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@theferocity Saeed Jones @theferocity

As folks keep tweeting “thank you” to black women, here’s a story worth sharing:

@meghanmccain Meghan McCain @meghanmccain

There are no words I have to convey my immense gratitude to @JoeBiden and his family - your strength, hope and fort…

@johnjharwood John Harwood @johnjharwood

who on earth actually cares whether Omarosa quit or was fired it’s the dumbest story ever

@robertdjackson4 Robert D. Jackson @robertdjackson4

AMC Teaming With James Cameron On Docu-Series About The History Of Sci-Fi — TCA via @deadline

@1061theranch 1061 The Ranch @1061theranch


@Mark_Beech Mark Beech @Mark_Beech

Top Shows on London Stage This Week: Adam Ant to Pantos Galore @adamaofficial @artinfodotcom @Mark_Beech

@AroundTheNFL Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL

Colts TE Brandon Williams carted off to hospital after suffering head injury vs. Broncos

@chelseahandler Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler

Well, @OMAROSA if you have such a story to tell and you saw so many things that bothered you, the right thing to do…

@DJHansenUpdates Dinah Jane Updates @DJHansenUpdates

IG | Dinah’s Instagram Story; 12/14 #2

IG | Dinah’s Instagram Story; 12/14 #2 h...

@Bmangall20 Brennan @Bmangall20

My coworker told me he got banned from a bar when he lived in North Dakota back in 1973 and didn’t try going back t…

@JohnJungmann John Jungmann @JohnJungmann

Missouri starts search for next top education official via @springfieldNL Will certainly be…

@ConnorASheets Connor Sheets @ConnorASheets

Here's my full story on Perman Hardy, the Alabama woman who achieved a level of Twitter fame yesterday for driving…

@masdrnews مصدر نيوز @masdrnews

هواوى تكشف عن هاتف Honor 9 Youth الأسبوع المقبل

@rachel_huey88 PROMPT[H]O[E] @ CF P-F07 @rachel_huey88

ffxv fun fact no. 4: rachel hasn’t stopped crying about the ending of final fantasy since she first completed the s…

@gregpmiller Greg Miller @gregpmiller

Trump mistook his top adviser on Russia, Fiona Hill, for a member of his clerical staff...

Trump mistook his top adviser on Russia,...

@Yubico Yubico @Yubico

Strengthening #2FA security with a #YubiKey is part of @WIRED’s 7 steps to #password perfection!…

@a35362 April Spivey @a35362

Kamala Harris says Trump should resign via @politico

@DrDenaGrayson Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson

💣BOOM💣 THREAD: About a month after Trump launched his campaign, Rob Goldstone emailed that his #Russian🇷🇺pop-star…

@GatorsFB Gators Football @GatorsFB

"Our guys are going to learn how to be grown men, not only with how they train and prepare for the season, but how…

@mattosurf Matt O'Leary @mattosurf

Irish Americans with apostrophes in your name: help protect the apostrophe! Share your story here:…

@MattGlenesk Matt Glenesk @MattGlenesk

As if the cost of college wasn’t high enough to make you faint already…

@HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott @HackneyAbbott

6 months on from #Grenfell – lessons are being forgotten. We know water puts out fire. Sprinklers in Tower blocks…

@notary225 Richard K. Sobers @notary225

@lucielepage Lucie Lepage @lucielepage

@_icze4r (´•ω•`) (´・ω・ `) (◕ᴗ◕✿) 🦑🐙🐮🐄 @_icze4r

This guild I didn't know. Starts on one server, heads to another, dominates, heads to yet another, and that's wher…

@obscurenovice Mario Pendleton @obscurenovice

Players will no longer be able to gain FM from Character Stories, the General Story (A Shadow Falls), Trials, Survi…

@laurens_bones Lauren Shields @laurens_bones

Your mcm just posted "that's a wrap". He puts up a Snapchat story of his hand on the steering wheel with the captio…

@davesdata David Martin @davesdata

Interesting, that the phenomenon of a game with crappy out-dated graphics could not be stopped by #NetNeutrality.…

@GCBulletin Gold Coast Bulletin @GCBulletin

The market for Instagram ‘influencers’ may be saturated, but there could be a space for your four-legged friend to…

@cuff_chicago ChicagoUndergroundFF @cuff_chicago

@ladyzenaida Zenaida A.M. Mlaska @ladyzenaida

Investigators move missing teen case to homicide unit

@hansumiy han @hansumiy

cliche story in survival show tbh. they always, or usually, come back

@beautychickee Christina Marie @beautychickee

everyone should watch kim k’s insta story & lmk if you spy something 👀

@christieshein @ChristieShein @christieshein

#Kellogg’s and @LaurenConrad show is endless #cereal combinations- rethink the bowl!

@wauseonsports Wauseon Sports @wauseonsports

New Story: Girls 7th Grade Basketball beats Archbold 34 - 20

@thesecret The Secret @thesecret

You are creating the story of your life, so what are you telling about yourself?

@watersenglish Michelle Waters 📚 @watersenglish

A8 I have Ss who have amazing stories to tell and who can weave a very compelling story. But their grammar stinks.…

@cadviar atikah @cadviar

@assassinurmom @stabgoth i ~wish ~ i created that story

@pambilyak Pam Bilyak @pambilyak

@CalReportTweets California Report @CalReportTweets

“I have inherited this fiscal challenge and I have a responsibility to right this ship." -- @OUSDNews Superintenden…

@Jeff__Benjamin Jeff Benjamin @Jeff__Benjamin

We named @WannaOne_twt's "Energetic" the No. 1 K-Pop Song of 2017 on @Billboard today. Congratulations! "'Energeti…

@IngrahamAngle Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle

GOOD NEWS KEEPS ROLLING IN: Applications for US jobless aid drop by 11,000 to 225,000

@lfeld1957 Larry Feldman @lfeld1957

Lol. So unlike the Obama administration's heavy hand against the coup govt that ousted democratically elected presi…

@PKsbpdl Because We Live Here @PKsbpdl

Read the story. The ACLU is all about protecting black criminals. or what they call 'bias prevention'. Cameras don'…

@SUNLEO0778 FireSunLeo 🖤 ✊🏿 @SUNLEO0778

History: 1st black lawmaker serves in Congress #BlackExcellence #BlackTwitter

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