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@ojessicanigri Jessica Nigri @ojessicanigri


@danryckert Dan Ryckert @danryckert

Enough comic talk. Goku is Cena. Vegeta is CM Punk or maybe heel Edge? Frieza is HHH. Yamcha is Zack Ryder. Ginyu F…

@iheartradio iHeartRadio @iheartradio

Perrie Edwards of @LittleMix is forever my #WCW 💛

Perrie Edwards of @LittleMix is forever...

@Xcel_101 Serious Bants 🇳🇬 @Xcel_101

Your WCW deleted Snapchat because Rihanna said so. She then remembered that she's not really pretty without Snapc…

@precious_ao Precious @precious_ao

Your wcw is here mixing club shandy with club beer. She's cute tho.

@collnsmith colleen smith @collnsmith

your WCW lurches around your block with the hind end of a deer carcass thrown over the shoulder like a bindle

@omogbajabiamila Demola @omogbajabiamila

Your WCW is flirting recklessly on the TL. 😑

@wofa_slayzie And when he shouted ɔyɛadeɛ yie.. @wofa_slayzie

Your WCW wants penis this weekend but she won't get because she's ruled out the "jon" boys in her whatsapp whilst t…

@willzzzyy :/ @willzzzyy

If your MCM/WCW ain’t using night mode, they ain’t the one.

@WrestlingArcade Wrestling Arcade @WrestlingArcade

🎃 "I've never seen anything like this in all my life"... Eddie Guerrero vs. @reymysterio #WCW Halloween Havoc '97 🎃

🎃 'I've never seen anything like this in...

@yungquantum 😐 @yungquantum

Your wcw don’t even know this is the best movie in history.

@alexissdeguz alexis deguzman !! @alexissdeguz

ur wcw wears a champion hoodie with mom jeans and thinks she's high fashion

@Sanelelesley2 Flower Girl @Sanelelesley2

If you reading this and you're woman! -Baby I love you❤ -Baby you beautiful🔥 -Baby you sexy😘 -Baby you Special😍 -B…

@BazegodJacob #Arutawakening @BazegodJacob

Your wcw supports the wall but still goes to Mexico for spring break

@princesssraee rae🌻. @princesssraee

your mcm posts you on snap as his wcw. it’s on custom’re the only who saw it

@taurusp11 Taurus Killmonger ❄️ @taurusp11

Nah somebody need to get they stupid ass wcw

@Rxfaro Rxfaro @Rxfaro

Your WCW fluctuates between hyperproductivity and utter uselessness. It is I.

@mmgchaser Baylor🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @mmgchaser

I wanna go out today but I only like going out in Valencia and my wcw works at the two places I like to go to

@_ro1k RonaldAnderson.. @_ro1k

Who wcw is this ?

@Y2Dre_ Dre God 👽🛸 @Y2Dre_

Your WCW expects loyalty from rappers, and athletes.

@alexmno_ 📿 @alexmno_

somebody get they wcw 🤦🏽‍♂️

@Maffewgregg MaffewBotchamaniaGuy @Maffewgregg

Sting signing autographs for German fans, WCW 2000

Sting signing autographs for German fans...

@mitch_van23 Mitchell Van Arsdale @mitch_van23

When your wcw is in Miami won't snap you back and all you see on her story is 6'4+ D1 athletes

When your wcw is in Miami won't snap you...


"Another man's mxm is another mans wcw"

@kingbeeb_ skrt daddy. @kingbeeb_

My wcw really livin her best life and I’m so proud 💕 @itsM0NET

My wcw really livin her best life and I’...

@LetMeAce ace | eU @LetMeAce

big scrim tings pt 3: your wcw's fav awper still got the drip

big scrim tings pt 3: your wcw's fav awp...

@iLowkeyB Blek Pentha @iLowkeyB

This what yo WCW doing when she spending her spring break in Miami

This what yo WCW doing when she spending...

@sprayermanjj James Rankin @sprayermanjj

@Myyy_Myyy Absolutely, not sure why it took Sting so long to join WWE after WCW's demise compared to other WCW legends like Booker T

@indominus_prim3 Adam @indominus_prim3

I liked a @YouTube video Going in Raw Reviews THE SHOCKMASTER'S DEBUT (WCW Clash of the Champions 24 Review)

@myyy_myyy Attitude Era @myyy_myyy

@sprayermanJJ I watched some of his stuff but it was way after WCW went out of business. Wish he would’ve had a better run in WWE🤦🏽‍♂️

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