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@cw_theflash The Flash @cw_theflash

Running won't save Barry this time. New episode TONIGHT at 8/7c on The CW! #TheFlash

Running won't save Barry this time. New...

@cw_theflash The Flash @cw_theflash

#TheFlash returns in ONE HOUR on The CW!

#TheFlash returns in ONE HOUR on The CW!...

@cw_theflash The Flash @cw_theflash

Is Barry's secret finally out? Don't miss The Trial of #TheFlash, tomorrow at 8/7c! Catch up first:…

@CW_TheFlash The Flash @CW_TheFlash

Barry’s freedom is on the line. #TheFlash is new NOW on The CW.

Barry’s freedom is on the line. #TheFlas...

@violaloki liberty Littman @violaloki

Ummm Cecile, it's called a SECRET identity for a reason. But then again when has that stopped Barry. #TheFlash

@cmmlanacandice 59Days:JessicaMeetChad @cmmlanacandice

Cecile says, “Tell them you’re the Flash.” I don’t know if Barry says, “Yes” but we will find out #TheFlash

@justbelieve232 Call_Me_A @justbelieve232

Barry was late for work 72 times and still kept his job. Snap. #TheFlash

Barry was late for work 72 times and sti...

@Tha_Tee Terrance S Ellington @Tha_Tee

Cecil tripping. Its called a secret identity for a reason,duh #theflash

@dobrevftobrosey ginα. @dobrevftobrosey


@leo99trade Jav Fuentes @leo99trade

Tell every you’re the flash - Cecile 😳 #TheFlash

Tell every you’re the flash - Cecile 😳 #...

@xprodigywitch C ✨ @xprodigywitch

that lil moment with caitlin comforting iris made me soft tbh #theflash

@panchohdz119 Francisco Hernandez @panchohdz119

“We’re the flash” get out of here with that crap #TheFlash

@bestofiriswestt best of iris west-allen @bestofiriswestt

Queen is back tonight #TheFlash

Queen is back tonight #TheFlash https://...

@Joyful44 Jo Marie @Joyful44

Prosecution: Barry Allen wears a mask... Me: 😳😳😳 Prosecution: He uses his connection to the police force.... Me....…

@AwesomEmergency Charlie Schneider @AwesomEmergency

This week...on #TheFlash ⚡️👨‍⚖️

This week...on #TheFlash ⚡️👨‍⚖️ https://...

@Latinegro Tony Snark is waiting for a Sarcasm Font. @Latinegro

Half of Central City knows Barry’s The Flash anyway. lol #TheFlash #DatFlash

@piratebl_r Brianna Reeves @piratebl_r

I'm loving this so much! It's brilliant how Barry's lateness, usually played for jokes, is being used against him. #TheFlash

@TheMsIntrovert Reese Nic @TheMsIntrovert

Damn Barry, you’re the fastest man on the planet and you’ve been late to work 72 times #theflash

@notevenloaded brianna. @notevenloaded

Cecile asked Singh one thing and was like "my job here is done" djsjdi #TheFlash

@foxghostgoddess Keyanna Butler @foxghostgoddess

I hate the prosecutor. You don't know Barry like we know Barry. HE'S INNOCENT OKAY! #TheFlash #DatFlash #TheFlashPodcast

@bakerbarb13 Barbie Ward @bakerbarb13

#TheFlash even if he tells them that he’s the Flash, it doesn’t prove that he didn’t kill Davoe. They need evidence!!

@mekipierre side eye emoji @mekipierre

A read. #TheFlash #DatFlash

@BlackBeardGuy Kevin BlackBeard @BlackBeardGuy

Barry is innocent until proven guilty #TheFlash

@jasmineestell 🌻JasminesBEANZ🌻 @jasmineestell



@TvvitterGod1 Ali @TvvitterGod1

Where was DeVoe's wheelchair when they found him dead? A disabled guy suddenly ran up to the top storey of the buil…

@Infinite_Pods Crisis on Infinite @Infinite_Pods

Wow is joe is turning to the dark side? @CW_TheFlash #datflash #theflash #crisiscrew

Wow is joe is turning to the dark side?...

