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@janellebrown117 Janelle Brown @janellebrown117

I don’t know about that ... Jesus said love everyone not just ppl who act and think like you #SisterWives

@janellebrown117 Janelle Brown @janellebrown117

All new episode tonight 8/7c . I’ll be live tweeting. Hope you will be joining us! #SisterWives

All new episode tonight 8/7c .  I’ll be...

@janellebrown117 Janelle Brown @janellebrown117

"See" you guys tonight :) I'll be live tweeting. #SisterWives @TLC

'See' you guys tonight :)  I'll be live...

@archiejune Archie June @archiejune

Why not support Meri in doing something that she is so obviously passionate about? She is struggling to find her pl…

@archiejune Archie June @archiejune

So can I ask...what exactly is Meri supposed to do now? Her only child is out of the house and she isn't having any…

@SarahGram6 S ❤️ @SarahGram6

Sorry but Mykelti & Tony seem like they’re 15 years old. Their wedding is so immature & tacky sounding so far. This…

@Istillwantapony Rosie @Istillwantapony

Should #Polygamy be normalized in the US? #SisterWives #TLC #Poll #SeekingSisterWife

@junkiebybravo Junkie by Bravo📺👑 @junkiebybravo

You can tell that Meri is ready to make a big move. She deserves it! We support you, girl!!!! #SisterWives

@nursedaytonrn angel bowden @nursedaytonrn

Was that lady on #SisterWives the same relationship therapist Porsha saw on #rhoa?

@breathtester Breath-Tester @breathtester

#sisterwives I almost dislike Tony as much as I hate Trump!! 😜

@istillwantapony Rosie @istillwantapony

@TLC Stop trying to normalize this shit! #SeekingSisterWife #SisterWives #TLC

@nixs3113 Nixs Michel Nixon @nixs3113

Why pregnant first? Sex before married is good right, #Girlfriends #SisterWives #LittleWomenATL…

@ongstroiogy stray kids’ manager @ongstroiogy

hello fellow ongnator — CMON SISTERWIVES

@msmelimel85 Ms.Melimel @msmelimel85

I do not like @Mykelti15_P'a husband I'm sorry he's way to opinionated! #SisterWives

@morggieborg Morgan Worachek @morggieborg

Me: “mom is watching sisterwives” Jeremiah: “I saw that she recorded that the other day HOW CREEPY” 😂😂😂

@iammisssmiley Fanta C. @iammisssmiley

I can't with this #SisterWives stuff! Like how can you?! 😕 #MyManIsALLMines 👎 #STDFree

@BeeFoxAndACorgi Liz @BeeFoxAndACorgi

Honestly, I've watched this show for six years and have never felt such a strong impulse to turn off the screen unt…

@KristySki Kristy S @KristySki

I don't understand why Mykelti is even marrying this guy he is awful and rude to her entire family #sisterwives

@AnneMarie35701 AM @AnneMarie35701

She's a brat and he's a controlling loser. Lets see how ling this marriahe will last.#sisterwives tony

@michelle_sith Michelle @michelle_sith

I hate Tony #SisterWives he’s a tacky fat piece of crap. #AnythingForAgreenCard

@eieimoan Naomie @eieimoan

Does anyone REALLY know what’s wrong with Tony? Or, more so, what’s wrong with the girl marrying him?#SisterWives…

@goodlife49 All is Well @goodlife49

Not enjoying how Mykelti seems to be overly concerned about getting Tony's approval for everything, including her g…

@unfair911 IRIS @unfair911

SisterWives ❤️ sexycleaning #dance#Liveme Queenbeev3💰❤️

SisterWives ❤️ sexycleaning #dance#Livem...

@darklordjkrx8 RWA71915 @darklordjkrx8

🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Queenbeev3💰❤️:SisterWives ❤️ sexy

🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Queen...

@prgirl87 Priscilla Ruston @prgirl87

I’ve never heard another fellow Hispanic person say they grew up playing chess... 😶 #whaaaaat #differentgeneration?…

@sundynightlive Mrs. B @sundynightlive

No. Just no. #sisterwives tony

@busty_mcchesty Busty McChestyrack @busty_mcchesty

@Deendalee I know, I know!! And yet I can’t look away from #SisterWives . My creativity is so stifled now that #90dayfiance is on break. 🙄😉

@sueporter100 Sue Porter @sueporter100

I like how the family acts like tony is funny when you know they are mortified. Also I have never heard of every pe…

@k_dirrty kelsey🥀 @k_dirrty


@JohnYates327 John Yates @JohnYates327

Congratulations to @realkodybrown and @JanelleBrown117 for being grandparents. #SisterWives

Congratulations to @realkodybrown and @J...

@JohnYates327 John Yates @JohnYates327


YAY MORE WEDDING SHIT!!! #SisterWives ht...

@ShookCarla Carla Shook @ShookCarla

Tony is ruining the show. He’s rude, crude, selfish, entitled, attention-seeking, controlling, and absolutely obnox…

@JohnYates327 John Yates @JohnYates327

Is Tony with his groomzilla-ness getting on everyone's last nerve or it it just me? Why is he at the bridal shop pi…

@JohnYates327 John Yates @JohnYates327

I really hope the next 2 hours aren't all about Mykelti and Tony's wedding. #SisterWives @TLC

I really hope the next 2 hours aren't al...

@AuntieBubba322 Shawna McGrath @AuntieBubba322

Tony if you want to know what the word tacky means just go find a mirror & stand in front of it & that’s what tacky is. #SisterWives

@katieeln Katie Lear @katieeln

@selectedwisdom If she's the "real First daughter" and Ivanka is the "real First Lady" does that make them sisterwives? 🤔

@toxicorndog Ashley Weiss @toxicorndog

Catching up on my that @rosecolored6 and @LuvgvsUwngs seem to have a better relationship things…

@Ion_Li_Q_Ether Toni B. Holms @Ion_Li_Q_Ether

Janelle standing up for Mykelti made me love her even more! #sisterwives

Janelle standing up for Mykelti made me...

@sueporter100 Sue Porter @sueporter100

Just catching up on #SisterWives tony & mykelty are so immature. They act like it’s a big party and they can agree…

@busty_mcchesty Busty McChestyrack @busty_mcchesty

Haha! I know, I was kidding. As sure as the lady ghost haunts Meri’s B&B, Meri will be living in the tiny house on…

@janeoprice Mare Osbeck-Price @janeoprice

When you “save up” episodes so you can watch in 2 hours sittings and @XFINITY wants you to pay AGAIN! G’damnit I ha…

@staring_krystal ⚖Krystal Bradsher⚖️ @staring_krystal

@GarbageFan98 Wonder if Liam will marry both Sally and Hope and have the first official set of #SisterWives in daytime history.

@naya1229 Joanne @naya1229

Tony, from the what we see on TV might be odd, but he loves Mykelti. In this jacked up world, they found each other…

@naya1229 Joanne @naya1229

Shoving wedding cake in someones face is not Mexican thing, it's a Tony's family thing #sisterwives

@naya1229 Joanne @naya1229

It might be the editing, but why didn't Mykelti set the rules before asking them to continue judging the dresses. #sisterwives

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