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@cnn CNN @cnn

For more than 130 days, this machine has breathed for 16-year-old Zei Uwdia. But that hasn't stopped her from takin…

@vickichase Vicki Chase @vickichase

RT Vicki ❤'s Tacos 🌮😍 I have decided that EVERYDAY is #TacoTuesday He decidido que tod…

@le_parisien Le Parisien @le_parisien

Le rappeur Mokobé lance une chaîne de Tacos "à la french"

Le rappeur Mokobé lance une chaîne de Ta...

@Kryzazy Krys ❤️🥞 @Kryzazy

-Pineapple is delicious on pizza -Nutella is gross -Tacos are not only for Tuesdays ~How to become controversial…

@sabrinaguzz21 sabs @sabrinaguzz21

“Oh you don’t look Mexican” Okay bro sorrrrrrey am I suppose to look like dos tacos de bistek con arroz y un papa asada or what

@campbe11emma Emma 🌼 @campbe11emma

I really just wanna be able to eat some tacos or some chips 😭😭

@srhalpha BON SANG DE BANZAÏ @srhalpha

Les tacos avec la sauce cheezy>>>>>>

@djoryanofficial 👽DJ O'Ryan🕉 @djoryanofficial

Apparently we are having tacos & cake at our work meeting tomorrow... I fucks with tacos & cake 😏😈🌮🍑

@eatgr1 Chris Freeman @eatgr1

So, today I wandered into BOLD SOCKS in Downtown Grand rapids near Division and Fulton. This is the place to get s…

@mgreathouse mgreathouse @mgreathouse

@TheMse09 Yogurt with fresh berries, and oatmeal. But I got tacos on the way home so hopefully everything is back to normal.

@MamaMommyMom Jamie Wideman @MamaMommyMom

Light, but filling. Fresh, but not time consuming. Flavorful, but simple. Check out this #recipe for Mongolian P…

@P_Rodriguezll Pablo🎩 @P_Rodriguezll

I’m craving breakfast tacos

@clever_tongs Clever Tongs @clever_tongs

Wow! Check out how easy it is to prepare tacos with Clever Tongs!

Wow! Check out how easy it is to prepare...

@5SOStag 5sos ✨ alexis @5SOStag

if anyone wants to be in a dm with any of the guys y’all just comment on here or something ill put u in one I hate…

@agustinalbertox 🥃' @agustinalbertox

Cha fren, bendita las mujeres que no les importa si tienes dinero o no, si siempre te pones la misma ropa, que te a…

@NikoBellicLS Niko Bellic @NikoBellicLS

Cluckin' Bell Shit Tacos The last thing you'd want in your Cluckin' Bell Tacos is somebody's shit.

@_memedoll ♉A.S.S♉ @_memedoll

My 3 steak tacos for $7 😂

@inndexm | Hungry Index | 🥧 @inndexm

@OMorinaka Los tacos me hicieron daño

@shan_tacos Shan @shan_tacos

I wish I could tell him. I love him so much, he's the best thing in the world. I love him, I need him and I want hi…

@jltopaz401 Jane @jltopaz401

@ShafPatel Oh man, there is seriously 1 day every single week strictly devoted to nothing but tacos.... it’s called…

@_memedoll ♉A.S.S♉ @_memedoll

Forgot to get tacos yesterday.

@blackdadjovsky igo c’est la jungle @blackdadjovsky

petit tacos avec ma gaga

@_neeohme Naomi @_neeohme

All I’ve been eating is tacos 😩

@styledivaj87 Janine @styledivaj87

How did a tacquitos....tacos...quesadillas...margaritas night with friends...turn into a overtime work day??

@lucas_postic10 La Moula @lucas_postic10

Si lille descend en ligue 2 je paye tacos à tout ce qui rt

@mg005_ MG_ 🍀 @mg005_

Oh hell no! We need a real taco store with valid tacos!

@doncazas Don Cazas @doncazas

Fui a comprarle fruta a mi hijo al tianguis y no tenía cambio el Sr., y como nadie me quiso cambiar mi billete, tuv…

@anbublacksocks that one fools house @anbublacksocks

I’m about to eat Taco Bell tacos with my pizza and have a Mountain Dew Baja blast

@an0ntx3percent MattcheW @an0ntx3percent

I'm just out here looking for more tacos

@VisitPurgatory Visit Purgatory @VisitPurgatory

🌮Tacos are tasty. Tacos are tasty.🌮 Tim’s still in the lead, but we need your help to keep him there! Let’s go…

@maaggiepinnto lala @maaggiepinnto

extraño ir a Tenamaxtlán por los tacos de birria😢 #amotena

@carolec888 Carole Carlson @carolec888

When you are instantly in a good mood cuz you learn tacos are for dinner #ilovetacos #simplethings

@bustama99 Galilea Bustamante @bustama99

Before I took the picture I posted on my snap, I had already eaten 5 tacos 😂

@Ska2Dancehall 🚮♻️🤴🏿 @Ska2Dancehall

Earning Yvette tacos >

@brianna_brauns danny phantom @brianna_brauns

i think about tacos 25/8

@gab_reflex gabrielle. @gab_reflex

1.8 tacos please

@powerhouse_comm Powerhouse Comm @powerhouse_comm

Today is all about the Crunchy Taco! So, we’re going to THE place with the best original crunchy tacos on the West…

@WaistedD Daniel Sanchez @WaistedD

A mí no me importa si comemos tacos en la calle o vamos al mejor restaurante de la ciudad, no importa si vamos en c…

@EdWinULose Edwin @EdWinULose

Me after eating a torta and 4 tacos

@youngpapimke MKE Papi @youngpapimke

@FineAssVign_ It don’t gotta be Tuesday for me to want tacos lol. Shit I’ll eat them bitches yesterday 😂💯

@chowbellaphx New Times Food @chowbellaphx

CRUjiente in Arcadia is making the taco new again.

@nemzajeevol love jazmen ✨ @nemzajeevol

@TbandzBBE LMFAOOOO BE CAREFUL MY NIGGA & THE MEAT WONT FALL OUT! I’m Mexican, you not about to tell ME how to make tacos 😂😂😂

@amandine031 Didinou♡😈 @amandine031

Ce soir je vais commender tacos au camion a st flo🤤

@rumazoromina Romina Rumazo @rumazoromina

@KimberlyLoaiza_ Unos tacos

@lavishsuperior #PVRETREAT YUNG LAVISH 😛 @lavishsuperior

What yall be doing for these tacos👀🧐

What yall be doing for these tacos👀🧐 htt...

@pash_away Bitchonce @pash_away

@Ska2Dancehall Shrimp tacos with lettuce wrap. I wanna see if you really die.

@arrobabeckie me dicen Beckie🌼 @arrobabeckie

Yo defendiendo un puesto de tacos: "El tamaño del trompo define la calidad del taco". Mi amigo Raúl: "No, eso se llama demanda" 😖

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