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@kimdotcom Kim Dotcom @kimdotcom

Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I kn…

@9gag 9GAG @9gag

Toblerone Ice Cream Stick Exists And It Sounds Dreamy

Toblerone Ice Cream Stick Exists And It...

@kumailn Kumail Nanjiani @kumailn

My cat tried to express a political opinion and I was like “Stick to pooping in a box and lunging into the glass sc…

@resepimakananMY Resepi Makanan Malaysia @resepimakananMY

Resepi Kerabu Maggi Bahan Maggi thai (Nak guna maggi kita pun boleh, tapi seeloknya maggi thai la kan) Sotong ( d…

@MustangGirl3 Kathie 🇺🇸💎ツ @MustangGirl3

KIM DOTCOM: "DNC Hack wasn't even a 'hack' -- It was an insider with a memory stick."

@dolce_levy Dolce Levy @dolce_levy

🚨KIM DOTCOM: "DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack - It Was An Insider With A Memory Stick"🎯 Not even a hack..but crooked Hi…

@shs_bobcats SHS Student Section @shs_bobcats

The waLhaLLa girls couldn’t stick the landing ☹️ but the LADY CATS ROLLED ON THROUGH winning 61-41 ‼️😍…

@oliviavanderham Olivia @oliviavanderham

😐Stick to big girls dont cry💀🤦‍♀️

@kristiyamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi @kristiyamaguchi

Listening to Olympic coach (legendary already) #brianorser on Olympic Ice. So agree w/ his philosophy on preparing…

@pchst8grl Tara @pchst8grl

When you ask someone HOW they are doing and they tell you WHAT they are doing & WHERE they are.... 😳😞😒😾😼 Stick to the question!

@therealsupl3x Suplxx @therealsupl3x

The devil has been trying to defeat me lately. Gods been telling me to stick and move, I can’t take the L no more!

@kynnsk ;kyn @kynnsk

ใครที่เป็นสิวเสี้ยน สิวหัวดำ ลูบหน้าแล้วสากอยากขัดออกต้องตัวนี้เลยเด้อ Mamonde Pore Clean blackhead stick ใช้ดีมาก…

@ScarletEssex Scarlet Essex @ScarletEssex

Stick some Irish in me and call me Lucky... ➡️ @MyFreeCams @hazza198178 @LuciferPromo…

@redmsixsix @redmsixsix


@summonticket cal @ semi-hiatus @summonticket

@yorha2e says zelda “im gonna stick my dick up 9s’s fat ass” yorha2e

@lilsamix31 lilsamix3(ddlc protagonist brother:P.D.O.W).chr @lilsamix31

@Doki_Monika Wait you were trying to say Monika was best by saying Monika should be first yo didn’t stick to the te…

@newscientist New Scientist @newscientist

You no longer need to be able to see to enjoy virtual reality

You no longer need to be able to see to...

@just_nesquik ModAx5 Just-Nesquik @just_nesquik

Me gustó un video de @YouTube MALDITAS SERPIENTES!! PELEA DE PALOS! Stick Fight #6

@perfctlybroke ur goth gf🏳️‍🌈 @perfctlybroke

go pick dis up at lush . its a bath melt its called inner truth and all proceeds go to trans/non binary organizatio…

@NakTwit_ @NakTwit_

At least datang balik minta maaf okay lah daripada hilang dari radar tinggal aku tanpa pesan. Kau ingat senang ke nak stick to one person?

@__sage44 Sage-kun @__sage44

I'm da stick up man , jack boi tryna rob da dope man

@seandean05 Sean @seandean05

@Arend_Sheree91 Comparing Dillon to Byron and Bowman Dillon had the easiest path to the top, I respect your opinion but Ill stick with mine.

@rreid137 Davion @rreid137

Stick to the script it’s already written.

@DrSchmalz DrSchmalz @DrSchmalz

Hey Greg, Nice to see when the chips are down you still try to stick up for your hero, RAPIST @BillClinton. I know…

@utdxtra United Xtra @utdxtra

Stick your quadruple up your arse.

Stick your quadruple up your arse. https...

@Mikel_Jollett Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett

The GOP is going to attack these kids that just survived a massacre. We have to stick up for them.

@jbaratheon132 Joffrey Baratheon @jbaratheon132

@OddNMacabre Just don’t let that thing near your butt.... because I wanna bet that it wants to stick a huge lamp up his butt

@naeplotner Renae @naeplotner

Goldfish, cheese stick, and strawberry daiquiris 😋

@David_Leavitt David Leavitt @David_Leavitt

Retweet if you belong to the 1% of America who has never seen an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s. We’ve…

@marcagoguen1 Marc A Goguen @marcagoguen1

@JimCarrey @cameron_kasky Hey @JimCarrey go give some more girls STD’s , you suck at tweeting! Stick to what you’re…

@zarqor_ Cynthia @zarqor_

@corrinacutiee @murklii Can I get a stick figure

@vegetta777 ♈️ Vegetta777 ♈️ @vegetta777

Gang beast tambien unos 3 videos y de stick fight, y luego PUBG en plan John WIck super chula, no se, espero que os…

@GCraftyCouture Brand New Crafty @GCraftyCouture

Some days you're the piñata, some days you're the stick.

Some days you're the piñata, some days y...

@miranoorazli ‧It's Mira‧ @miranoorazli

To stick to short hair or keep it long again 🤔

@raystrikers2k RAY ROLLINATION ⚡ @raystrikers2k

Seth Rollins has been stick to the Match for 1 Hour...HE IS FREAKIN' AWESOME...#GauntletMatch

@kevinwxgg Kevin @kevinwxgg

I write my tweets on Post-It Notes and stick ‘em on stuff at Target. #WhenTheWifiGoesDown

@legendofwukong ᴊɪɴ ᴍᴏ-ʀɪ 『 神 』 @legendofwukong

Jin Vs Garou part 2?! Stick around, folks!! @HuntsHeros Vs @LegendOfWukong!

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