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@thefader The FADER @thefader

Snapchat has now lost close to $1 billion over Rihanna.

Snapchat has now lost close to $1 billio...

@cnn CNN @cnn

Snapchat lost $800 million after Rihanna tore into the company for allowing an offensive ad to appear on its app…

@thedailybeast The Daily Beast @thedailybeast

Rihanna knocked nearly $800 million off Snapchat's market value

@GNCordova Gennette Cordova @GNCordova

Rihanna responding to Snapchat's ad. I can't believe they did this.

Rihanna responding to Snapchat's ad. I c...

@Live13247 روابط الاسطورة @Live13247

»🏆« : [ الدوري الالماني ] ↯⚽❂: #لايبزيغ_بايرن_ميونخ ↯⏰❂: 8:00 م بتوقيت مكة ↯📺❂ : BeinSport 5 💻 كمبيوتر+🎮…

@MikeeKhoury The Truth @MikeeKhoury

if u see me typing back on snapchat don’t just wait for my message on the chat screen lol ur bitmoji all staring at…

@antisocial_aida Aida Gebregergis @antisocial_aida

Snapchat creeps me out sometimes. I watch something on youtube and then suddenly there snaps show up minutes after,…

@_standupnow Cristina 🍸🐶🐱🌞🌶🥑 @_standupnow

@voxdotcom @everyhumanknows Snapchat should be ashamed of themselves!!!

@maryteatowel mⒶryteatowel @maryteatowel

Two Black Students Got Suspended For Posting Video Of A White Classmate Saying The N-Word.Both girls were informed…

@meslunnettes Faviola @meslunnettes

Y’all remember what riri and kiki did to snapchat? 👇🏼👇🏼

@princejerundio Se Deus Quiser 𓂀 @princejerundio

La MAJ Snapchat à part rendre les « influencers » encore plus influents, nous donner la flemme d’aller regarder les…

@ziekstevideo . @ziekstevideo

#add #me #on #snapchat #for #sex Snapchat : ziekstevideos

#add #me #on #snapchat #for #sex Snapcha...

@dalaurindaa Dalaurinda @dalaurindaa

O que seria da vida dos nossos amigos sem os filtros do Snapchat?😂


You might *think* you've deleted your account, but you probably didn't. Here's how to actually get rid of those pes…

@savmontano savannah montano @savmontano

I wanna throw my phone every time I open snapchat

@Xcel_101 Serious Bants 🇳🇬 @Xcel_101

Your WCW deleted Snapchat because Rihanna said so. She then remembered that she's not really pretty without Snapc…

@anuptaphobe pilou en grève @anuptaphobe

meilleur chose faite : ajouter joey mills sur snapchat

@Xxxxzelal ساعات رومانس Xxxx @Xxxxzelal

تابعوناااا #سناب_شات تحصل ع كل ماهو جديد يومياً🌸

@tunelisha elisha adegbiran @tunelisha

@alexlobaloba Some actually need real life filter after snapchat filter..... Super ugly ones 😂😂😂

@india_tides India Tides @india_tides

Snapchat CEO's Net Worth Tanks $150 Million After Rihanna's Rant - Indiatides

Snapchat CEO's Net Worth Tanks $150 Mill...

@famousjay316 My Name Johnny @famousjay316

IG: drvarela316 Snapchat: drvarela316 👆🏽📲

@Link13215 روابط الاسطورة @Link13215

بداية الشوط الاول »🏆« : [الدوري الاسباني ] ↯⚽❂: #برشلونه_اتليتك_بلباو 💻 كمبيوتر+🎮 📱 جو…

@sweetkokaine__ bae @sweetkokaine__

New snapchat and instagram... 🤔

@nyajamarie Ny 🧡 @nyajamarie

It’s been like this for me before the Snapchat update 😂

@princudevitto alli forEVERYone 💕 @princudevitto

@dailybalor he doesn't have Snapchat anymore

@willis_cj J E F E ® @willis_cj

twitter been > snapchat...

@elijahbounds 💮EB ⁶𓅓 @elijahbounds

@kelxeyy Haha I just saw you on Snapchat eating them 🤮

@SoniaAmmr Sonia 💋 @SoniaAmmr

#LonelyTogether by @Avicii ft @RitaOra has a filter on Snapchat !! 🙌🏻😍 this is AMAZIIINNG !! I love you Rita 💞🙏🏻

#LonelyTogether by @Avicii ft @RitaOra h...

@mclaughlin__tif Tiff @mclaughlin__tif

Ppl shouldn’t be able to access Snapchat when drunk. 😂

@_tomcrowley Tomo @_tomcrowley

Telling your fans on Snapchat ‘nr’ cause you’re famous

@sobbo_ Han Sobbo @sobbo_

Hey @Snapchat I have an idea: How about we stop normalizing unhealthy drinking behaviors?

Hey @Snapchat I have an idea: How about...

@girlhoodposts Common Girl 💅🏻 @girlhoodposts

Snapchat is proof that people will not fuck with you but still check to see what you're up to

@flora8_flora Dave Flora @flora8_flora

@NetflixBoy @donafella I’m sorry I’m new to this I don’t know what (dm) is ?and I don’t know how to add to my Snapchat

@karmaalaska Karma Alaska @karmaalaska

I’m also about to delete my Snapchat. #OverIt

@jenniferhitt96 Jennifer Hitt @jenniferhitt96

💋💋 #KIK: jenniferhitt96 💋 💋#pics #paypig #sext #kikme #kik #nudes #snapchat #findom #kikslut #kikchat #kikgirl #kiksexting #horny #sexting

@rihannareport1 Rihanna Report @rihannareport1

Snapchat's Stock Sinks After Rihanna Denounces Domestic Violence Ad - WVXU

@suckaholicc ChiFreak2.0 @suckaholicc

Add me on Snapchat.. @ chi_shlong19 Rt

Add me on Snapchat..
@ chi_shlong19
Rt h...

@kmenston K.M @kmenston

Make Snapchat great again

@polls4teens 1D Polls & Voting ◟̽◞̽ @polls4teens

HARRY IS LOSING #KCA #FavBreakoutArtistHarryStyles {Add me on Snapchat: polls4teens} Chonce

@JoeBudden Joe Budden @JoeBudden

Rihanna said delete Snapchat so guess what I’m doing!!! #Navy

@ashedryden ashe dryden @ashedryden

No, Snapchat lost $1b because of their gleeful promotion of domestic violence.

@cherlylinea Cherlylineä @cherlylinea

A days ago radio padah snapchat mengalami kerugian dekat satu billion duit sidak. Tapi pike juak tek sine atang rug…

@rileyreidx3 Riley Reid @rileyreidx3

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