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@petersweden7 PeterSweden @petersweden7

Can someone explain to me what on earth is going on in Sweden? A 14 year old girl armed with a knife vandalized a…

@stormzy1 #GSAP @stormzy1

Nah Dolly Parton was spitting some real real pain on Jolene

@scottwamplerbmd Scott Wampler™ @scottwamplerbmd

Meanwhile I’m over here spitting gold on Twitter dot com and it’s all just lost in time, like tears in rain

Meanwhile I’m over here spitting gold on...

@ReeAmilcarScott Thank God Almighty, I'm fREE at Last! @ReeAmilcarScott

I can't be the only one who fantasies about traveling back in time and spitting classic rappers rhymes before they…

@andrewdavidcamp campington @andrewdavidcamp

@leftymo How is Rian and Disney spitting in my face? Elaborate.

@entrancetohell Brimstone™ @entrancetohell

Celebrate the 300th Episode of #FamilyGuy by creating your very own character! Mine isn't a spitting image; but it…

@kilpat_32 Tay-K @kilpat_32

@ClarkCevin spitting fax in weights

@bstcarsss Best Cars @bstcarsss

Please RT if you like!! #luxurycars #luxury #supercars #cars The Extreme Ferrari FXX Evoluzione...…

@slothqueen21 😎ronald😎 @slothqueen21

If I have kids they're getting a cupcake that has candles on it so everyone else doesn't have to eat a cake that ha…

@dreadlegend_ Mercaveli @dreadlegend_

Lmaooo a balloon that was blown up and let loose in the wind. Spitting everywhere


This man out of Iowa is really spitting some heat 😳🔥

This man out of Iowa is really spitting...

@slothqueen21 😎ronald😎 @slothqueen21

It's 2018 can we phase out blowing out candles on a cake. I don't want to keep fuckin going to parties where 3-4 ar…

@l3xieeh fire child @l3xieeh

I’m so appreciative of women who extend a nurturing hand in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes you need a mom mo…

@CzechRaw 💦Czech Raw Twinks💦 @CzechRaw

Boy gangbanged brutaly in Czech bar, boys take turn barebacking him, spitting in the face and covering him in cum,…

@optiskept Hand @optiskept

@TippeTyYay @lilblondeduck @ahurkhan @Sandy_Writes @TheAtlantic @azizansari @CaitlinPacific Since when don’t we sco…

@finetrendstv Fine Trends @finetrendstv

@tanamongeau was lowkey spitting bars on Clout 9

@dreteamenc Coach Dré @dreteamenc

@foodandhoes_ You know I be spitting and all that lol

@DeVanteMyles DeVante Myles @DeVanteMyles

No trap shit, just words come spitting out of my sinuses

@kneelingnothing Frank Cuckold Loser @kneelingnothing

Movie "Double slave slut training with @MissVelour" starring @LadyAsmondena via @clips4sale…

@ms_mapule Fit in or Fuck off 🥂 @ms_mapule

Of late you spitting gems 😂😂😂

@kiingshaka Al Ra @kiingshaka

Ladies stop spitting that shit out rub it n dummy

@ketosmo Reality show rockeffeller @ketosmo

@realDonaldTrump david rockefeler with his espionage and reality show spitting shit on the white house. the smell is bad.

@AshyGod balenciaga brian 🐙 @AshyGod

i don't mean to be rude, but sarah sanders is a spitting image of the ugly stepsister from shrek

@leftymo M. Patel @leftymo

@andrewdavidcamp The director is literally spitting in your face, and you are defending it and enjoying it. Se…

@alayah_down MistressAlayah Down @alayah_down

Pizza taste much better when it's bought just to make me happy 😁 Your just not worthy of me spitting this into your…


Idk what she expected her to do after spitting on her the way she fell down tho 😂😂😂

Idk what she expected her to do after sp...

@b0dyjar Belmont Ass Terry @b0dyjar

@680_north Where’s the option for “not spitting or throwing stuff on me”

@jellen805 Jellenne @jellen805

If Trump is comparable to Stalin, (he's not) then Jeff Flake is the spitting image and attitude of Neville Chamberlain. (accurate)

@speaknowofpop Ethan || Taylegend @speaknowofpop

@TheFactsOfShade Taylor ended him and gaga is spitting on his grave

@realdevastatorx REAL DEVASTATOR X @realdevastatorx

@realdevastatorx @KennyBoe358 when this man starts spitting incredible things happen get ready for KBOE.

@realdevastatorx @KennyBoe358 when this...

@cyberclergy dezmo 🌺 @cyberclergy

spitting into my hand and reaching into your bag of chips

@alkrip_k A.K.❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @alkrip_k

@thebradfordfile @GrizzleMeister He is an outright hate spitting anti Trump agent for lefties and dems.

@brudermet Metal Underground @brudermet

"Spitting Fire" von Revenge ist eine absolute Kaufempfehlung für Speed/Heavy Metal Fans!

'Spitting Fire' von Revenge ist eine abs...

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