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@starcinema Star Cinema @starcinema

#TopStory: Liza, Enrique + more: Check out our photos from the “Bagani” thanksgiving press conference!

@suttokodokkoiii 小春 (チャラン・ポ・ランタン) @suttokodokkoiii

なんだか遠い昔のようだなあ Mr.Children「HANABI」from TOUR 2017 Thanksgiving 25 @YouTubeより

@joshtpm Josh Marshall @joshtpm

Seems entirely clear (was already pretty clear) that Ty Cobb was/is lying to his client, Donald Trump, about the Mu…

@Saiyeezy Saiyr @Saiyeezy

*thanksgiving food is ready* “WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST” Me:

@blitzkreigle Blake Reigle @blitzkreigle

@_seankeller and @StardustChelsea put on an Irish Breakfast that’s better than Thanksgiving dinner. ☘️🍻

@WordLive WordLive @WordLive

‘Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise’ (Psalm 100:4). Any way you like!…

@chflutter Carol Hockey @chflutter

@CharlesMBlow Trump's attorney just doesn't wanna look bad...he told Trump that the investigation would be over by…

@wolfmomma17 hateration 🍍 @wolfmomma17

@ProletariatPapi @iamcardib Thanksgiving. Figured I could say it on here because only a few follow me🤷🏾

@sportsohio7 Last 2 First / Satch @sportsohio7

@ARmastrangelo @Comey After we nail Trump for treason you'll be eating crow for Thanksgiving. LOL

@Saintly_Life God's Daughters @Saintly_Life

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer & petition, w/ thanksgiving, present your requests 2 God. -Phil 4:6

@rubyadidas red @rubyadidas

109) happy thanksgiving 💓

@Godly_Life JESUS SAVES @Godly_Life

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. -Phil 4:6

@royal_cook1 Royal @royal_cook1

i’m ready for thanksgiving

@BigKidProblems BigKidProblems @BigKidProblems

St. Patrick’s Day is like Thanksgiving for alcoholics

@rebelboypowers JOHNNY DASH @rebelboypowers

@christiankinslr You the type a mf who only grabs mashed potatoes and turkey at the thanksgiving table

@vetmotorsports VETMotorsports @vetmotorsports

New Texas Outreach Event Announced. -

@morguebbyy valeria 🎲 @morguebbyy

I miss thanksgiving break when all me & Jonathan would do is watch Jersey Shore & call eachother jerk offs

@shaneodonoghue Shane O'Donoghue @shaneodonoghue

@johnhuggan It’s our Thanksgiving, John. 😉

@KatCalvinLA kat calvin @KatCalvinLA

@carolecadwalla @neeratanden @guardian My biggest lesson from this story is that when you're breaking the law and l…

@baybaypena 🅱️ @baybaypena

“ you tryna get ate like a thanksgiving plate “ 😂😂😂💀 dead but yes pls

@Niftv_ Nifty tL @Niftv_

when ur mom pulls out them leftover thanksgiving potatoes

when ur mom pulls out them leftover than...

@jaiden_nelson_ Jai’Den @jaiden_nelson_

I’ll be in Cabo, Mexico for thanksgiving 😌🤙🏾

@innocentamakae1 Innocent Amakaeze @innocentamakae1

Power in worship ,power in praising; power in Thanksgiving praises that review hidden things power

@mirandalambert Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert

Why? Why is Christmas here already? What about NOV? I mean it's my B-day month. Dear Thanksgiving, we've canceled your reservation.

@roltinica Elena Roltinica @roltinica

Fresh in the #etsy shop: Felt flower brooch boutonniere fuchsia dog-rose, wild rose, ready to ship…

@slapshoted24 Eddie @slapshoted24

Worst Days on the AA calendar ! 1. March 17th 2. December 31st 3.May 5th 4. Black Wednesday ( Day Before Thanks…

@thereber007 david reber @thereber007

@egoldie80 No reason to wash your car in NE OH from thanksgiving to Easter lol

@eorden erica orden @eorden

Ty Cobb, August 2017: “I’d be embarrassed if this is still haunting the White House by Thanksgiving and worse if it…

@JoyUsGarden Nell Foster @JoyUsGarden

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus (Holiday, Thanksgiving) By Stem Cuttings With 1 Easy Twist. #succulents…

@dsdr2011 Herd of Felines @dsdr2011

@codeofvets yeah!! vets & homeless should come first. there's a vet in my town who travels all over carrying his st…

@maxwellbennett Max B. @maxwellbennett

I’m starting to get the impression Carroll is a one trick pony. Can only run his offense and defense one way, re-te…

@mikeybonezzzz Mikey Bonez [Slasher Radio Podcast] @mikeybonezzzz

@MikeMirando @AslinnDhan @BobbySpitzerr Excuse me????? Who pants me ON Thanksgiving??????? I believe us is correct

@soniawas Sonia @soniawas

Bri just told someone to have a happy thanksgiving #what #ok

@wheatier Andrew @wheatier

@LouLucy1 @DaveTwitches @LBC @jamesdboys @ianpaynesport It exploited your stereotype, omg omg we need the blessed v…

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