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@melissamythical Melissa @melissamythical

I want a @syttd spinoff, but at @davidsbridal. It’d be nice to see the same entitled attitudes with $350 budgets.

@ninascollection Nina Couture @ninascollection

Canada’s Largest Selection Of Designer Dresses 👗. Visit us today and #syttd. #dress #dresses…

@ninascollection Nina Couture @ninascollection

Visit us today and #sayyestothedress. Canada’s Largest Selection Of Designer Dresses. #syttd…

@skyzombiie Sky Zombiie Love🌙 @skyzombiie

I’ve been obsessed with @syttd @TLC and @pninatornai dresses are absolutely beautiful 😭💕 I had an opportunity to tr…

@syttd Say Yes to the Dress @syttd

See more of the dresses and the drama on the latest episode of #SYTTD in the #TLCgo Original series Behind the Sea…

@ohmuhstarz Sheila E @ohmuhstarz

I love the nanny surprise , SYTTD

@omarie_2012 Olivia Martinez @omarie_2012

Spending my Friday night watching say yes to the dress! Also planning my wedding! Ill be watching every Friday from now on! #SYTTD

@skyzombiie Sky Zombiie Love🌙 @skyzombiie

Guess who’s being an emotional wreck and crying to @syttd 😭💖

@skyzombiie Sky Zombiie Love🌙 @skyzombiie

Ahhhh finally watching @CarlyCristman @syttd 😭💖

@melissamythical Melissa @melissamythical

@catcora I’ve been a fan of yours for years & just saw your episode of #SYTTD. I was so moved by how in love you an…

@bridgetteeesum_ bridgetteeee. @bridgetteeesum_

It's 3am and I'm still on a SYTTD marathon

@adrianlovezu Adrian @adrianlovezu

@syttd WHAT IS ARRONS SOCIAL MEDIA! The accessories consultant???

@after5weddings After 5 and Weddings @after5weddings

Look at our newest gown Bentley’s sparkle!✨😍Her detailed beaded bodice and flowing tulle skirt make her so unique!💓…

@lilafricca Lo. @lilafricca

This wedding on SYTTD, one of the bridesmaids just happened to faint as the bride was walking down the aisle.. nah fam!

@dianestalking Diane Roberts @dianestalking

@TheTeddiAlaina @syttd Such a pretty bride!

@bellenorth The Northern Belle @bellenorth

@SweetRomance_ @BlessedMess_ Me, as I walk on the treadmill and watch SYTTD 4 times a week.

@louisegreenan Louise Greenan @louisegreenan

@syttd you’re going to lose viewers if you don’t get rid of Shay. People watch syttd for the feelgood factor, not…

@garbage_person fifty-year-old russian orphan @garbage_person

@syttd I think you should consider changing up the music each time you show a wedding at the end of the episode. th…

@catherinepro2 Catherine Papas @catherinepro2

@randyfenoli @syttd @TLC @KleinfeldBridal Absolutely love your collection! Breathtakingly beautiful.

@cwalk37 Corey Walker @cwalk37

@TheTeddiAlaina @syttd 💯 Congrats! Blessings n much happiness 2 y'all

@theteddialaina ✨Teddi Alaina✨ @theteddialaina

To have the ENTIRE thing filmed for @syttd was EVERYTHING. #PairOfHaynes

To have the ENTIRE thing filmed for @syt...

@chauntelle_k16 Chauney @chauntelle_k16

@CheyNaayNaay and I turned on @syttd and there’s a woman here in a polygamist relationship... like what?

@wantleverage Julie Livingston @wantleverage

.#Bid now on @KleinfeldBridal extended appointment time plus $5,000 credit towards a special-order wedding dress, m…

@ninascollection Nina Couture @ninascollection

Congratulations on your #beautiful #prom #dress. #syttd #sayyestothedress #promdress #promgown…

@sarah_x_jo Sarah Cockshott @sarah_x_jo

@syttd is my happy place 💙💍

@koolymacho_ 🌈♡kσσℓyFσσℓy🌈 @koolymacho_

I have this weird addiction with looking at wedding dresses . I can literally binge watch SYTTD for weeks & be just…

@MonteDurham Monte Durham @MonteDurham

It’s all about the glam @eveofmilady! #NYFWBridal #syttd

It’s all about the glam @eveofmilady! #N...

@85ladyboss85 Silvana @85ladyboss85

@dailymotion SYTTD S02E08 = 1 minute of black screen and nothing. Then it skips to the next video. It supposed to be 21 minutes. :(

@cancerrealtalk Cancer Real Talk @cancerrealtalk

except #syttd where you’re like oh cool look at that pretty bride she survived and they show the beautiful wedding .. then “in memory of” 😒🙄

@juliewoo123 jules @juliewoo123

Been up since 4 hardly slept Stupid insomnia #exhausted On the plus side watched @syttd

@likesohushhush Chris "we only have this excerpt" Owens @likesohushhush

The thing that REALLY REALLY makes me angry on @syttd is when rellies/friends use fat/overweight/heavy as if it wer…

@jessica01285031 Jessica king @jessica01285031

I liked a @YouTube video SYTTD #1: Say Yes To the Dress Canada S02 EP01

@kreevey22 Katherine Reeve @kreevey22

@carmel_roseB 😂 Carmel syttd is my favourite hobby!!

@twinkle_ttoes Angelene Kendall @twinkle_ttoes

I’ve been watch @syttd for three days straight....and I cannot wait to be an @KleinfeldBridal bride ❤️❤️😍

@syttd Say Yes to the Dress @syttd

Will @randyfenoli's A-Line win it all? 🏆👰 Vote for your #BridalBracket champion at!

Will @randyfenoli's A-Line win it all? 🏆...

@cailstateofmind silver headed bitch @cailstateofmind

I describe the reasons I like my crush waaaay more romantically than fiancés on SYTTD.

@ssuoitibmma 16. @ssuoitibmma

i need to stop watching @syttd 😭

@helenc77 Helen Connole @helenc77

#syttd @QuestRedtv "it needs some embezzlement" 😂🤔

@morganrubin92 Morgan Rubin @morganrubin92

@Camonghne Lord, where’s the lie? I have to say, i think SYTTD accurately represents how whitewashed the wedding in…

@camonghne Camonghne Felix, #WalkingTalkingHotBagofAir @camonghne

~90% chance I won’t get married but I watch SYTTD to prep 4 the tiny chance that I MIGHT. watching these stories of…

@glendabuchana16 Glenda Buchanan @glendabuchana16

@syttd @randyfenoli Omg...I love this dress, it is so beautiful.

@lib_barbie_ AA @lib_barbie_

@NotDrJ All girls cry trying on wedding dresses... have u never seen #SYTTD ???!!!

@RAE_sayywhhattt RanaeInRealLife 🐝 @RAE_sayywhhattt

Real life goal: have Shay from Kleinfeld as my bridal consultant. Or Lori from @bridalsbylori #SYTTD…

@ninascollection Nina Couture @ninascollection

Always a pleasure helping our customers #sayyestothedress #syttd for #Prom2018. Visit us today…

@emilyroeee Emily Roe @emilyroeee

Multiple brides have said they have seen me on episodes of SYTTD and that is exactly why I do not watch the show.

@ninascollection Nina Couture @ninascollection

Congratulations on your #beautiful #prom #dress. Was a pleasure helping you #syttd…

@kimcantweet Kimberly Cassidy @kimcantweet

Today I believe my love of Say Yes to the Dress has turned into a sickness. I downloaded the theme song and was sho…

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