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@adelalibinali عادل علي بن علي @adelalibinali

صاحبة السمو أم جاسم: #حصار_قطر تم منذ الخامس من يونيو الماضي في وقت أراده البعض أن يكون صعبا علينا وما كانت صعوبته…

@e_sheninger Eric Sheninger @e_sheninger

6 Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficacy of Digital Tools via @EdTech_K12 #edchat…

@ajmubasher الجزيرة مباشر @ajmubasher

الشيخة موزا بنت ناصر : التعليم الذي يصنع التقدم يواجه تحديات بلغت أشدها مع انحراف الخطاب السياسي والإعلامي #الدوحة…

@WISE_Tweets WISE @WISE_Tweets

Last week, more than 2,000 innovators from around the world gathered at #WISE17. Watch replay of our sessions here:…

@EducapeKseniya K. Filinova-Bruton @EducapeKseniya

Insightful presentation @PfP4SA feedback on #wise17 conference @amelkarboul talks about global education crisis and…

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

It's not good enough to have every child in school. We need every child to be learning. #SDG4 #WISE17

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

When we work with the adults, children will benefit #WISE17 @louisevanrhyn

@EducapeKseniya K. Filinova-Bruton @EducapeKseniya

Children need to learn how to learn #curiosity teaching at right levels #learning #teaching #Innovations…

@DKaay3 Dana Al-Anzy🇶🇦 @DKaay3

When asked what I thought Education needed during #WISE17: we need to commit to global access to quality education…

@nabilsaleh42 Nabil Saleh @nabilsaleh42

Concluding thoughts from @makkifadi: 1- Transparency and ethics of nudging are very important. 2- Reporting unsucce…

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

Grade 3 literacy is the key performance indicator #WISE17 @louisevanrhyn

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

Teachers need to learn how to engage children fully #WISE17 @louisevanrhyn

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

Children need to learn how to learn #WISE17 @louisevanrhyn

@NupurSharmaBJP Nupur Sharma @NupurSharmaBJP

The Indian @orfonline contingent on Day 1 of @WISE_Tweets @QF in Doha, Qatar with friends from Indonesia & Algeria.…

@EAA_Foundation Education Above All @EAA_Foundation

"Denying refugees an education means denying them, and their countries, a future" @RefugeesChief, Filippo Grandi,…

@educapekseniya K. Filinova-Bruton @educapekseniya

An honour to meet @louisevanrhyn and listen to the feedback session #wise17!

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

@louisevanrhyn tells us about the #Wise17 summit she attended. Education needs transformation South Africa needs help too

@Reneelighton Renee Lighton @Reneelighton

@louisevanrhyn @PfP4SA Louise sharing & reminding us that there is no time to waste. #WISE17 #education

@louisevanrhyn @PfP4SA 
Louise sharing &...

@PupsPorn Puppy Lover @PupsPorn

This is Watson. He trust falls on command.

This is Watson. He trust falls on comman...

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

We need a roadmap to improve education, bandaids and panadoes will not fix a septic bullet wound #WISE17

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

#WISE17 a good teacher in the classroom needs capacity all around the teacher for education to flourish

@EAA_Foundation Education Above All @EAA_Foundation

Looking back at #WISE17, we want to thank all those who joined our global call for the provision of education to th…

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

Advancing local education priorities through learning and sharing infrastructure to achieve sustainable development goals #WISE17

@aehetbigotry AeHet Bigotry @aehetbigotry

@BridgeIntlAcads @QF @WISE_Tweets By giving the students such a bad environment during national exams, By suddenly…

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

#WISE17 make the learning generation a reality, in Tanzania it increased pass rates by 50% in just two years Amel Karboul #TedTalks

@WISE_es WISE en Español @WISE_es

"La #educación es esencial", dice @FareedZakaria, "porque es capaz de unirnos a pesar de nuestras grandes diferenci…

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

#WISE17 teachers do too many things, things they are either not qualified to do or not supposed to do. Amel Karboul #TedTalks

@institucionsek INSTITUCIÓN SEK @institucionsek

Nieves Segovia, Presidenta de la Institución Educativa SEK, protagonista en una mesa redonda en #WISE17, World Inno…

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

Pouring more money into broken systems will only create more inefficiencies #WISE17 Amel Karboul #TedTalks

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

#WISE17 Amel Karboul in her #TedTalks teachers are better monitored and learners results are made public in Vietnam, results are better here

@f_h_khan fatima khan @f_h_khan

#WISE17 If all children left school with basic reading skills 171 million people could be lifted from poverty

@belindapetersen Belinda Petersen @belindapetersen

Focus on Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality education #WISE17

@bridgeintlacads Bridge @bridgeintlacads

How might you give one billion people a quality education? Here's what we learnt at #WISE17 last week:…

@um_videoonline Unterrichtsmitschau @um_videoonline

Makroökonomische Analyse der kurzen Frist (Fort.) aus Makroökonomie 1 (wise17) vom 21.11.2017 ist jetzt online ve…

@vivianonano vivian onano @vivianonano

“Girls having access to education can change entire systems” ~ @szborgman << Totally agree with her! @WISE_Tweets…

@ccaforum CCAF @ccaforum

Congratulations to Asel Sartbayeva #universityofcambridge #alumni and the first #centralasia #kyrgyzstan citizen to…

@um_videoonline Unterrichtsmitschau @um_videoonline

Elementarpädagogik aus Bildung über die Lebensspanne (wise17) vom 21.11.2017 ist jetzt online verfügbar.

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