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@amjoyshow AM Joy w/Joy Reid @amjoyshow

.@REVDRBARBER on #shutdown2018: To use these children, these babies, as leverage for a dehumanizing, unnecessary, a…

@doigby Doigby @doigby

Incroyable votre soutien en ce moment je vous le dirai jamais assez mais MERCI ! Comme la tradition le veut, j'offr…

@deeshadyer Deesha Dyer @deeshadyer

We were dancing to @Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied.” I think Jeremy, my predecessor started what became a tradition that…

@dudeforfood dudeforfood @dudeforfood

Refreshing, bold and inventive...more on my blog at #dudeforfood #foodporn #tapas…

@EmmanueIMacaron Emmanuel Macaron @EmmanueIMacaron

Il y a 225 ans les français guillotinaient leurs Roi, #LouisXVI. Une idée qui, heureusement, n'est pas devenue une tradition.

@scottmatla Scott Matla @scottmatla

Time to put the Vikings season in a boat, and light it on fire as is tradition

@nicholascordes1 Nicholas Cordes @nicholascordes1

As is Cordes tradition, I am eagerly awaiting the call to inform me that there is a snow day on Monday, January 22. @SuptUlrich

@lesliestreeter Leslie Streeter @lesliestreeter

So I guess this ends the office tradition of bringing cake for birthdays? #MorningShowMystery @hallmarkmovie

@lord_jimothy Kyle Broflowski @lord_jimothy

Chris Long belongs in Oakland so he can carry on tradition.

@drscott_atlanta Scott Barbour @drscott_atlanta

We want to end ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Naturally, #liberals☠ accuse @realDonaldTrump of RACISM & wanting to end LEGAL…

@epipencils im sharpening my knife, kupo @epipencils

as the tradition goes

as the tradition goes

@FakeUrban Fake Urban Meyer @FakeUrban

Congratulations to the Jacksonville Jaguars for carrying on the tradition of stupidity made possible by the Georgia…


Race - group of people with distinct physical characteristics Ethnicity - social group that share a national or cul…

@ShekharGupta Shekhar Gupta @ShekharGupta

Padmaavat is a non-stop, breathless celebration of 14th Cent Rajput tradition. Anybody protesting on that count wil…

@mark_himmelman Mark Himmelman @mark_himmelman

@MBladera @thee5ivester Yah, thats a basketball program with a great tradition. Of nothing. Of losing. I actually p…

@cutedalmatian Cute Dalmatian @cutedalmatian

Tradition is the illusion of permanance. Woody Allen #woodyallen

@keithman18 Keith Man @keithman18

@CelliniNick @680TheFan The booing Santa Claus town tradition continues - #superbowlsux

@MapleLeafs Toronto Maple Leafs @MapleLeafs

An opening game tradition since 1931 #LeafsNation Out Loud catches up with the 48th Highlanders of Canada. WATCH:…

@Mompreneur_of_3 Mompreneur @Mompreneur_of_3

Paul Ryan just claimed Obama delayed troop pay during 2013 shutdown. That’s a lie. But @SpeakerRyan always lies! It…

@conservativeut Conservative in Utah @conservativeut

De oppresso liber is the motto of the United States Army Special Forces. It is US Army tradition that the phrase is…

@uniquemother Maritza Torres @uniquemother

@jdickerson we miss you already. Sunday is our tradition watching you on Face the Nation. You’re a political gem. 😉

@redblossomtea Red Blossom Tea @redblossomtea

The terroir of Fuding County helps define the traditional flavor profile of white teas. Find out what else makes wh…

@new_tradition_ new_tradition @new_tradition_

@boatsun4 Good to know, thanks 🙂

@DanWetzel Dan Wetzel @DanWetzel

Stipe Miocic wouldn't let Dana White place heavyweight title belt around his waist. The UFCs great passive aggressi…

@DS_UK_Official DS UK @DS_UK_Official

Memories from Marrakech with #DS7CROSSBACK. A celebration of tradition and innovation. #DSAutomobiles #RoyalMansour

Memories from Marrakech with #DS7CROSSBA...

@W4W_Global Warriors4Wildlife @W4W_Global

#Spain: #AnimalCruelty #Horses - It is believed this 'tradition' known as #LasLuminarias purifies the horses and pr…

@ginnnyna Ginny Geslani @ginnnyna

In this evolving era, it is PRACTICAL to go against tradition.

@GrandGinRummy Grand Gin Rummy @GrandGinRummy

Gin Rummy, a family tradition - Remember the good old times with a game of Gin Rummy

@lindastmc1 Linda McClendon @lindastmc1

#completemybbcollection Santa got caught and Magical Tradition

@politeracy Lisa B. @politeracy

@hipEchik It was a Canadaian cousin of mine who took the teacups. What is it with the Canadian tradition of ladies…

@rickmphoto Rick Martin @rickmphoto

@Chris_Hawkey My fav Christmas tradition was when my x gf would drink the last of the eggnog and go wrestle the plastic reindeer on my lawn

@RMWoodBuffalo RMWB @RMWoodBuffalo

You can still sign up to take part in a Wood Buffalo winter tradition: register your team for Shootout on the Snye!…

@new_tradition_ new_tradition @new_tradition_

Just a quickie look on reception, I feel like a lot of focus is put on how much on screen sex and nudity is present…

@IndicActivists IndicActivists @IndicActivists

We are excited to present & crowd funding appeal for keeping our Temple tradition alive sh…

@johnyg1966 John Hanaberry @johnyg1966

@jimcramer Because of the vaunted Vikings Defense. Is that a joke or what. Minn continues its tradition of choking…

@bestforbride Best for Bride Store @bestforbride

Breaking tradition: An engagement ring without diamonds - #engagement #engaged

Breaking tradition: An engagement ring w...

@trace_hughes Trace Hughes @trace_hughes

@JKannard @JThubkova @StrawnBob A few good seasons under Martin doesn't translate into winning tradition. Fun coach to watch though.

@jonlueke Dr. Jonathan Lueke @jonlueke


@boatsun4 Boatman @boatsun4

@new_tradition_ It's been long since I read the manga that I don't think I can answer the questions. Still, all fiv…

@taraperley taraperley @taraperley

Tradition meets technology.Maliseet at the touch of your fingertips! #UNB #LanguageMatters #speakmaliseet

Tradition meets technology.Maliseet at t...

@CMTubbs Chris Tubbs @CMTubbs

With all due respect to the @TheMasters, the #Vikings losing NFC Championship games truly is a tradition unlike any other...

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