@the_flyby The Flyby @the_flyby

And considering Central City's history with metahumans, it would be a layup for the prosecution to argue that…

@newsflash52 Love in CC☕️⚡️ @newsflash52

“Allen is one of the good ones” - David Singh #TheFlash

@dt2comicschat David Taylor @dt2comicschat

Mem-ry WIPE! Mem-ry WIPE! SOMEBODY CALL @caitylotz #TheFlash⚡️

@steviehaysss Wise up @steviehaysss

Barry might as well go back in time again 😂😂 #TheFlash

@lamarmichael Michael Lamar Simeon @lamarmichael

#BarryAllen reveals his identity to almost everyone he meets anyway so telling the city he’s #TheFlash won’t be tha…

@foxghostgoddess Keyanna Butler @foxghostgoddess

Barry, how are you late 72 times? You're a speedster. Come on, man. 😂 #TheFlash #DatFlash #TheFlashPodcast

Barry, how are you late 72 times? You're...

@she_briroyalty Brittney Cooper @she_briroyalty

Barry how you have superspeed and still late 72 times 🤔 #TheFlash

@MattMitovich Matt Mitovich @MattMitovich

Barry was late to work "72 times" - is that the number of episodes so far? #TheFlash

@tiffjaxon Tiffany @tiffjaxon

Late 72 times? Damn, Barry. How you got super-speed and still late? #TheFlash #DatFlash

@BlerdsOnline Blerds Online @BlerdsOnline

Homey got a slam dunk case & we ain't even seen Barry lawyer #TheFlash #DatFlash

@XOXO_CHAUNY WonderWoman2-23🙅🏽✨ @XOXO_CHAUNY

Iris lip quivering 😭😭😭 but @candicekp still slaying 😍🤗 #WestAllen #TheFlash

Iris lip quivering 😭😭😭 but @candicekp st...

@jmfalloutgirl Jaz @jmfalloutgirl

Even if he admits he's the Flash the whole story is still pretty unbelievable #TheFlash

@SecondCityChron 2nd City Chronicle @SecondCityChron

@KryptonianBlerd @Feedmericeballs Lol does this mean we're getting Wally back? #TheFlash #DatFlash

@KryptonianBlerd @Feedmericeballs Lol do...

@kryptonianblerd The Superman of Earth-216 @kryptonianblerd

Just tell everyone that you’re The Flash, Barry. I mean, it ain’t like nobody else didn’t figure it out by now!…

@clorenzo912 Christian @clorenzo912

So, your defense is to go full Iron Man and tell everyone Barry's secret identity? #TheFlash

So, your defense is to go full Iron Man...

@nebecheweba Emily @nebecheweba

If Barry tells everyone he’s the Flash, does that change the article Iris wrote in the future? #TheFlash

@BlkNrdProblems Black Nerd Problems @BlkNrdProblems

“My name is Barry Allen, and I’m locked up (they won’t let me out)” #TheFlash #DatFlash

“My name is Barry Allen, and I’m locked...

@batfanjordanv Jordan Valdés 🦇 @batfanjordanv

Caitlin got up too. Does this mean we’re gonna see Vibe and Killer Frost teaming up against this new meta while Ba…

@dctvreport The DC TV Report @dctvreport

Anyone got betting odds on Barry revealing his identity? #TheFlash

@nminker Nate Muench (Mink) @nminker

Barry's not gonna reveal that he's #TheFlash. No chance in hell, the writers aren't that stupid.

@TheMsIntrovert Reese Nic @TheMsIntrovert

I love #theflash but tonight it’s just the long commercial break before #blacklightning starts

@myrcellasear TheFrightenedTatiana @myrcellasear

#FreeBarryAllen seems like a good hashtag, lol. #TheFlash

@aniya1lovexoxo aniya @aniya1lovexoxo

If Barry tells everyone’s the flash he couldn’t have a family because now everybody would come for him and his family #TheFlash

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