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@IanKahn Ian Kahn @IanKahn

On the west coast with The Captatin yesterday... @TurnAMC

On the west coast with The Captatin yest...

@IanKahn Ian Kahn @IanKahn

And the General today. @TurnAMC #Traitor

And the General today. @TurnAMC #Traitor...

@yourmama503 Your mama @yourmama503

@Brina_Lea @TurnAMC I watched the first season then either that was all available or lost interest (maybe both?).…

@brina_lea Bringle Bells 🎄 🌹 @brina_lea

In case anyone was wondering my husband and I recently started watching Turn and it's SO good! He keeps getting ann…

@sarah_marie103 Sarah @sarah_marie103

Me: WHY did I keep putting off a #TURNamc rewatch? *Season 4 scene with Caleb* Me: Oh yeah....I totally blocked that from my memory. Damn 😭

@oliviaemmajane emma harris @oliviaemmajane

@RachRosenbloom @TurnAMC 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

@lahousden Laurel Housden @lahousden

@sonyclassics @1jamiebell @guardian This film looks wonderful! @TurnLand fans should watch it. #turnamc

@Setauketspies Culper Ring @Setauketspies

You know what would be awesome? A TURN-themed calendar. Why isn't that a thing already?! #TURNamc

@daisymaebianca Bianca Oh @daisymaebianca

@TurnAMC Don’t get me wrong, the white folks stepped all over and killed a lot of Natives and black/ African-Americans.

@daisymaebianca Bianca Oh @daisymaebianca

Watching @TurnAMC which is is about double agents in the Revolutionary War, reminds me how punk early America used…

@rachrosenbloom Rachel Rosenbloom @rachrosenbloom

Just finished @TurnAMC...that’s it. We can all go home now. #butlikewait #callmemrstalmidge #turnwashingtonspies #alltheperiodpieces

@lookbckmvefrwrd LearnedFromThePast @lookbckmvefrwrd

When the rest of the world makes me crazy, all I need is a little @TurnAMC and Benjamin Tallmadge. ❤️

When the rest of the world makes me craz...

@mikeybarnumjr mikeyb4 @mikeybarnumjr

Just now watched the end of an amazing show filled with amazing actors. I truly am grateful for this amazing countr…

@fox10photochief Jon Noetzel @fox10photochief

Whoever was the costume designer for @TurnAMC should win an award for their exquisite work. @KseniaSolo…

@jennjenn127 Jennifer @jennjenn127

Just finished #Turn @TurnAMC on Netflix. The feels!! 😭😭

@see_ash_write Ashley Cicotte @see_ash_write

Finished watching Season 4 of @TurnAMC with the husband last night. My 2nd time through the series, his 1st. He'd l…

@gwashfangirl Washington's Wench @gwashfangirl

@Ralphwjbrown I just had to share this with you. Isn't he adorable? 😊 #TURNamc

@Ralphwjbrown I just had to share this w...

@GWashfangirl Washington's Wench @GWashfangirl

Look who the amazing @Yael2006 has made for me! It's General Sir Henry Clinton! #TURNamc @Ralphwjbrown

Look who the amazing @Yael2006 has made...

@nico1e_snow Nicole Snow @nico1e_snow

Really enjoying @TurnAMC despite the main character being annoying asf

@MajBenTallmadge Major Benjamin Tallmadge @MajBenTallmadge

This day in 1778, I wrote this letter to @originalprez Fans of @TurnAMC #TurnAMC and the #TurnFam will find this le…

@jacenderle Jaclyn Enderle @jacenderle

@sarahdiller @TurnAMC Ben’s full name is Benjamin Tallmadge McCue. I was pushing for Brewster.

@sarahdiller @TurnAMC Ben’s full name is...

@jjfeildfans JJ Feild Fans @jjfeildfans

#MajorAndreMonday #TURNamc #JJFeild

#JJFeild http...

