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@idaravictor Idara @idaravictor

#TURNamc fam, thx for your ideas on what to do w/ “last days” pics. For those who wanted more, I put a few in an In…

@TheQueenRegnant 🍁llison @TheQueenRegnant

For any @TurnAMC fans out there, my boyfriend and I found Benjamin Tallmadge’s grave in Litchfield, CT today.

For any @TurnAMC fans out there, my boyf...

@cantfindmypants 🏳️‍🌈Amanda Lea🎃 @cantfindmypants

Found some #Hamilton fans in the ceramics studio today! (also took the opportunity to preach the Good News that is…

@film_and_tv_fan Turn and Film Fan @film_and_tv_fan

@AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC Thank you, again, for helping to make such a great and memorable series. :) #TurnAMC #TurnFam #TurnFans

@film_and_tv_fan Turn and Film Fan @film_and_tv_fan

@AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC That makes sense. I think that Season 3 was released last November, so hopefully there is…

@tveskimo TV Eskimo @tveskimo

TURN: Washington’s Spies Our Man in New York Recap Season 4 Episode 6 #TURNamc

@cassjens Cassie Jensen @cassjens

Benedict Arnold is actually the worst human to live. History class didn’t even describe his disgrace 😡@TurnAMC

@courtneybwm Courtney Bowman @courtneybwm

I have no chill with all this binge watching lately. The latest binge; @TurnAMC #TurnWashingtonsSpies #bingewatching

@barbdignan Barb Dignan @barbdignan

@PunkaBunny @TurnAMC A lower-case "huzzah" to that. #MissingTheSpyRing

@jennifermodica1 Jennifer Modica @jennifermodica1

@PunkaBunny @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC I identify w this gif! And miss Major Andre the MOST

@punkabunny Punka Rogers @punkabunny

@JenniferModica1 @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC

@JenniferModica1 @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAM...

@jennifermodica1 Jennifer Modica @jennifermodica1

@PunkaBunny @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC I watched nothing else for 3 yrs! When @TurnAMC ended, I cancelled my cable. Withdrawal

@l_haygood Lisa @l_haygood

@TheQueenRegnant @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC Fantastic! Thanks for posting this!

@TurnAMC Turn AMC @TurnAMC

Time to celebrate the “White Devil” himself! Happy birthday to #Turn’s Angus MacFadyen!

Time to celebrate the “White Devil” hims...

@PunkaBunny Punka Rogers @PunkaBunny

Since @TurnAMC ended, Twitter just isn't as fun. Sigh.

@lynnfromma_13 Lynn R 🌈💖🌏 @lynnfromma_13

@TheQueenRegnant @AlexRoseWriter @TurnAMC Oh how cool! Thanks for sharing

@alexrosewriter Alexander Rose @alexrosewriter

@Film_and_TV_Fan @TurnAMC No news to hand. I think they usually wait several months or up to a year to release (like Netflix).

@fall_sapphire Fall Sapphire @fall_sapphire

@njtv @SteveAdubato TY for the @TurnAMC interview. One of my favs. never miss a showing season

@redandtoby RedandToby @redandtoby

@Andre_Allegiant If it's happy #MajorAndreMonday Huzzah AND it must also be happy #MajorHewlettMonday Oh how our bo…

@TurnAMC Turn AMC @TurnAMC

At least he wound up okay. Thanks for watching his story. #TurnAMC

At least he wound up okay. Thanks for wa...

@kjschwartz Ken Schwartz @kjschwartz

@realAdamLee @samuelroukin Simcoe in #TURNAMC is one of the cold-bloodedest villain I've ever seen. Samuel really nailed it.

@IdaraVictor Idara @IdaraVictor

#TURNamc family. These are from our last days this spring. I have so many pics from our final…

@katesoup63 Kate Campbell @katesoup63

a lovely surprise on this crappy monday! the first #MajorAndre picture i got is being reunited with its partner tod…

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