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@2207YC Jazzy X @2207YC

I don't know if Auralee is either incredibly sweet or just really naive. I would be like bitch bye April.. #SeekingSisterWife

@tweetlydeeRobin Robin Allen @tweetlydeeRobin

Ashley is actinglike this whole thing is a spiritual journey and Dimitri is looking for sex. Read his body language lady #SeekingSisterWife

@showvun_smilez Showvun @showvun_smilez

These shows are making plural marriage look horrible. For a minute I was seeing it as a positive but ...smh This is…

@shavonneg ennovahs 💕 @shavonneg

I am so mad watching Ashley dumb ass be mad at the new girl instead of your shitty ass husband #SeekingSisterWife

@JuliaaRobHurts Julia RobHurts @JuliaaRobHurts

April doesn’t owe wife 2 or 3 anything. Wife 1 sets the rules, the rest fall in line. They better chill before she…

@Masingitahb Masingita...❤️🇿🇦 @Masingitahb

My sister, you don't need an appointment to see your boyfriend. Show up anytime even 04:00 am. He's your boyfriend…

@martine75 Martine @martine75

#SeekingSisterWife April cry’s a lot but April where are you’re tears 😭

@martine75 Martine @martine75

#SeekingSisterWife is it just me or is April the most selfish person on earth 🌏 my god #tlc

@MsSimplyFlyy N'Jadaka @MsSimplyFlyy

This #SeekingSisterWife show is interesting. Especially the black couple.

@Rolex_Ryen tbe.Ryan Holloway @Rolex_Ryen

These two women are beefing with April like they're gonna stage a "coo" and over throw her. April been with dude 20…


Dimitri is basically just a dishonest creep. Always talking about looks and crushes,writing someone off because she…

@2207YC Jazzy X @2207YC

WHY did April agree to be to the Sister wife thing... She CLEARLY wants Drew to herself and everything to revolve a…

@martine75 Martine @martine75

Ik was #SeekingSisterWife te kijken en Amerikanen doen nogal moeilijk over hoe ze allemaal samenwonend sterker nog…

@juliaarobhurts Julia RobHurts @juliaarobhurts

Give me polyandry, please. I need some inspiration on how to keep my husbands in line. @TLC #SeekingSisterWife


@2207YC I think both. I would also take the opportunity to ditch bipolar April. Who just said no to moving to hear…

@_InfiniteSoul Brit @_InfiniteSoul

Dimitri corny as hell and untrustworthy. I hope Ashley leaves him. #SeekingSisterWife

@Ange__CA Ange  @Ange__CA

It's sad #April is still heavily into her own needs & how to manipulate the 'group' to feed 'them'. I'm glad her h…

@kovi_e KooliesKuck @kovi_e

Ashley seems to only want another wife to help take care of the kids. She’s better off hiring a nanny😂#SeekingSisterWife

@shavonneg ennovahs 💕 @shavonneg

I’m late but poor Ashley this nigga cheated on you #SeekingSisterWife

@joestoastie Jazzz Mac @joestoastie

@Conscious_Filth O dear, that’s a damn disgrace! How irresponsible! Where is youth services when you need them?? *s…

@joestoastie Jazzz Mac @joestoastie

@Jadapooh32 @Madmbfly Wow, some racial profiling going on here...You need to throw of those shackles, step into the…

@2207yc Jazzy X @2207yc

Finally; Auralee is speaking up... #SeekingSisterWife

@Dan_nie84 Dannie @Dan_nie84

#SeekingSisterWife These men are getting their cake and eating too. Women don't let a man run your life. Be strong,…

@Vote_2018USA BlueWave#18 @Vote_2018USA

This is boring. Bring back #SeekingSisterWife #SisterWives

@dallasdandra D'Andra’s Closet @dallasdandra

Auralee is the smartest in her family. But her fucking speech 🙄 #SeekingSisterWife

@joyvanr Joy van @joyvanr

The narration is just creepy weird - like an old PBS documentary. No worries on getting addicted like…

@rolex_ryen tbe.Ryan Holloway @rolex_ryen

watching #SeekingSisterWife waiting for a #90DayFiance

watching #SeekingSisterWife waiting for...

@rolex_ryen tbe.Ryan Holloway @rolex_ryen

watching #SeekingSisterWife waiting for a #90DayFiance

watching #SeekingSisterWife waiting for...

@yumyum832 YummyYum346 @yumyum832

@tweetlydeeRobin The part I couldn't believe was Ashley wanted Jocelyn to talk to her about the sex they'd had like…

@realrealitysis RealReality @realrealitysis

Are Auralee from and Penny sisters or related they look alike #SeekingSisterWife #threewivesonehusband

@ange__ca Ange  @ange__ca

#connection #connecting #SeekingSisterWife #relationships. At no time have I looked to another whether male or fem…

@ange__ca Ange  @ange__ca

#SisterWives #threewivesonehusband #SeekingSisterWife I support anyone's healthy choice to live a certain way, no…

@ange__ca Ange  @ange__ca

#Attraction is important. It can grow amazingly & to one's surprise over time. If you have a #type, you have a 't…

@ange__ca Ange  @ange__ca

The sweetness newness of Jocelyn for Dimitri took him 'over the edge' and outside his understanding and agreed proc…

@ange__ca Ange  @ange__ca

Ashley hs a wholesome view of their search fr a new sisterwife. Dear Dimitri can't help himself whn th attraction…

@a_little_janie Jane Doe @a_little_janie

Honestly, Susie is the best polygamist wife. Other than auralee. #3wives1husband #SeekingSisterWife

@iamk_t Kim @iamk_t

I wonder if the ppl on #SeekingSisterWife watch #SisterWives ..cuz Meri is an example of what can happen to wife #1

@sweetzxcv Was @sweetzxcv

@neorevolut1on * #SeekingSisterWife

@likedbymany Mississippi Rivera @likedbymany

"What if the sister was someone y'all already knew? " now I'm just thinking all her honegirls wanna fuck her man. #SeekingSisterWife

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