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@theclobra Brandon Cloud @theclobra

I've never willingly typed butch in my life. Not even to my lesbian friends. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@pheramuse Jillian @pheramuse

I just don’t give a duck! #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@_evil_nerd Ritesh Katti @_evil_nerd

Because it always urines my tweets #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@KattFunny Katt Funny @KattFunny

#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass You stupid count.

You stupid...

@poetic_slurry X @poetic_slurry

@Joancollinsdbe "Your" not "you"..oops ;) oh and feel free to join my class action against red bull for mental angu…

@30something805 Amanda Gee @30something805

Because I don't know I what the duck is taking you so long! Hurry up add hole... Don't be a dock!! #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@poetic_slurry X @poetic_slurry

@A_Wagner12 @wootalistic It not if..jeez ;) #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@infopronetwork IAM Network @infopronetwork

#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass via Hashtag, You’re It!: @McMannofthePeop The Top Picks

@hotterdad Hot Dad / Uncle Erik @hotterdad

because i love drinking PISS, not PIGS! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@maxontheplane Max On The Plane @maxontheplane

Yes, I am writing you in reference to the open position as an accunt manager. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@MamaBearSnores Mama Bear Snores @MamaBearSnores

"I woke with Eric". My text to my new boyfriend the morning after meeting his best friend, Eric. (I woke up with an…

@omgbrookeberry Brooke Berry @omgbrookeberry

Thanks to autocorrect, my nephew is anxiously awaiting a visit from Satan this year. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@beastodazar alchemist @beastodazar

#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass duck you autocorrect

@McMannofthepeop McMannofthepeople @McMannofthepeop

Hey, @heyjacqui_ @danrivermama @birdaileen @Gentleman_John @poundsmith2 Congrats, You Made The List!!!…

@redbuddhadojo Brirannosaurus Text Me😘 @redbuddhadojo

#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass Mine has been off for 2 years. I told it to 🦆 off!

@BellaMoonP .:Natalia:. @BellaMoonP

Duck this #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass

@sko12 💋SG 💛💚 @sko12

#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass I was giving it by best Shit @RivversDeep

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