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@realpaigedavis Paige Davis @realpaigedavis

Anybody watching old episodes of #TradingSpaces? There’s a marathon happening on @TLC right now!

Anybody watching old episodes of #Tradin...

@tlc TLC Network @tlc

.@GenevieveGorder, The Bohemian, and @VernYipDesigns, The Perfectionist, reunite on Saturday’s all new…

@genevievegorder genevieve gorder @genevievegorder

Pretty Excited.... Me and Vern reunite on Saturday's all new #TradingSpaces! @TLC at 8/7c or…

@shebuggs Sheila H @shebuggs

Will we still see slip-covered EVERYTHING on the new #TradingSpaces, or is there another solution?

@margretnyfors Margret Nyfors @margretnyfors

So is the purpose of @tradingspaces to wreck each other's homes? #wanttoseefollowupshowrepairingspaces

@jennieszink Sincerely Jennie @jennieszink

They’ve also spent seemingly hours on a rectangle wall art project made out of silver ornaments to be mounted on a…

@xforce11 Geoff Gentry @xforce11

I remember #TradingSpaces as well as U.K. Changing Rooms orininal. Thought the Trading Spaces Boys vs Girls was the most fun.

@jennieszink Sincerely Jennie @jennieszink

Watching #tradingspaces and i couldn’t tell if it was an old ep or new one til they said they were making burlap cu…

@mirainlalaland S.Mariah @mirainlalaland

Watching The Descent and thinking...first of all I wouldn’t have been in the cave. Wouldn’t have gotten out the car…

@kyrans Mary Kay Dressler @kyrans

@RealPaigeDavis @TLC Been catching them all. I have such a decorating bug now because of it!! I started a wish list…

@purrocious Purrocious @purrocious

🤣hahahaa @GenevieveGorder just wrote on a dude and *literally* labelled him a terrible painter #TradingSpaces…

@herstory07 Empress Herstory @herstory07

I ❤️ @VernYipDesigns on #tradingspaces So. Very. Much.

@tracytn Tracy in Tenn @tracytn

Vern was my fave designer back in the day, loved every room he did. Very happy about his return to #TradingSpaces a…

@1buckeyetom Tom Arcuri @1buckeyetom

Ha! #ChiefWahoo made an old episode of #TradingSpaces in the form of a bobblehead. #KeepTheChief

@pclayne Paige Layne @pclayne

When you’re watching #TLC Trading Spaces reruns and realize you haven’t refreshed your home decor since the last ep…

@justafan18 Justa Fan @justafan18

@LadyMissJG Frank is my favorite too. Vern is my second favorite. #TradingSpaces

@LadyMissJG Ju-dee Cee @LadyMissJG

#TradingSpaces I want Frank to come to my house with a huge sponge, orange paint, and gold star stencils...just saying. 💜

@mbk53209 Mary K. @mbk53209

@RealPaigeDavis loving that #TradingSpaces is back & with the whole gang! Enjoying the marathon tonight - got to l…

@authentictv Authentic @authentictv

Dreams do come true! @GenevieveGorder is back and ready to design in a new episode of #TradingSpaces on @TLC tomorr…

@fiddies2 Nick @fiddies2

Ummm what’s up with the gun show @VernYipDesigns 😳 someone works out 👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽#TradingSpaces

@fiddies2 Nick @fiddies2

Perfect way to get ready for tomorrow... @GenevieveGorder and @VernYipDesigns on #TradingSpaces right now. Holy. Gr…

@notuncleben Bridges 🌉 @notuncleben

#TradingSpaces The wall colors they pick are always so ugly.

@seanlacey Sean @seanlacey

Trading Spaces is like the grandmother of TV shows. "I heard you like this one thing, let's make this room all of t…

@twitgera GERA @twitgera

Oh god the designs are so ugly #tradingspaces #tradingspacesforever

@andrea_allen bot-bot @andrea_allen

Vintage eps of #TradingSpaces on @TLC brings so many latent emotions to the surface that I’d forgotten. For example…

@alisonm_110 Ali Myers @alisonm_110

Well thank goodness I found classic #TradingSpaces

@rachelwdrb Rachel Collier @rachelwdrb

🚨 @KatieMcGrawx @VilleontheVille @ValerieChinn #TradingSpaces DVRd reruns: “Hildi’s sanity questioned when she paints dining room black.” 🤣

@brandobarton Brandon John @brandobarton

Having a whole text convo with @RealPaigeDavis talking about #TradingSpaces is probably the best Fri night I could…

@ac_monroe AC Monroe @ac_monroe

@RealPaigeDavis @TLC So totally obsessed with #TradingSpaces! I am loving life now that we get all new episodes! Yo…

@rachelgrayce Rachel Williams @rachelgrayce

The old trading spaces episodes had HORRIBLE design and colour choices #tlc #TradingSpaces

@observer OBSERVER @observer

#TradingSpaces host @RealPaigeDavis has a rather depressing theory about our collective obsession with the show.…

@AtHomeDC At Home DC @AtHomeDC

New blog post is up at, in which I flash back to college days watching #TradingSpaces and t…

@kennyd831 Kenny @kennyd831

Holy crap, the sexism on #TradingSpaces back in 2003/2004 is beyond disgusting. I really hope it's not like that this go around.

@sami_kohl Sami Kohl @sami_kohl

@RealPaigeDavis @TLC DVRing all of them. You can’t find old episodes anywhere! #TradingSpaces

@sickmuse22 SickMuse @sickmuse22

@authentictv @GenevieveGorder @TLC So exciting! Shout out to @VernYipDesigns, who will be in the episode as well! #GoGen #TradingSpaces

@plcpeggy Peggy Li @plcpeggy

Let me repeat - one of the new carpenters in #TradingSpaces is Joanie from #ANTM!!!! Wow!

@e_paigec Paige Carroll @e_paigec

#TradingSpaces Luuuuvin tha reruns&really realizing just exactly how much effect y’all had on the way we “ALL”…

@acmckinny Alicia McKinny @acmckinny

@RealPaigeDavis @TLC I can’t watch the old episodes on the TLC Go app with #slingtv or Roku- @TLC needs to get with…

@jenaleecologna Jenalee @jenaleecologna

Rewatching old #TradingSpaces episodes. ALL the “earth tones” 😳

@jonp713 Jon Panofsky @jonp713

@RealPaigeDavis how many innocent ceiling fans lost their lives in the new season of #TradingSpaces

@becca_joy Becca Montjoy @becca_joy

Watching the new #TradingSpaces and had an uncomfortable flashback to my awkward teenage years. #Friday #party 🤘

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