. Alex Jung @e_alexjung

Suga on when he told his parents he wanted to become a musician: "My family was completely against it. They thought…

@btsanalytics worldwideBTS 🌎 @btsanalytics

[@BTS_twt iHeart: Best Fan Army] Day 37 ↗️🚨 Report for accumulated Tweets + RTs for #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy…

@billboard billboard @billboard

Do you know BTS’ go-to catchphrase? 🤔 #BTSonBillboard

Do you know BTS’ go-to catchphrase? 🤔


@billboard billboard @billboard

"The future is now, and our now is us living our future." - RM #BTSonBillboard

'The future is now, and our now is us li...

@billboard billboard @billboard

#BTSonBillboard! #BillboardNews

#BTSonBillboard! #BillboardNews https://...

@billboard billboard @billboard




@billboard billboard @billboard



@billboard billboard @billboard

.@BTS_twt predicts the next biggest fashion trend. #BTSonBillboard

.@BTS_twt predicts the next biggest fash...

@billboard billboard @billboard



@billboard billboard @billboard



@xenophile_love hapi birthday hobi @xenophile_love

@billboard billboard @billboard

Here they are, #BTSArmy! The last two pieces to the photo puzzle. 👏 ✨ #BTSonBillboard ✨

Here they are, #BTSArmy! The last two pi...

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