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@BMisconduct BankruptcyMisconduct @BMisconduct

Yet another #EdBuck story were powerful #WhiteMale ignored after illicit sex scenario with #BlackMale who is found…

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Snatches gold, silver and bronze and continues my descent. Thanks for the trophy @whitemale! Follow this funny man…

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@sahluwal Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American mass murderer. August 1, 1966 Kil…

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@DebsOuttaCamden @WhiteMaleHahaha twitter profile">@WhiteMaleHahaha @CBSNews Hey @whitemale... quick question have you even SEEN the movie or are you…

@4gypprk nils @4gypprk

@badgoddessrosie @ManyVids Yes Gddess ! whitemale loser nils

@tucxicano Carlos Romero @tucxicano

#MAS isn't magical, it is the #SearchForTheTruth, and the truth humbles us, heals us, replenishes us, and strengthe…

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

I’ll screen I Fried Green Tomatoes on your grave

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

I’ll screen I Spit on Your Grave on your grave

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

I feel like I don’t say this enough: I hate each & every one of you motherfuckers

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

I wanna be Eskimo bros with every guy in the world :D

@plasticdeer Matt @plasticdeer

@WhiteMale tug-of-war?

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

If gun control had existed 200 years ago I wonder how the civil war would’ve resolved itself... 🤔

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

With the release of “Black Panther” racism is finally behind us!!! ;) ;) ;)

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

Oh great, that guy from “Best Week Ever” has weighed in on the gun control issue. Looks like I’m about to have my mind changed! ;)

@iRhysTay RhysTay RESISTS #RACISM @iRhysTay

.@Yamiche Thanks for bringing up the #whitemale #whitemen that the media is skirting around. #Whitemen are always…

@leemoe29 Moe 23 @leemoe29

#Whitemale #supremacist killed 17 with a gun in #Florida apprehended by police after he got a bite to eat. This is…

@cryptoseeker311 Graham Livingston @cryptoseeker311

can we as a ppl in #america not make everything about #race #thelastjedi wasnt made to piss of men and…

@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

Amazing how many of these mass shootings go off without a hitch given the amount of spying our government does on its citizens...

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@whitemale Joseph P. Larkin @whitemale

When’s the best time to download the latest W3 Thr33 Tr0lls? ANY TIME ;) Photo by Links to a…

@gayghoast 🥛Gay👌ghost🐸 @gayghoast

@Music_Man_Mike @scrowder @TCU Shut up u priviliged whitemale. Stop taking up space from the rest.

@e_joyce E_Joyce @e_joyce

@NBCNews If one would do just a basic search on Google, one would find the same or similar #whitemale response when…

@ragingdyke63 Goody Ceri Dyke @ragingdyke63

@BougieBlackGurl not mentally ill, #whitemale

@ninodean18 Nino Dean KMG @ninodean18

Base off of the Mass #Shooting that took place in #Florida. By the 19 year old #WhiteMale. Some people...

@judyrush56 Judy Rush @judyrush56

@robportman are you watching the news today? Are your prayers for the worst #whitemale terrorist attack working? Ar…

@RhutaBhayga2 Rhuta Bhayga @RhutaBhayga2

We don't have a #Muslim problem. We have a #WhiteMale problem

@aintjustnick Mr. Sensi @aintjustnick

@kuccih My current strain is called: "TheSchoolShooter WhiteMale Kush"

@lizziewriter E.R.A. Triano @lizziewriter

Florida shooting: Leader of white nationalist group confirms suspect was member of his organisation before appearin…

@ricklevy67 Rick Lane @ricklevy67

#MentallyUnstable #WhiteMale Kicked Out Of 3 Schools For Dangerous Behaviour And @realDonaldTrump s Changes To…

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