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@nbcsnl Saturday Night Live - SNL @nbcsnl

This #tbt, we remind you to spend time with your kids, so Peyton Manning doesn’t. Find ‘United Way’ and more foot…

@yashar Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar

In honor of Betty White's 96th birthday...a classic clip from SNL....

In honor of Betty White's 96th birthday....

@nbcsnl Saturday Night Live - SNL @nbcsnl

Our host prepping for this week's table read. #SNL

Our host prepping for this week's table...

@dailyhalseytr Daily Halsey Turkey @dailyhalseytr

[💛] Halsey + SNL

[💛] Halsey + SNL

@shooshoo_lover (귀여우셔요❣) 여덕 러버 @shooshoo_lover

아아 오랜만에 트둥이 SNL 보는데 손발이 오글거리고 귀여워

@movietvtechgeek Movie TV Tech Geeks @movietvtechgeek

Latest: Watch: Bill Murray Returns to ‘SNL’ to Play Steve Bannon in ‘Morning Joe’ Cold Open…

@the_tvguru Entertainment Guru @the_tvguru

Jessica Chastain Reveals Gal Gadot's Advice for 'SNL' Hosting Debut

@bluesky3783 @bluesky3783

이유리 snl짤 줍줍

이유리 snl짤 줍줍

@midnightbluejh Midnight Blue @midnightbluejh

SNL 동반인으로 절 구제해주실 분을 애타게 찾습니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠDM 부탁드려요😢😢

SNL 동반인으로 절 구제해주실 분을 애타게 찾습니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠDM 부탁드려...

@stephensound Stephen Sheehan @stephensound

@RadioWavesRyan @DPRK_News During the GOP Primary "debates," I saw the others at Podiums, but CC was seated at a di…

@nbcsnl Saturday Night Live - SNL @nbcsnl

Brava, @jes_chastain. Brava! 👏 #SNL

Brava, @jes_chastain. Brava! 👏 #SNL http...

@cokecaineprince morgan @cokecaineprince

Dylan Farrow looks identical to Vanessa Byers/Meyers (idk what her last name is) on SNL

@leekaaro 2ㅋr루 @leekaaro

106. 약 빨고 만든 SNL - Just friends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

106. 약 빨고 만든 SNL - Just friends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...

@Vertele Vertele @Vertele

Kristen Wiig (SNL) vuelve a la TV como protagonista de la nueva comedia producida por Reese Witherspoon…

@jschln1 Gerald A Johnson @jschln1

@Eugene_Robinson Back in tha' day, when we 'peeped someone's hole card it meant 'you ain't foolin' anyone.' Trump s…

@1DInfectionMNL One Direction Manila @1DInfectionMNL

January 18, 2018: Zayn's makeup artist posted these throwback pictures of the boys at SNL on her Instagram story.

January 18, 2018: Zayn's makeup artist p...

@nbcsnl Saturday Night Live - SNL @nbcsnl

Big thanks to Sam Rockwell, @halsey, Fred Armisen, Bill Murray and @G_Eazy. Goodnight! #SNL

Big thanks to Sam Rockwell, @halsey, Fre...

@TroyeSivanUpdts Troye Sivan Updates @TroyeSivanUpdts

Troye Sivan on @nbcsnl's Instagram: “Here we gooo....Make sure you watch on Saturday. CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S REALLY HAP…

@zirf123 Dave @zirf123

@historylvrsclub And #SNL hasn't been funny since!

@danielletbd Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd

I hope Jessica Chastain got to be a part of the writers' room for her #SNL this week. I can't wait to see what she…

@LouisT91Updates King Updates @LouisT91Updates

Zayn’s make up artist shared these throwback photos of the boys on SNL via Instagram story. January 18, 2018 • ©️…

@emilysblunt Sabrina @emilysblunt

miss chastain is doing SNL tomorrow, yall please just laugh at her jokes even if they're super cringe ok? 😪

@oxfordunion Oxford Union @oxfordunion

.@AlecBaldwin does his signature ‘Trump’ expression. #SNL

.@AlecBaldwin does his signature ‘Trump’...

@jonathanmbaron Jonathan Baron @jonathanmbaron

@EllenMignone As an aside, Ellen, it appears that they've failed to understand just how spot-on the SNL lampooning…

@pw_is_taco1 Password is Taco @pw_is_taco1

@TheRickWilson Smh, this could all have been avoided if SNL had decided to feature President Miller in a couple skits

@ko_rola ᴊᴏʏғᴜʟ젭빈 @ko_rola

@JBJ_6_787 비정규직아이돌이랑 보그맘이라는 드라마에 현빈군 나오고요 그리고 SNL이태임편에 3분친구 코너에 제비제 나왔어요 안보셨다면 꼭보세용❤️조이풀어서오세용❤️

@JBJ_6_787 비정규직아이돌이랑 보그맘이라는 드라마에 현빈군 나오고...

@yesdoIan jimmy @yesdoIan

25. omg i'm laughing remember when ashlee simpson was a thing but she fucked up her career when it turned out she c…

@clara_snl 🌝 @clara_snl

plus tard j’aurai un carlin

@games_naga naga games @games_naga

I liked a @YouTube video Tucci Gang - SNL

@allreadythen1 Gabriel Pintos @allreadythen1

@TheTorontoSun It is Pat! SNL

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