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@sankrant Sankrant Sanu सानु @sankrant

What arrogance has taken hold of @narendramodi and @AmitShah? Literally spitting on their core voters, chasing…

@benshapiro Ben Shapiro @benshapiro

“Trump stumbles to his corner, spitting dentures!”

@jamilsmith Jamil Smith @jamilsmith

“The absence of de jure segregation, of furious mobs spitting and screaming at the front door, is heralded as the t…


I’m sorry Namjoon honey but you’re spitting fire as if you’re rapping 😂

@kennie__mackk Kennie💚🕊 @kennie__mackk

A poetry gem for you TL ✨ #blackqueens #blacklove Sista spitting real life shit💯

A poetry gem for you TL ✨ 

@bibimbear cath🐾 @bibimbear

Suga spitting fire on your face 🔥💦 #SugaAppreciationDay @BTS_twt

Suga spitting fire on your face 🔥💦 

@kayleenfranzen kay @kayleenfranzen

my youtube history is full of gordon ramsey spitting out food, dr phil, and reviews of makeup i will never actually buy

@JoeBarri Joseph Barri @JoeBarri

Boomers & their children should remember that their parents/ grandparents risked their lives, and often made the gr…

@cashfendi Bag Music | 6.27.18 @cashfendi

“I slang in my white tee , i bang in my white tee , all in the club spitting game in my white tee” 11 year old me:

“I slang in my white tee , i bang in my...

@glendagalvez4 Glenda Galvez @glendagalvez4

@khcslip @dbongino @POTUS It is not his fault that we have allowed these career politicians to be able to do this.…

@MrHickmott Brexit Job Losses @MrHickmott

As usual Brexists are missing the big picture. While they are spitting feathers this morning, they should stop and…

@kitten4trump Kittens For Trump @kitten4trump

This trash bill was just another way to divide the @POTUS base..if you cave over something like this'r…

@blindmike_ Mike Geary @blindmike_

NEW #TrashTalk on @WEEI @billburr doing @roughnrowdy @espn spitting on TB12 again Get Up trailer & more!

@dr_mario_xxx professional hater @dr_mario_xxx

@DCpierson Sorry. Leftist fascist programming did far more damage than Spitting Image could ever do. Google it, ple…

@waybp_ RIP Javion @waybp_

wasn’t nobody spitting harder than the 2015 Lucci

@khaimoney $$$. @khaimoney

@1riomoney @gloup4cam You crazy they be spitting that shit

@survivalnat Survival Nation @survivalnat

Baldwin politely reminded Bill about the Vietnam protesters spitting at troops as they returned home.

@MotionFlows HipHopSouthAfrica @MotionFlows

✍️🍽️ Chris Brown spitting!? Is he dope or not🤔? #FreestyleFridays 🔌Full Video📽️:🌊


Chris Brown spitting!? Is he dope...

@HeFromLA Rx$eTxne @HeFromLA

Spitting in mouths is nowhere NEAR as nasty as eating a fucking asshole

@siahdelic Jo Siah @siahdelic

@Wendys you guys spitting straight 🔥 nothin but real beef

@Wendys you guys spitting straight 🔥 not...


Big Black Dicks Spitting for over 2 minutes!

Big Black Dicks Spitting for over 2 minu...

@jeeah_dancegirl Jeeah Lee @jeeah_dancegirl

@emmymadeinjapan People putting their feet up on the table while eating and people picking their nose when on the t…

@30SecKnockouts 30 Second Fights @30SecKnockouts

Idk what she expected her to do after spitting on her 😂😂😂

Idk what she expected her to do after sp...

@D_B_Harrison Darrell B. Harrison @D_B_Harrison

"They kept beating His head with a reed, and spitting on Him, and kneeling and bowing before Him." - Mark 15:19 (NASB)

@MotionFlows HipHopSouthAfrica @MotionFlows

✍️🍽️ Young M.A spitting that lava!! How dope is she!?🔥🔥🔥 #FreestyleFridays 🔌Full Video📽️:🌊


Young M.A spitting that lava!! How...

@moniii_renee moni🌞 @moniii_renee

@andrew_klope @emileedeanna I’m spitting facts not talking shit.

@MotionFlows HipHopSouthAfrica @MotionFlows

✍️🍽️ @ShabZiMadallion spitting lava👏👏👏!! #FreestyleFridays 🔌VIDEO CRED: @TheSwitchUpSa on @MassivMetro 🔌FULL VID…

@giantfootfact Sport Facts @giantfootfact

Jonny Evans' actions in spitting at Papiss Cisse were "simply disgusting," a Football Association regulatory commission ruled.

@Ian_Burnett_ Ian Burnett @Ian_Burnett_

It's a shame Spitting Image is no more. They could have a great time with the current crop of politicians.

@Michell3Denise Evelyn @Michell3Denise

⬇Date with local babes at ⏬ 💥⭐💥⬅ porn veteran sex spitting xxx indoor Blackon nsfw Vod vid…

@ThaOnlyGeo OEG @ThaOnlyGeo

@QuickTempaa Surprised he ain’t sleep bruh for spitting on him

@deedragonhunter Sexy Poetic Bitch @deedragonhunter

Is it just me or is Donald Trump the spitting image of Humpty Dumpty?

@zugarlips JAN29 @zugarlips

@Bukola99954461 Teddy nation invite involve a lot of people!! Tackle whoever is spitting shit

@nijaenn Nijaen @nijaenn

i just wanna know who's spitting on that @Wendys mixtape

@muhammadexpert IamExpert_ @muhammadexpert

Make Sure you taste your words before spitting em out.

@daegulisa love, kam @daegulisa

when i say “i choked on my tea” or “i spit out my tea” i’m not saying that for the effect i mean i actually did it…

@lifeofrickey RICK @lifeofrickey

Just spitting some BARZ for y’all

Just spitting some BARZ for y’all https:...

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