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@danozzi Dan Ozzi @danozzi

Beyonce: The Beyhive Taylor Swift: Swifties J Cole: Cole Miners The Weeknd: Weeknd Warriors Jack White: White Supremacists

@fresh1027ny Fresh 102.7 @fresh1027ny

Listen for #Delicate from @taylorswift13 at 12:50! Right after call in to win tickets to see her July 22nd at…

@9xoindia 9XO @9xoindia

Taylor Swift's Delicate has climbed from #7 all the way to #1 on the #9XOInstaTopTen countdown. There are a whole l…

@djceilley DJ Ceilley @djceilley

@KingTHiddy Just curious as to why people are still discussing this. Have Swifties said something recently?

@caraswift17 cara ✨ @caraswift17

SWIFTIES with Jake Gyllenhal after listening to BABE.

SWIFTIES with Jake Gyllenhal after liste...

@ridleysdrivers kavya ☁️ @ridleysdrivers

arianators & swifties coming together today omg im so soft. @ArianaGrande & @taylorswift13 sisters we need a collab

@_GuySwiftie13 Zac @_GuySwiftie13

Ok detective Swifties... I need these theories on who ADMITTED CHEATING ON OUR BABY

@captnbrincrunch ITS BRITT/PHILLY 2💋METLIFE 1&2&3💋GILLETTE 2💋 @captnbrincrunch

Goodnight Swifties! I cherish nights like this; where we stay up for a special Tay related release together. There…

@anawboricua Swiftpuertorican @anawboricua

Swifties VOTE for #Babe

@tswiftownsmyass sar @tswiftownsmyass

Can’t believe Taylor is giving us Canadian swifties the recognition we deserve in babe. “Eh eh eh eh”

@swissswiftie Swiss Swiftie @swissswiftie

I guess if #Babe had been on RED a lot of misteries could have been solved by us Swifties but at the same time the…

@tearsleftocryin ɐᴉlɐʇɐu💧 @tearsleftocryin

@bieberacappella yeah no one heard about it but swifties 😂

@Fresh1027NY Fresh 102.7 @Fresh1027NY

Tickets to see #TaylorSwift Sunday, July 22nd @MLStadium up for grabs around 12:45! Get ready to call in to win! 🙏🤞…

@wishingtayior nanda @wishingtayior

vem swifties que o flesch vai contar uma fic pra gente

@scammerswift ‏ً @scammerswift

Friendly reminder Taylor only gave us one day in advance about a new single ONE DAY before. Swifties managed to mak…

@tswiftlegacy #ShakeItOff @tswiftlegacy

RT/QUOTE THIS TWEET 4 PLEASE #BestFandom2014 Swifties #MTVHottest Taylor Swift

@fentyxplict sʇʇɐɯ💧 @fentyxplict

gente os swifties estão me assustando

@heather_dampier Heather Dampier @heather_dampier

Swifties to @taylorswift13 #Babe

Swifties to @taylorswift13 #Babe https:/...

@saraagarciiam SARA WANTS HUG TAYLOR @saraagarciiam

Votadddddd swifties

@fionnamarz Fionna Marz @fionnamarz

RT LEGION_TAKA "RT YDKTheWay "RT freesttuff #music industry #survey ➡️ ⬅️ #swifties…

@blissfulgloom 👑 @blissfulgloom

@swiftreputation But the question is, will us asian swifties ever get to see the reputation tour? 😢

@swiftreputation But the question is, wi...

@SwiftNews_PH Swift News PH 🇵🇭 @SwiftNews_PH

PH is a swiftie country. Taylor should come to Philippines for the third time. (we miss her) FILIPINO SWIFTIES…

@winxswiftie n yakisoba PROMESSA @winxswiftie

swifties q me desculpem mas amo a bomba stay stay stay

@taylordontblame Tarcisio @taylordontblame

esse homem sempre faz de tudo pra parecer que a Taylor vem para o brasil e depois fica reclamando dos swifties nas…

@pearlrblx INVASION OF PRIVACY @pearlrblx

So tell me why when I was fighting the Arianators a bunch of #Swifties followed me and liked my tweets😂💀 Love y’all🐍🐍

@iDidSumthingBad buy & stream DELICATE @iDidSumthingBad

@musicnewsfact @Sugarlandmusic @taylorswift13 swifties will buy anything with taylors name on it lmao now THAT is what you call a fandom

@s3rgiogonzalez Sergio @s3rgiogonzalez

@theswifterlife can I share this with all of you? @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #reputationStadiumTour #reputation…

@reginarep13 OURSBecky_*,*_*,*_ @reginarep13

@jnflesch Se for conversinha sua, depois nn venha achar ruim com a fúria dos Swifties

@legion_taka #FOLLOWBACK 💯🌐 @legion_taka

RT YDKTheWay "RT freesttuff #music industry #survey ➡️ ⬅️ #swifties #australia #giveaway…

@sequins4thought Sequins Make Me Happy @sequins4thought

@godneyspussy Me realizing this is so sad and true but then remembering I have a tweet in mind to drag swifties

@godneyspussy Me realizing this is so sa...

@swiffft1975 Psalmantha👽 @swiffft1975

At this point of my life I realized that there are a lot of swifties out there who happen to be arianators at the s…

@whitechoco289 TaylorSwiftie @whitechoco289

@theswifterlife We are also proud of it because it proves that many Swifties are in use !

@misscaitlyn caitlyn amanda @misscaitlyn

#tgif #swifties

@swiftupdateo uooS ƃuıɯoϽ @swiftupdateo

@swiftatistics Lest say it’s more about us, the Swifties 🤭

@clixsensei #FelizJueves @clixsensei

#Encuesta sobre tus habitos de consumo en #musica ➡️ ⬅️ #swifties #Uruguay #giveaway #bts…

@tetrapharmakos4 Kyle Cafe Tijing @tetrapharmakos4

Best way to listen to @taylorswift13 music. #taylorswift #swifties #reputationstadiumtour #levisstadium

Best way to listen to @taylorswift13 mus...

@avarosa_ Jeff N. 💧 @avarosa_

@sheeshbiebx mine too they're swifties xd

@citroncandy_82 Candy @citroncandy_82

プリンスファンの中には、2016-2017シーズンのSP(Let's go crazy)をキッカケに羽生ファンになったという人が結構いる。 私の洋楽ファン仲間(Swifties=Taylor Swiftのファンの総称)にも羽生ファ…

@anawboricua Swiftpuertorican @anawboricua

Swifties y'all need to read this thread and retweet it! @NewRosalinde_A make excellent points!

@aaronc_48 Aaron @aaronc_48

@JessStJohn55 I’ve listened so many times like it’s so good! Idk how many swifties you follow but everyone is talki…

@sandruu_13 XRebelleX @sandruu_13

@LoMas_40 @MileyCyrus @taylorswift13 #Swifties 💪♡★

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