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@markruffalo Mark Ruffalo @markruffalo

Goodbye Sydney and the half a pistachio nut shell thingy. We had a great time! #sydneyrocks #ThorRagnarok

Goodbye Sydney and the half a pistachio...

@amdwaters Anne Marie Waters @amdwaters

More Islamic violence against women promoted in Australistan.

@danielnazer Daniel Nazer @danielnazer

@khayadlanga 'Three Proud People' mural in Sydney:

@khayadlanga 'Three Proud People' mural...

@_aki3r れいかん @ TIRED24/7 @_aki3r

Christmas and new year at Sydney sounds good ^ o ^

@SoDamnTrue Typical Girl @SoDamnTrue

when i say im trash this is what i mean

when i say im trash this is what i mean...

@lucasprouvaire lucas @lucasprouvaire

I really need some new friends in sydney lol someone send the sydney gays my way

@sydneyinformer Sydney Informer @sydneyinformer

Sydney’s Republic Hotel sold to Asia-based fund for $35 million – The Australian…

Sydney’s Republic Hotel sold to Asia-bas...

@Ashton5SOS Ashton Irwin @Ashton5SOS

Please know, Every challenge you overcome in your early life will make you the warrior you will become in the future. You will shine forever

@GoStonehill Stonehill Athletics @GoStonehill

.@ESPNAssignDesk an #SCTop10 nominee from @stonehillfh All-American Kacie Smith, breaking NE10 scoring record

@Andrew_Zammit Andrew Zammit @Andrew_Zammit

My new article on the July 2017 alleged Sydney plane plot, and its implications for IS external operations

@brianneeex brianneⓋ @brianneeex

cognitive dissonance: holding up a deer that you just killed while you have your precious dog right next to it

@yunidewi2017 Yuni Dewi ♊ @yunidewi2017

@Gypsydeservebet more coffee? lets call sydney 😂😂😂

@danielabiele Daniela Biele @danielabiele

elrow Nomads Sydney: Register for presale tickets from $65

@AndrewKanatsky Andrew Kanatsky @AndrewKanatsky

Everyday twitter never fails to let me know that I'm not alone in this world.

@addy_grace6 Adeline Downs @addy_grace6

Sydney is a boogie. 🐌

@sydneycitypress Sydney Now @sydneycitypress

Does Melania have a body double? Many people think so

@sydneycitypress Sydney Now @sydneycitypress

Which stocks to pick when the market turns sour

@FineOzArt Fine Australian Art @FineOzArt

Purchase an Art Pass to the Sydney International Art Series #sydney #artpass #australianart #contemporaryart…

@helenhayes4 Helen Hayes @helenhayes4

@britishairways Had three great flights from Sydney to Marseilles - the service was sensational. ❤️👍🏻✈️ #clubworld #britishairways @tauck

@brewandabiccy Brew and a Biscuit @brewandabiccy

@1pmlunch $250 australian dollars was my biggest tip ever for one table when I worked in Sydney, I was pleased with…

@sydney__smith21 squancé @sydney__smith21

sherif is pure

sherif is pure

@funkykoalashop FunkyKoala @funkykoalashop

Taronga Zoo Souvenir Tea Towel #tarongazoo #vintageteatowels #sydney #cartoons #rare #shirleywhereeareyou #retro

@catherineordway Catherine Ordway @catherineordway

Celebrating Women in Sports Law @WISLaw_ at the @ANZSLA Conference in Sydney #womensport @ACT_Lawyers

Celebrating Women in Sports Law @WISLaw_...

@ramboll Ramboll @ramboll

40 high rises in over 20 countries - it has been a busy year for our High Rise Team. Meet us at #CTBUH2017 #Sydney…

@sydney_sider @sydney_sider

Capture the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a unique perspective at Dawes Point while enjoying the harbour. #ilovesydney…

@redditaus Reddit Aus @redditaus

sydney: Avoiding p platers on the road

@whitef12 こふみ🚲川崎マリン3,2耐 @whitef12

@fukuaratyan ユーリ‼︎in Sydney wwwwwww

@tmgmofo T Gray😛 @tmgmofo

“You suck at driving” “ first of all did you die?”

@ooscarisaac xavier @ooscarisaac



@baxters Baxters @baxters

I'll be in Sydney in 4 weeks for my course. Still haven't confirmed accommodation. :-\

@richysgames Opinionated Kiwi @richysgames

@lizsydneycomms @NzLMixers @jacindaardern Stay in Sydney :)

@ArchbishopMark Arch Mark Coleridge @ArchbishopMark

End of first day of Sydney meeting of Bishops Commission, Exec Committee and Facilitation Team for the…

@aunewse July @aunewse

10-19 Lakers: #BenSimmons Could Be the Franchise's Savior #BenSimmons

@tedcruz Ted Cruz @tedcruz



@sydney_clapp syddd😛😈 @sydney_clapp

lmao i'm dead 😂🤦🏼‍♂️😩

@_aki3r れいかん @ TIRED24/7 @_aki3r

I think i'll book my sydney tickets tmr

@johnnybridge2 Daily Terroir @johnnybridge2

"Melbourne is 20 years ahead of the rest of Australia "- Bill Peach catch up #sydney

@janinenatt Janine @janinenatt

10-19 Ben Simmons is LSWA Player of the Week #BenSimmons #bensimmons

@signalintrusion word @signalintrusion

#latenight #train #martinplace #sydney


Can mnet just give golcha the meme award, certificate of recognition for inventing sydney singapore, sprite shirts & let's go talk to her

@sestela72 Sarah Estela @sestela72

Dusk in the city as we headed to the noodle markets was beautiful. #sydney #sunset…

@bannistershelby Shelb @bannistershelby

@sydney_parkerr She really is 😩😍

@goldenvibewrite Geeky Briggs @goldenvibewrite

@Sydney_3G1C @LionClique Oh. So you already checked her IMDb?

@virginiakimba Virginia @virginiakimba

【更新】《哈利波特》石內卜才新婚娶初戀今病逝 #BenSimmons #BenSimmons #BenSimmons

@virginiakimba Virginia @virginiakimba

Why the Miami Heat could win the NBA title #KobeBryant #Lakers #Kobe #KobeBryantLastGame #NBA #NBA #NBA

@phil_di_grange Phil Grange🎆 @phil_di_grange

@Peter_Fitz @MissTweeterGal sydney is full of property millionaires

@haileykluge Hailey @haileykluge

This is awful.

@SaveMoorePark Save Moore Park @SaveMoorePark

People of Sydney rallying to fight new zombie stadium that will destroy Moore Park yet sit empty most of year.…

@WorIdTravels World Travels ✈️ @WorIdTravels

Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

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