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@joelembiid Joel Embiid @joelembiid

Now we know what it feels like to blow a big lead.. Gotta stay focused to get the job done. Great learning lesson a…

@garylineker Gary Lineker @garylineker

Tony Pulis has been sacked by @WBA. Looking around at those available the best man to help them stay up could well be....Tony Pulis.

@nickcannon Nick Cannon @nickcannon

Stay humble and trust God. He got you #Facts

@nasty_steven PAPI$VN @nasty_steven

No matter what happens to ya, good or bad, stay true to yourself. ⚡️

@borja_hannah Mel @borja_hannah

My heart is breaking. Support black people, support immigrants, support black immigrants. Follow @UndocuBlack to…

@G_Eazy G-Eazy @G_Eazy

Planning something special for the the fans who pre-ordered the album or copped a bundle already Might pull up in…

@LightSkinKeisha HotGirlKeish @LightSkinKeisha

If you don't have no money then stay yo ass at home sis 🙄🤸🏽‍♂️

If you don't have no money then stay yo...

@dudeplease bell♥️ @dudeplease

Hey, you're only getting older. Why stay so salty about some shit you can't control?🤷🏻‍♀️

@gomadelpelorota diana, the lesbian @ zines/ TERFs are scum @gomadelpelorota

slim person: wow I'm so fat me: I understand you might have feelings about your body even if they don't align with…

@tracybeanz Tracybeanz @tracybeanz

I can’t stay (sadly), but I’ll just leave this right here. 😡🤯🤬🤮

@ProminentPundit Eddie Guerrero 2.0 @ProminentPundit

Smackdown Live knows to never fuck with #TeamRAW ever again. We came out victorious and it will always stay that wa…

@eplfeeds EPL Feeds @eplfeeds

Chelsea star Morata wanted Real Madrid stay, but Zidane... #epl @tribalfootball: Alvaro Morata was forced to join…

@alondrakings Nona 🍁🍂 @alondrakings

@ShimboIYamazuka He could easily crush all the other dogs in the neighborhood, my dogs barely stay out of my way an…


1110 Central Ave, New York, NY 32789 isn't even an address. NYC zipcodes start with a 1 and there's no Central Ave…

@bigbickwes wes @bigbickwes

@HBCUfessions Shiiidddd, I’d let them stay together n just be a side 🤷🏾‍♂️

@MannMikkismeeta Andrew Mann @MannMikkismeeta

#Bed should I stay in bed and text some fuck buddies to come over,screw work and instead screw them?😈😈😈

#Bed should I stay in bed and text some...

@TVsLeaking Darius Shahtahmasebi @TVsLeaking

Ha!. go home US. --> Pentagon: #ISIS Officially 'Defeated' but the US Will Stay in #Syria @AntiMedia

@mwenrich1 MustVoteNow @mwenrich1

@armandovaldes @chrislhayes @WhitefishEnergy @julito77 Well just let them stay with no food, electric, water or hou…

@kevinoompakern Kevin Charles-Lynn O @kevinoompakern

@JonDorenbos @TheEllenShow we didnt apply to theatres, but... we applied to three opportunities, thres one opportun…

@ellemansour Noelle Mansour @ellemansour

I’ll bite my tongue just to make sure you stay happy

@AnvmeOpenings RT UR Anime Opening™ @AnvmeOpenings

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ENDING 2 "Stay Alive” by Rie Takahashi

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu E...

@unc_basketball Carolina Basketball @unc_basketball

2 hours out! What are you guys doing to stay awake? And shoutout to our West Coast Tar Heels!

@hansngc hansolo @hansngc

i aint gon stay where i dont feel wanted.

@aftershock1210 AFTER⚡️SHOCK @aftershock1210

171120 더 뮤지션 팬미팅 #WANNAONE #워너원 #강다니엘 🎶Sam smith - Stay with me 다니엘이 부르는 노래 한소절😭😭😭 넘 짧지만 넘나 좋은것ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 다음에 언젠가…

@ohteenquotes Relationship ♡ @ohteenquotes

All I need is someone who can stay no matter how hard it is to be with me.

@asvpjoshie Josh @asvpjoshie

My dream is to be a stay at home dog mom

@unseenhugots Unseen Hugots ⛄ @unseenhugots

Learn to let go. Not everyone in your life is meant to stay.

@mingyuplanet b🌵 @mingyuplanet

Me: "I'm tired of stan twitter. I'm taking a break" Me 5 min later bc I can't stay away:

Me: 'I'm tired of stan twitter. I'm taki...

@tinacharlestv TinaCharlesTV @tinacharlestv

For all those who haven't seen #JusticeLeague yet. First: See it. It's far from perfect but still worth watching. S…

@twenttyonerose Poe Dameron @twenttyonerose

I want to stay on twitter but I also don't want to see spoilers smh

@foliage_reports Explore New England @foliage_reports

Great gift item to stay warm in autumn with. Perfectly Imperfect Colors Fleece Blanket for Sale by Jeff Folger…

@gofalcons13 Vinay @gofalcons13

@meezieme Stay that way pls

@macktology101 Chubbs Peterson @macktology101

Why y’all assume this is his girl..could’ve been his friend who doesn’t have anywhere to stay that night

Why y’all assume this is his girl..could...

@aivencha Amanda @aivencha

Friends visiting Japan always ask me for tips on things to do and places to stay. I haven't had a holiday in nearl…

@Tingcos Zanshin | Tingcos @Tingcos

Tinglabs Episode 4 going live at 7pm Tonight! Stay Tuned my Xmas Damager match analysis. Much to its namesake we…

@lesgetitn LESGETIT NETWORKS @lesgetitn

Ky u lucky right now my time i save u for last bc u gotta really watch ur bck n stay iso bc they setting up on that…

@1901_sunshine Andy Lidowsky @1901_sunshine

Maybe this leads to him taking a few more chances. *sips Kool Aid* KC has been on the decline as of late as well,…

@mentalgirlbooks Mental Girl @mentalgirlbooks

#WhatElseIveGotACaseOf a good attitude at the moment. So probably should stay inside and avoid peoplely stuff.

@swipeclock SwipeClock @swipeclock

#NewYorkCity amends #paidsickleave ordinance and adds #safetime for victims of #domesticviolence Find out what your…

@akardashiannn AD ✨ @akardashiannn

I really try to stay cool calm & collective but i see that’s not working

@acevernon cyprian♡ 🚀 #박수 @acevernon

[BREAKING] Scientists confirm hansol vernon chwe is the most beautiful person on earth in all history of history. “…

@pama_97 💕🌸 @pama_97

@SHINee Taemin I love you!! Stay healthy

@DonnieJones Donnie Jones @DonnieJones

Successful people: 1 wake up early. 2 talk less. 3 stay laser focused. 4 don't waste time. 5 live healthy. 6 ignore…

@LarryBuzzin Laura @LarryBuzzin

Royalty has to stay together

@maitri_varun Maitri @maitri_varun

Good morning @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Have a wonderful day. Stay happy love you ❤

Good morning @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Have a...

@FishyFijmin Fijmin @FishyFijmin

if Grayson doesn’t follow you, DON’T GIVE UP. stay positive, keep trying, and please trust me when I say it WILL happen😊

@erotibot_art Erotibot @erotibot_art

@slugbox May cteno stay flat and wide hipped forever. It is a match made in heaven.

@wellhidfacts Unbelievable facts @wellhidfacts

Apples are actually more powerful than caffeine at helping you stay awake.”

@boris3324 The Monster @boris3324

@FoxNews @MarkSteynOnline @BillClinton Way to stay current Tuck. What's next, Grover Cleveland's love child?

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