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@tlc TLC Network @tlc

ICYMI: #SisterWives and the Brown family will be back on TLC for another season!

@tlc TLC Network @tlc

#SisterWives and the Browns will return to TLC for a new season! Learn more.

@janellebrown117 Janelle Brown @janellebrown117

Hey guys thanks for joining us for this season! It’s been an up and down ride for sure. At the end of the day we…

@ranchernikki Nikki Haverstock @ranchernikki

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have an unpopular opinion on last weeks #sisterwives

@realitvpod RealiTV Podcast @realitvpod

This Week in #RealiTVpod is up! Links in bio to your source for snarky Reality TV Recaps😏…

@eliteboujee Deja Darling @eliteboujee

They'll say you are bad or perhaps you are mad or at least you should stay undercover. Your mind must be bare if y…

@cumiskey55 Eileen M Cumiskey @cumiskey55

‘I want my kids to know the other side of polygamy. The side were women are ABUSED ‘. Kody your kids just have to l…

@accumulator111 Jackie Driscoll @accumulator111

@MessyMusings05 But they were all thinking out loud “where is Meri” #sisterwives/CodyFAIL

@sheilasattic Nancy Yoder @sheilasattic

Infinite Love Bracelet #Giftforher #Bridesmaidgifts #jewelry #SheilasCharms #SisterWives

Infinite Love Bracelet

@bamgelaa a big lesbian @sakuracon @bamgelaa


@yoongitrash309 andrEa♠️ @yoongitrash309

@AudrieUnnie @AureUnnie @hitmanbangs_ @CutePotatoBTS @torontopjm @AverilUnnie Sorry @AudrieUnnie we aren't sisterwives for nothing HAHA

@christymccrazy christi @christymccrazy

@kelsoconnell :-) sisterwives

@kimberdion KimberDion @kimberdion

My kids: “mommy don’t let us grow up and be so extra like Mariah” 😬😬😬🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 #SisterWives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #SisterWives

@a_creative_type ✍️ SheWritesStuff @a_creative_type

i still laugh! bless her, but ugh! #sisterwives it reminds me of someone singing way off key and they play dogs ho…

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

I think Christine’s even more unlikeable than Robyn, if that’s possible. #SisterWives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

They emotionallybeat the shit out of Meri, then when she cries they act all concern face. #SisterWives

@showvun_smilez Showvun @showvun_smilez

These shows are making plural marriage look horrible. For a minute I was seeing it as a positive but ...smh This is…

@showvun_smilez Showvun @showvun_smilez

Madison clearly said she was kicking everybody out at Transition. So why are people offended that Mary didn’t bust…

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

How pathetic to have all these morons in the room while you’re trying to birth your baby. #SisterWives

@realitvpod RealiTV Podcast @realitvpod

A surprise recap in tomorrow’s podcast!!! Can you guess the show? Late night editing means #wine🍷 #realitvpod…

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

Couldn’t Meri just watch the birth of Maddie’s baby on TV like millions of other people? #SisterWives

@theashleysrr The Ashley @theashleysrr

NEW RECAP! #SisterWives Episode 10: "A Therapy Catfight & the Regurgitated Catfish Scandal"

NEW RECAP! #SisterWives Episode 10: 'A T...

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

Why is Meri intent on reliving the catfish crap with fellow catfishees? #SisterWives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

Lol @ Mariah. #SisterWives She found someone who looks just like her.

@KimberDion KimberDion @KimberDion

You guuuuuys stop! This Tony fool is killin me😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 #SisterWives #season10

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

I bet it was very disappointing for Meri to have you thieve her husband. #SisterWives

@TheMorningSpew The Morning Spew @TheMorningSpew

Believe what you like, but most of us girls don’t share a husband who sleeps with other women. #SisterWives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

Looks like you had all had s Gay time. #SisterWives

@sassyshashaa Tanya @sassyshashaa

Every one of these women took Meri’s husband from her, and have the audacity to say they’re sick of her. Smh. Typic…

@makeup_vibes Mallorie Stone 🤘 @makeup_vibes

I just watch #sisterwives because everyone’s tweets make me laugh for 2 hours straight! 😂😂

@swtblueyedgrl swtblueyedgrl @swtblueyedgrl

Does anyone else find it a tad creepy hearing Kody coach his daughter during the birth? #sisterwives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

I notice Sobyn’s thighs are thickeningup nicely. #SisterWives

@themorningspew The Morning Spew @themorningspew

Kooty’s top not ponytail makes him look like he was adopted by Fred and Wilma Flintsone. Whatta dumbass.…

@writerinkread T🌙🍁 @writerinkread

@rosecolored6 is AMAZING! I can see her trying so hard&being so patient with @MeriBrown1 . Meri seems to be trying…

@kimberdion KimberDion @kimberdion

Wait. What. Did Tony just suggest @realkodybrown get a 2nd mortgage to pay for his wedding? 🙄🧐 Catching up on…

@ellteee_ Ellie Adams @ellteee_

@lanaequick I think he just thinks I’m crazy 🙃 Love should be multiplied not divided #sisterwives

@arubaology president peach is shadowbanned @arubaology

@goldenclosetfIm I can't come for my JCW sisterwives

@shittheysay6 ShitTheySay @shittheysay6

PLEASE @TLC make a new version of #sisterwives but find a woman with 1+ husband!! So invested in all the other polygamy shows.

@just_alara Alara Fair @just_alara

@Barracuda2018 I’ve watched every episode since season 1.They both have said many times on air that their marriage…

@just_alara Alara Fair @just_alara

@Barracuda2018 Meri&Kody let the rift between them to grow into a chasm.Why did they let things go for 10 yrs allow…

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