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@nowthisnews NowThis @nowthisnews

SNL schooled Betsy DeVos — and it was everything

SNL schooled Betsy DeVos — and it was ev...

@nowthisnews NowThis @nowthisnews

SNL roasted Betsy DeVos — and it was amazing

SNL roasted Betsy DeVos — and it was ama...

@billybaldwin Billy Baldwin @billybaldwin

Attention please... Attention please… All SNL cast... please report to the writers room immediately. Thank you. 👇👇👇

@nbcsnl Saturday Night Live - SNL @nbcsnl

This is what happened when @tanfrance took Pete shopping: #SNL

This is what happened when @tanfrance to...

@thewaitisogre Raini Rodriguez Updates @thewaitisogre

it broke my heart when Pete Davidson said he thinks he’s ugly I think he’s so attractive for sure the hottest guy i…

@toofab TooFab @toofab

#SNL's Pete Davidson blames his 'guido trash' style on growing up in Staten Island 😂😂 @QueerEye @tanfrance

@firstforcexxx กบอุ่น @firstforcexxx

ใครมองไม่ออกว่าการกระทำของอูจินเหยียดยังไง ลองดูกรณีของรายการSNL Korea ที่เคยเป็นประเด็นที่ล้อเลียนคิมมินกโย(ดาราตล…

@claudiacopquin Claudia Copquin @claudiacopquin

Can we have an #SNL skit in the Oval Office featuring Trump and advisors begging him to not congratulate #Putin?…

@robmarchione Rob Marchione @robmarchione

I missed this bit of hilarity on SNL this week.

@yesac2004 Casey Bruton @yesac2004

I liked a @YouTube video Cut for Time: St. Patrick's Day - SNL

@chuckjhall Charles Hall @chuckjhall

I liked a @YouTube video Someone Clogged The Couples Quiz Toilet - SNL

@wallgazer wallgazer 📸 @wallgazer

@realDonaldTrump “If somebody starts tweeting at three in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can't h…

@scottmdanielsen Scott Danielsen @scottmdanielsen

Legitimately might be my favorite Cold Open ever - SNL via @YouTube

@jfusca29 Joseph Fusca @jfusca29

@thelauracoates That was right out of an SNL skit.

@theanthonymendo Anthony R. Mendoza @theanthonymendo

I liked a @YouTube video Jurassic Park Auditions - SNL

@annathesheelf Captain Andor @annathesheelf

tellcassiopeia: I really thought that SNL skit was a mere joke. Turns out the skit was already revealing...

@eric_nehm Eric Nehm @eric_nehm

Okay, @CTowersCBS. I had to do this. Chance's verse of Ultralight Beam on SNL. Watch Kanye throughout this verse,…

@mike71011 Michael Houghton @mike71011

I liked a @YouTube video WWE Promo Shoot - SNL

@nowthisnews NowThis @nowthisnews

SNL took on Betsy DeVos — and it was everything

SNL took on Betsy DeVos — and it was eve...

@popularpres2016 PopularPresident2016 @popularpres2016

@funder SO SNL got it right then?

@MyTrackingBoard Tracking Board @MyTrackingBoard

After writing for #SNL, @InsecureHBO star @NatashaRothwell to write wedding-themed amnesia comedy "Bridal Recall" f…

@amackglasper Ajani Glasper @amackglasper

I liked a @YouTube video Queer Eye's Tan France Takes Pete Davidson Shopping - SNL

@donsmalley79 Uncle Don Smalley @donsmalley79

Author makes $1.58 🤪#largeprint #paperback #book #ebook is #free! 308 #pages in #color! #Kindle $2.99 free w/…

@hurricanepaul HURRICANEPAUL @hurricanepaul

SNL needs to do a skit on this.

@Spain_Kpop_ Kpop Spain @Spain_Kpop_

[SUB.ESPAÑOL] Daniel de Wanna One en SNL Korea

@soapgoth 🎪 @soapgoth

yall are so quick to forget when u canceled katy perry for giving migos the freedom to be homophobic and limit LGBT…

@vintagexpast History In The Making @vintagexpast

Ashlee Simpson forgetting to lip sync on SNL

Ashlee Simpson forgetting to lip sync on...

@trump1vstrump2 Captain Ethiopia @trump1vstrump2

On SNL Trump 1 - 1:42 PM - 13 Feb 2015 Trump 2 - 8:26 AM - 20 Nov 2016

@charlesbattersb Charles Battersby @charlesbattersb

Here's a little something to brighten your snowy day. #YouMOCKme #IWillNotBeMocked

@buckyxdameron m SAW BP [36 days] @buckyxdameron


@ThePerezHilton Perez @ThePerezHilton

Who else is loving the new Queer Eye???

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