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@rummanraees15 Rumman Raees @rummanraees15

Yes yes yes yes #unitedwewin MashAllah what a victory of Islu great team effort great bowling and #shikari akaila…

@isbunited Islamabad United @isbunited

94 runs | 39 Balls | SR 241 Aik #Shikari sab pay bhaari! @ronchi04 with his blazing fast innings is our Aaj Ka She…

@isbunited Islamabad United @isbunited

#Shikari ki kya hi baat hai! @ronchi04 smashing it away left, right and centre #UnitedWeWin #SherKiDhaar #IUvKK…

@IsbUnited Islamabad United @IsbUnited

What a fiery start by @ronchi04! Back to back boundaries by our #Shikari #UnitedWeWin #SherKiDhaar #IUvKK #KKvIU

What a fiery start by @ronchi04! Back to...

@IsbUnited Islamabad United @IsbUnited

End of powerplay ISLU is 75 for no loss. The #Shikari @ronchi04 and ISLU's #Patakha Sahibzada Farhan leading the…

@_ann_droid_ mrs. Jane. @_ann_droid_

mrs. Jane.'s top 4 artists this week: Limp Bizkit (5), Bring Me the Horizon (1), Enter Shikari (1), Sneaker Pimps (1) #jotafm

@anoukkshikari An⎊uk @anoukkshikari

@Charlie_Shikari I feel so old all of a sudden now too😂

@anoukkshikari An⎊uk @anoukkshikari

@Charlie_Shikari What! Time flies!

@IsbUnited Islamabad United @IsbUnited

#Shikari is not done yet! @ronchi04 sends another one flying over the boundary! #UnitedWeWin #SherKiDhaar #IUvKK…

@dom_domino_ Dom 🎢🌌 @dom_domino_

Enter Shikari edition

Enter Shikari edition

@charlie_shikari Charlie @charlie_shikari

@AnoukkShikari Christ, to think this was just before we spoke for the first time! Time has flew in!

@MarketWatch MarketWatch @MarketWatch

If you’re over 40 and work, you’re in for some big surprises

If you’re over 40 and work, you’re in fo...

@kayleighmcgheek kayleigh @kayleighmcgheek

When u get fired from ur job and this is the evidence

When u get fired from ur job and this is...

@charlie_shikari Charlie @charlie_shikari

@ImAllexxTV All your most recent have reached mine everytime, been brilliant ♥️👍

@shikari_paimon Shikari Paimon @shikari_paimon

Очень сильное и навязчивое желание находится сейчас рядом с тобой

@warszawa Warszawa @warszawa

Zobaczcie tego słodziaka! 😍To urodzony wczoraj nosorożec pancerny. 🦏 Maluch jest trzecim synkiem Shikari i Kuby. Ci…

@nainawadhwani1 Ñåîñå 💫✨ @nainawadhwani1

Waqt aur Alfaaz insaan ke Shikari hain☺

@conventolonato Convento EnjoyPeople @conventolonato

A stiamo ascoltando: Enter Shikari - The Sights - buon ascolto dal Ristorante Convento di Lonato

@sufiismm Sufyan @sufiismm

Your captaincy was really good. Loads of love and respect for understanding that the situation is feasible to play…

@IsbUnited Islamabad United @IsbUnited

What a fantastic start by the #RoaringLionsOfIslamabad! 34 runs in 3 overs. #Shikari on 🔥🔥🔥 #UnitedWeWin…

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