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@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G 😂 truth. I feel like I'm just used to the way players get developed at Mich too

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 he get hot and they still be getting rolled lol never seen a player drop 40 so many times and lose. he…

@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G Haha I feel you. If he doesn't get hot then they could lose to anyone in the country

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 and his team is BAD. like he has no help. teams just key in on him. they can't even make an open 3 to k…

@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G Haha nah I feel you too. It's really all in God's hands. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it don'…

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@D_Juan_00 what bro?

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 you make valid points, I'm just super biased and hate the NCAA 1 year rule so don't mind me lol

@blakeradio @blakeradio

#NowPlaying #HeatherHeadley - #TheLetter on #Music Massage @ #SlowJams #QuietStorm #Radio

@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G Yeah I guess that's true. Just feel like you learn more of the developmental skills in college and th…

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 I personally don't think he needs to stay unless he going to get a degree and be there 4 years. I feel…

@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G I guess so, depends on if he wants the money or the experience. He will get wrecked by most guards in…

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 he better off getting benched in the league than playing another second of college bball if you ask me!

@a_roath168 Andy @a_roath168

@theletter__G I just feel like his only upside is his range right now. If he goes into a slump like this in the lea…

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

@A_Roath168 why?

@theletter__g Grant Evans @theletter__g

I'm sorry but I just don't think that Chick fil a is that good.

@MrsGeek83 Jaden, Archdruid Icys if you're nasty @MrsGeek83

@dexbonus @JesseCox Just need you guys to know it’s midnight here, my hubs is finally getting into the shower (afte…

@lokim23 Lokim23 @lokim23

#TheLetterVN #indiegame #visualnovel #choicesmatter #theletter The Letter Part 11

@stolenhail Connor D. Moore @stolenhail

Real Talk how does one snag a #TheLetter Collectors edition? @yangyangmobile

@Chainz45 Chris @Chainz45

I blame @JesseCox and @dexbonus for this. I may need someone to hold my hand #TheLetter

I blame @JesseCox and @dexbonus for this...

@theletter_kayyy MKLA. @theletter_kayyy

@MsAshleyDevonna On my way!

@MsAshleyDevonna On my way!

@theletter_kayyy MKLA. @theletter_kayyy

@jourdanclark__ These are the facts.

@jourdanclark__ Jo 👑 @jourdanclark__

@theLetter_Kayyy I can’t stand you bruh. 😂

@JillianDodd Jillian Dodd @JillianDodd

If you love the magic of Harry Potter and the romance in Twilight you'll love the Earth Angel Series.…

@theletter_kayyy MKLA. @theletter_kayyy

It feels like out of town niggas and crawfish outside.

@corbynbesson Corbyn • WHY DONT WE @corbynbesson

rt if you're actually dead

@theletter_per FREE SOUL 🌈✨ @theletter_per

Lol at me. I'm staying up late when I actually have an 8am class. Real smart.

@Louis_Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson

@donnyslads Haha fuck off ! That made me laugh

@jessiepaege Jessie Paege @jessiepaege

This lady told me I'm super cute and I lit up ... Then she asked me what middle school I go to

@theletter_per FREE SOUL 🌈✨ @theletter_per

@Nimm_Cayn *pats you*

@theletter_per FREE SOUL 🌈✨ @theletter_per

Sleeping for six hours makes me more tired. So, what is the point?

@Nimm_Cayn Holy Fanfic Author @Nimm_Cayn


@theletter_by_j 겨울물빛 @theletter_by_j

꿈에서였나보다 알림창을 내렸는데 당신 트윗이 보였다 안녕이라고 쓰여있던 단 한글자였는데 역시 확인해보니 있을리가

@marky0804 是我張馬克 @marky0804

โหยมันเป็นหนังที่ดีมากกๆ เมื่อก่อนก็เคยจะดูนะ แต่ด้วยความเป็นเด็ก เริ่มเรื่องมาก็ไม่ใช่แล้วเลยไม่ได้ดูต่อ แล้วพอมาต…

@Louis_Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson

‘Took some time cos I’ve ran out of energy of playing someone I’ve heard I’m supposed to be ‘

@NiallOfficial Niall Horan @NiallOfficial

@Louis_Tomlinson @lwthappily Hahahahahhahahaha album cover I reckon ! 😂😂😂😂😂👴🏻

@Louis_Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson

@lwthappily Oh my fucking god this is amazing ! Maybe his next single cover ?

@Louis_Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson

More writing today ! I know it’s taking longer than expected but it’s gonna be worth it !

@jilliandodd Jillian Dodd @jilliandodd

Check out the first three books in the Earth Angel Series! If you love YA, fantasy, and romance, these are for you!…

@urstrulyaurora Aurora @urstrulyaurora

Remember Sam and carly? Well this is them now, feel old yet?

Remember Sam and carly? Well this is the...

@amellionboiz #iHeartAMB @amellionboiz

Support @AmelliGH Listen to his music Show him ❤️ #TeamCaramac #GrowingTogether #FollowTheFish #FamilyOfCaramac…

@susanmetal1 Susan metal. ( stage name ) @susanmetal1

Which who cares as long as there keeping away from us.. #theletter he wrote was a doozy!!!

@saucyynickk Nick Traylor @saucyynickk

get me dat 50💯 for a shirt from @OfficialPNutt

get me dat 50💯 for a shirt from @Officia...

@theletter_kayyy MKLA. @theletter_kayyy

@Hope_elizabetth hope | 21 🌹 @Hope_elizabetth

i love how cats just don’t care about personal space. they’re like oh you’re trying to relax? well here’s my ass in your face.

@colbyspineapple hunter🌸||tag colby in pinned!! @colbyspineapple

if you’re saying you’re gonna leave twitter but then you suddenly don’t, stop looking like you’re begging for attention it’s annoying

@Hope_elizabetth hope | 21 🌹 @Hope_elizabetth

@depressionnote Depression Notes™ 📄 @depressionnote

My head is a very dark place.

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