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@ryan_wise17 Ryan Wise @ryan_wise17

@JeffGohn77 I’m glad I’m not the only person watching. Lol

@WISE_es WISE en Español @WISE_es

¿Te perdiste de #WISE17? Puedes mirar nuestras sesiones y conferencias sobre el futuro de la educación en replay aq…

@g_dubya33 Rangoon Man @g_dubya33

@TriggeredYinzer @T_Wise17 😂😂😂😂😂

@triggeredyinzer Go Stillers @triggeredyinzer

Hey @T_Wise17 saw you were watching some more music videos at 3AM last night. How good is the water this morning? Underrated I’m sure.

@Sprongshow__ Sprongshow 🅥 @Sprongshow__

Yo Flyers fans, remind me, who flops again?

@um_videoonline Unterrichtsmitschau @um_videoonline

Gestaltung der Grundschule (Forts.), Informationen zur Klausur aus Einführung in die Grundschulpädagogik (wise17)…

@g_dubya33 Rangoon Man @g_dubya33

@itsjohnwolf @T_Wise17 For real though man! Shit is starting get too real 🔥

@itsjohnwolf John Wolf @itsjohnwolf

@T_Wise17 My brotha🙏🏼

@um_videoonline Unterrichtsmitschau @um_videoonline

Innovation und evidenzbasierte Wirtschaftspolitik (2) aus Anwendungsgebiete der VWL (wise17) vom 07.02.2018 ist j…

@christinerenaud Christine Renaud @christinerenaud

"The school of the future won't be a place where you learn for only 4 years, but throughout your life" says @PatrickAwuahJr #WISE17 #edchat

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