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@shawnmendes Shawn Mendes @shawnmendes

More festivals announced for this summer! X Check out all the dates so far at

@tedlieu Ted Lieu @tedlieu

I also note David Hogg was a TA for a summer class our younger son attended in Torrance, CA. David moving to FL doe…

@karencivil Karen Civil @karencivil

Rihanna and Slick Woods for #FentyxPuma Spring/Summer 2018.

Rihanna and Slick Woods for #FentyxPuma...

@BMJANTTH WintermAllanMilkTeaLessSweetLessIceW/Oreo @BMJANTTH

In San Diego, there’s only two seasons: 1) Summer 2) Cold Summer

@kanebrown Kane Brown @kanebrown

If you want this for summer hit that retweet 🔥 (one night only)

If you want this for summer hit that ret...

@girlsgenratlon lau 💜 종현아 수고했어 @girlsgenratlon

three more months to go and I'll finally have my summer vacation, damn I've been waiting for it since last August k…

@NickNBeauty 𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖗 𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖔𝖗𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖟 @NickNBeauty

bitch im so excited for summer

bitch im so excited for summer https://t...

@MyHaikuPond MyHaikuPond @MyHaikuPond

Haiku-a-day #19: typos in her apology spring weeds Sondra J. Byrnes Frogpond 39:2, Summer 2016

@MrAbramovich_03 Roman Abramovich @MrAbramovich_03

@SkySportsPL Either him of Mourinho will defo be gone in the summer

@AnfieldRd96 - @AnfieldRd96

Just thought I’d let everyone know, a 0-0 away to Sevilla isn’t a José Mourinho “masterclass”. For a club that’s sp…

@abyssiniaaa ዳግማዊት🌞 @abyssiniaaa

Summer in February 🌞🌞🌞

Summer in February 🌞🌞🌞

@batsgirl Mary @batsgirl

@BendyGirl Definitely - we had potty introduction end of last summer but weren't quite there. I decided to back bur…

@aponotyakata ウインドマスター成宮由愛⛺ゆるキャン6巻3月12日発売&既刊5巻好評発売中 @aponotyakata



Mood: Spending summer in Italy, with my love.

Mood: Spending summer in Italy, with my...

@opinkerfi Opin kerfi hf. @opinkerfi

We are incredibly excited to take #Iceland to ISC @ISChpc this summer and bring some cooling winds to Frankfurt. Un…

@lynneolyn Lynne Williams @lynneolyn

Health Services Reaearch Summer School @SHSBangor @BangorUni_Intl twitter profile">@BangorUni_Intl @BangorUni Draft programme now available! Masterc…

@TheLambsOfMIMI Mariah🖤 @TheLambsOfMIMI

Y’all it’s February 22nd tomorrow which means it’s practically March which means it’s almost spring so technically…

@champagnennuts Mychal Thompson @champagnennuts

@Justin21LAL Well...Yes...I’m gonna believe it WILL be...2 BIG signings this Summer...

@kgirltracks ً @kgirltracks

✧・*ʚ red velvet — zoo ɞ*・✧ 。˚ the red summer┊͙2017 ˚。

✧・*ʚ red velvet — zoo ɞ*・✧
。˚ the red su...

@yrhbllstrs R A H🌹 @yrhbllstrs

Sa summer talaga papatubuin ko tong kilay ko😞😂

@facts4euorg Brexit Facts4EU.Org @facts4euorg

“If you’re going to Koln Cathedral, Be sure to throw some flowers in the air” #Brexit Facts4EU channels the Summe…

@shelbzthedon S H E L B Z 🎆 @shelbzthedon

Aye, if @JordanPeele loves it, let's get this production crack a lackin'! I need this movie out by the end of the s…

@pcwerbank cacan @pcwerbank

: Summer Mckeen - cutcness

: Summer Mckeen - cutcness

@aestheticstmr tmr as pic @aestheticstmr

Sonya in summer camp writting to Newt saying how shitty it is and how much she misses him, Hariett and Aris

Sonya in summer camp writting to Newt sa...

@nd_lab 김화학 @nd_lab

@0510_summer ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 흑흑 마음은 한쿡에 있답니더ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅍ

@corleighhh cor 🍍 @corleighhh

it’s official, i leave this summer. 😍

@sec_summer 5 Seconds of Summer @sec_summer

Been broken up over text message? You're not the only have to see these breakup texts.

@jessicaeilidh Jess👑 @jessicaeilidh

Get me to Croatia now😭summer needs to hurry up ⏭👏🏼

@lifes1beach Life's 1 Beach @lifes1beach

Cool Graphic Print Summer Beach Tank Top Visit ...

Cool Graphic Print Summer Beach Tank Top...

@fatgirlhaley fat girl 👸🏽 @fatgirlhaley

Four things I will not be this summer: Pregnant Broke Unhappy Stressed

@kpoplover727 ℓoey찬 @kpoplover727

Nation's Pick is EXO Special Olympics Kazan Summer Universiade National Soccer Asian Games Opening Prime Ministe…

@dasnjpa1 Bee Bee @dasnjpa1

@LouYoungNY We had snow geese the week before and they are just the most beautiful bird, and they fly north for sum…

@harrison_0912p HarrisonP @harrison_0912p

【サマーレッスン診断】「もしかして、前世はお嬢様にコキ使われる召使だったかもしれない。」そんなアナタ向けのVR体験は→ #サマーレッスン

@jerseyrfc Jersey Reds @jerseyrfc

Pleased to confirm that we'll be hosting Premiership stars @Harlequins at Stade Santander International this August…

@doctordee69 iPhoeniX #FBPE @doctordee69

@DineshDSouza Imagine your children shot by some kid who’s pissed because his parents had just told him to get a summer job.

@PearlJam Pearl Jam @PearlJam

RT @demetriosns: "Tempted to go to one of these #PearlJam 2018 ball parks this summer. Which one should it be?"

RT @demetriosns: 'Tempted to go to one o...

@cathysavels Cathy Savels @cathysavels

Pink Rose Giclee Print 8x10 #flowers #art #roses #pink #gift

Pink Rose Giclee Print 8x10

@Vodacom Vodacom @Vodacom

It’s going down this Summer with our sizzling hot deals like the Stylus 3 + a FREE Rocka EPIC Over Ear headset. RT…

@india_summer_ India Summer Videos @india_summer_



@snape2017 Professor Snape 🕷 @snape2017

Just how far are we going to let this muggle set the us back exactly?! We have certain positions for a reason. In c…

@india_summer_ India Summer Videos @india_summer_

#indiasummer #sex #hot #xxxvideo

@hoteleliseo_ Hotel Eliseo*** @hoteleliseo_

Buongiorno...horrible cold #winter weather today in #BellariaIgeaMarina....let's dream of #summer and a nice…

@Gwent_OEC Gwent OutdoorCentres @Gwent_OEC Short film of our @DofEWales gold canoe expedition to France last summer with @torfaenyouth @torfaencouncil 🌦️🌈☂️

@liiuminatii illuminati @liiuminatii

Top Free Agents this Summer! -

Top Free Agents this Summer! - https://t...

@FMIHeadOffice FMI @FMIHeadOffice

#TBThursday - To our re-brand launch party last summer #Greattimes #Partnerships…

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