@andre_allegiant Holly Garland @andre_allegiant

Happy #MajorAndreMonday peeps!! 🙌 👌 #TeamAndreForever#JJFeild 💋 #TurnAMC #JohnAndre #ThankYouJJ ❤

Happy #MajorAndreMonday  peeps!! 🙌 👌 

@jefflitten Jeff Litten @jefflitten

@TurnAMC is such an amazing TV show, and I’m kind of upset it had to end though it wouldn’t make sense to continue after the war was over.

@shredgrallenpoe Evan Bradbury @shredgrallenpoe

When @TurnAMC season 4 gets finally added to @netflix ! Im beyond pumped rn!

@miscateavalon Simone @miscateavalon

Great finale, folks! @Outlander_STARZ and now next season we fully go @TurnAMC :D

Great finale, folks! @Outlander_STARZ an...

@JJFeildFans JJ Feild Fans @JJFeildFans

#JJFeild #TURNamc

#JJFeild #TURNamc

@misslilyrowan Lily Rowan @misslilyrowan

Finally figured out why @OYeoman's Benedict Arnold felt so familiar on @TurnAMC. That jaw, that chin, those cheekb…

@gwashfangirl Washington's Wench @gwashfangirl

Colonel Cooke as a bulldog. An English Bulldog of course. Random fanart ideas I have after drinking too much rum...…

@RedandToby RedandToby @RedandToby

@burngorman Hello, hello. Just saw your latest Instagram. Was that pic taken by the Oyster Major???? Just wonderin…

@jack_slade50 Jack Slade @jack_slade50

@TurnAMC binge watching season 3 I love this freaking show, great actors all.

@mayhem24_7 Jocelyn Best-Silva @mayhem24_7

Most people cry because of sad movies or something. I’m crying because I’m thinking about how the Culper Ring never…

@mattbritt412 Matt J Britt @mattbritt412

Is it sad that I'm watching the last season of @TurnAMC and am rooting for the British?

@banzai_bri Brian @banzai_bri

@netflix getting my fix on S3 of @TurnAMC have waited almost a year for this AMAZING period piece !!!! THANK YOU!!…

@sarahdiller Sarah Diller @sarahdiller

I need more people in my life to watch @TurnAMC.

@MichaelENewton1 Michael E. Newton @MichaelENewton1

Should have hashtagged this #TurnAMC for the #Hamilton and #Rivington connection. @seanmhaggerty @MrJCLynch @TurnAMC

@zed_pm Sandy Dandy HollyHam 🎄☃🎅 @zed_pm

"He's so pretty" - my mother at Lafayette literally every time he's on-screen. (she's not wrong) #TURNamc

@deanmahaffey Dean Mahaffey @deanmahaffey

New Tumblr post: "I thought this placed looked familiar. #TurnAMC..." turnamc, colonialwilliamsburg

@deanmahaffey Dean Mahaffey @deanmahaffey

New Tumblr post: "I thought this placed looked familiar. #TurnAMC..." colonialwilliamsburg, turnamc

@zed_pm Sandy Dandy HollyHam 🎄☃🎅 @zed_pm

Finishing my complete re-watch of #TURNamc today so I can finally get to my huge stack of Christmas movies.

@deanmahaffey Dean Mahaffey @deanmahaffey

I thought this placed looked familiar. #TurnAMC #ColonialWilliamsburg amcturn @colonialwmsburg @…

@fall_sapphire Fall Sapphire @fall_sapphire

Im done. Going back to @netflix to binge @TurnAMC & a time of idealism & honest scoundrels

@vt_foosball Va Tech Foosball @vt_foosball

@sam_rogers10 I really enjoyed your acting in @TurnAMC. GOOD STUFF!!!

@sam_rogers10 I really enjoyed your acti...

@MajBenTallmadge Major Benjamin Tallmadge @MajBenTallmadge

#AnnaStrong doing what needs to be done, as always. #StrongSunday @heatherglind @TurnAMC

#AnnaStrong doing what needs to be done,...

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