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@johndingell John Dingell @johndingell

@ivyandconey If any of my former staffers are still standing, buy them a round of Vernors on me. I’m good for it.

@wdet WDET 101.9FM @wdet

"You know you're from #Detroit believe drinking #Vernors can cure any illness." For #313Day, give us yo…

@thekatiehughey Katie Tindal @thekatiehughey

@awkwardfoxes @InterJosh1 I don't know how I have survived without Vernors. It cures everything.

@kendrablomquist Kendra @kendrablomquist

This guy I've only met once just dropped off vernors, gatorade, advil, pepto, antacid, a sweater, and bread because…

@maura_mccann Mo-Ruh Mick-Can @maura_mccann

@ccasey3320 Big Sean. Mike posner. Vernors. Superman ice cream. The list goes on.

@octoberskeye #VoteThemOut @octoberskeye

@ivyandconey @JohnDingell I’m so glad I finally found a couple of places that sell Vernors here in SF #GoBlue

@carsonxsydneyx2 carson @carsonxsydneyx2

The moment you go to take that first sip of Vernors and you accidentally breathe in the evil bubbles...

The moment you go to take that first sip...

@dustynwadeknapp Dustyn Knapp 𓋹 @dustynwadeknapp

People around the country will be drinking this nasty shit called Ginger Ale while us here in Michigan got somethin…

@trenton_duvall Brainchild @trenton_duvall

@shootingxhoops You ever heard of Vernors?

@kaylacboye Kayla Boye @kaylacboye

How to kill your lactose intolerant boyfriend...take him mozzo hopping. 🙈 Had to make a pit stop for Vernors (and R…

@___minglee Te'aira❄ @___minglee

@ work & sick 🤢🤮 Yeah I’m ready to get off I need a vernors & a nap

@kissmysnap chanel. @kissmysnap

@CerebaeAssassin Only pop I really like now lol I never had vernors

@cerebaeassassin 🥀 @cerebaeassassin

@KissMySnap Diet pop.... unless it’s Vernors keep it

@daniellejacolik Danielle Jacolik @daniellejacolik

I am a #failure as a #michigander today. My son is sick and I forgot the #Vernors

@MyTexasJourney Jennifer @MyTexasJourney

This is #Texas which the struggle was real. Ice cream lovers. It would be like the removal of Vernors Ginger Ale in…

@itz_simply_nayy UnBreakable @itz_simply_nayy

Baby daddy brought me my candy and Vernors. So im happy for about 20 mines til its gone.

@jmfreder JaqueLantern @jmfreder


@ddtholly44 Daryl @ddtholly44

@ERINonyourRADIO Better Made Chips Velvet Peanut Butter Vernors

@tia_shajuan Bighead Skallywag @tia_shajuan

Bruh...I need a Vernors

@spsnomad Steve Smith @spsnomad

@Kpengell @lincolnparkzoo “We appreciate your efforts to make her feel at home, but we can’t feed a polar bear on a…

@bwatssss B 🌸 @bwatssss

@daxshepard1’s podcast is one of the best things to come outta the Mitten. Doesn’t beat Faygo or Vernors tho.

@lavishlifelala Sha-Knee-Qua♐️ @lavishlifelala

My daddy sent me Vernors and pancake mix but this fool didn’t send no nothing Better Made🙄 like you had 1 job my guy!

@sharbae_ αмαтнуѕт 💜 @sharbae_

Why does nobody sell vernors around here? I like need it

@___niaaaa Don't check for me @___niaaaa

I have a new recipe I can’t wait to try for corned beef...brown sugar and vernors !

@teethagoddess Rahsika @teethagoddess

one of my Mommy-In-Loves is making me a care package and my ass is hype for some Vernors okurrrrrr

@KyahChameleon ky. @KyahChameleon

Hot Toddy’s, Vernors and water are fool proof cures for a common cold. All facts.

@harkthefranchuk Jason Franchuk @harkthefranchuk

@gregwrubell @ThePapaLinks Vernors?

@kalila_love Kalila Atchley @kalila_love

Goodness is green, y'all. #MtnDew #RedBull #Vernors #Green #FavoriteColor #FavoriteDrinks…

@__phatness Phat💙 @__phatness

@Natural_loveee Ima try 😂 just have my vernors ready for the morning

@___imaniii Mani ✨ @___imaniii

@meganpretty_ *sips vernors*

@meganpretty_ Megs🧡 @meganpretty_

@Sommeryyy Lmao no more vernors

@sommeryyy Sommer M.🎀 @sommeryyy

EVERYTIME I eat something I have no business eating I feel sick 🙃 someone bring me a life supply of vernors!

@maxhackerd Max Hackerd @maxhackerd

@alisiakh Vernors is alright

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