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@zachpiona Zachary Piona @zachpiona

Uber driver going from a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️

Uber driver going from a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️...

@theonion The Onion @theonion

‘As You Can See, They Are Quite Harmless,’ Says Uber Representative Guiding Detective Through Warehouse Of Sleeping…

@wired WIRED @wired

The police have released video showing the final moments before an Uber self-driving car struck and killed 49-year-…

@redditfunnies Reddit Tweets @redditfunnies

My sister’s Friend’s Uber driver via /

My sister’s Friend’s Uber driver via /ht...

@frontbusiness Front Business News @frontbusiness

Outside the Box: Uber crash shows it’s time to be more honest about the challenges of driverless cars…

@isaleba_ isabela @isaleba_

peguei o uber mais rápido da história

@nytimesworld New York Times World @nytimesworld

Many Asian immigrants struggle to gain professional work and pay in Australia. Even those who are highly qualified…

@Cernovich Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich

No human would have avoided this crash. The Uber self-driving car was pure hysteria and fear-mongering - which is t…

@theretrolabuk The Retro Lab @theretrolabuk

Engineer not paying any attention at all: Video released of #Uber self-driving crash that killed woman in Arizona

@elpidiojsilva Elpidio José Silva @elpidiojsilva

"3.500 taxistas y un funeral". Entierro de las personas y sus derechos fundamentales. El cementerio se llama…

@dougbrowncabbie Doug Brown Cabartist😳 @dougbrowncabbie

#Talkingpoint it’s not just #Facebook take a look at the likes of #Uber Our #Data is not safe in the hands of extreme profiteers. @SkyNews

@bwfmedia BWF @bwfmedia

TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup 2018 Follow the official draw live on on 22 March 2018 at 6 pm…

@NurAfifah Nur Afifah @NurAfifah

If siapa yang malas nak keluar and masak, boleh try Uber Eats! I baru je order i punya, tak sabar tunggu makanan s…

@popyousef3 pop yousef ツ @popyousef3

محكمة القضاء الإداري وقفت عمل UBER و CAREEM فى مصر فى قضية رافعها "سواقين التاكسى" حتى الخدمة النضيفة اللى بتتقدم فى البلد صح هنتحرم منها ..

@_autoevolution_ autoevolution @_autoevolution_

Toyota Stops Self-Driving Car Tests Following Uber Fatal Crash via @_autoevolution_

@emilybest Emily Best @emilybest


@itm_nlab ねとらぼ @itm_nlab

Uber自動運転車事故の瞬間、テンピ警察が映像を公開 @itm_nlab


@_markagregory Mark A Gregory @_markagregory

tax them all, not just Uber @ScottMorrisonMP - we need a turnover tax on all multi-nationals operating in Australia…

@TecnologiaRDN24 Ciencia y Tecnología @TecnologiaRDN24

La Policía muestra un vídeo del atropello mortal del coche autónomo de Uber en Arizona: * Un corta secuencia muestr…

@hieronymus1777 Hiéro 🥑🍷 @hieronymus1777

@VillepreuxG @GrandPaTheobald @aristogiton2 @Pepe__Huevo Le mec qui aime les notaires, les SUV, les chauffeurs Uber... Eh beh...

@artart562 Sputnik @artart562

@Uber ^^

@hatebu はてなブックマーク::Hotentry @hatebu

Uberの自動運転カーが横断者をはねて死なせた事故の車載カメラ映像が公開、ドライバーの確認不足... (57 users) 24件のコメント…

@thaata_rocha Thalitão❣️ @thaata_rocha

To me sentindo velha, o uber me chamou de senhora,, porra 😂💔

@bigpom Dave Weller @bigpom

@joshuabadge @ItsBouquet ‘Dutton Uber Alles’

@ts601 Jonathan M. Boyko @ts601

#Uber really can't catch a break, can they?

@EvaKaili Eva Kaili @EvaKaili

Now our discussion on Cybersecurity & Future of AI & Supercomputers in EU #CambridgeAnalytica #Uber #CyberAttack…


Les images de l'accident impliquant une voiture autonome #Uber ont été publiées

Les images de l'accident impliquant une...

@adebradley Adrian Bradley @adebradley

The police publishing the video of the Uber car crash is a bit much, I don't think I need to see the moment of someone's death on twitter.

@YahooNewsTopics Yahoo!ニュース @YahooNewsTopics

【Uber 自動運転車で死亡事故】米配車アプリ大手のウーバー(Uber)の自動運転車に通りを歩いていた女性がはねられ死亡。同社は試験走行を停止。自動運転車による歩行者を巻き込んだ死亡事故としては初とみられる。

@emiash2k EmemFreda Usen @emiash2k

@KvngFadeel @mystiquesynn Can u uber?

@flovitco FlovitCo @flovitco

La Policía muestra un vídeo del atropello mortal del coche autónomo de Uber en Arizona

@bobcoffee bobcoffee @bobcoffee

96件のコメント “Uberの歩行者死亡事故、直前までの動画をテンペ警察が公開 - ITmedia NEWS”

@lennythepen Lenny Etheridge @lennythepen

Uber's self-driving killer car failed to detect victim directly in front of it. Victim was already three quarters…

@greatgameguru Happy Easter 2018 @greatgameguru

Arizona Police Release Video of Fatal Self-Driving Uber Accident it looks like the sensors…

@nuummitedxb Nuummite Consulting @nuummitedxb

First pedestrian death caused by a self-driving car, as a result #Uber temporarily halts self-driving car tests in…

@wylsacom Wylsacom @wylsacom

Полиция опубликовала кадры как самоуправляемый автомобиль Uber сбил женщину. Она появилась из темноты и человек вря…

@stiritv Stiri tv Romania @stiritv

VIDEO. Momentul în care o mașină autonomă Uber accidentează mortal o femeie… #romania #stiri

@quberg0 Quberg Official @quberg0

@DanishDG danishdg @DanishDG

This morning my Uber driver which is old chinese played Malay songs of Ella, Amy Search, Awie and more. I asked…

@Faseel_SA Faseel | فَسِيـل @Faseel_SA

شاركونا مع #فسيل اليوم في ساحة سوق البجيري بفاعلية #يوم_المياه_العالمي ستقام برامج عدة لكافة أفراد العائلة .. الرجا…

@OkThenJanet I’m hungry, wby? @OkThenJanet

Uber eat me out is it 😂😂😂😂😂

@perunewsweek Perú NewsWeek @perunewsweek

#Economía: Tememos estar fuera de control con Uber y Facebook

@Reuters Reuters Top News @Reuters

Footage of a fatal Uber collision shows a pedestrian is clearly visible from the self-driving car, reports…

@QuincyLovesBBWS Quincy Johnson @QuincyLovesBBWS

I'm 42 and a truck driver and 4 rounds is the minimum. Step ya game up, young buck. Whatcha know bout hittin' it fr…

@tkrisher Tom Krisher @tkrisher

Experts: Uber self-driving system should have spotted woman (from @AP)

@ladyhuneybee GLORIAAAAAH 😜😘🤗 @ladyhuneybee

Was told to take uber to go to the mall but I didnt listen now I'm camping in the taxi I love saving a lot 😭😭😭

@rodesouza_ Roberta @rodesouza_

Ai vc entra no uber e ta tocando "preciso tanto de um milagre" pior que é isso mesmo @deus

@WSJ The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Video of Uber self-driving car crash 'appears to have been a serious failure of the Uber perception system.'

@mattbishopnyc M A T T @mattbishopnyc

Just said “thank you!” and almost got out of a cab without paying because I thought it was an Uber. 🙈

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