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@realdonaldtrump Donald J. Trump @realdonaldtrump

"Dow Passes 23,000 for the First Time, Fueled by Strong Earnings" #Dow23K📈

'Dow Passes 23,000 for the First Time, F...

@nelsonhavi Nelson Havi @nelsonhavi

Wafula Chebukati was to resign last Saturday but was threatened with dire consequences. He does not know what to do…

@ericgarland Eric Garland @ericgarland

BREAKING: Russia actually paid US activists to run protests on hot-button social issues on US soil:

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Popular Twitter account claiming to belong to Tennessee GOP was run by Russian trolls

Popular Twitter account claiming to belo...

@TheBugzyMalone Bugzy Malone @TheBugzyMalone

You should have seen it, he jumped out shouting “EVERYBODY DISPERSE” like we was all suppose to run or sutten... 🚓🐷…

@Mz_Rubeey Bhadmus Mariam 🇳🇬 @Mz_Rubeey

These are @PoliceNG men situated at the entrance of Ajibode/Uni of Ibadan, extorting Poor Cab/Keke drivers. They ru…

@RevistaTrailRun Revista Trail Run @RevistaTrailRun

El próximo 28 y 29 de octubre Trail Gordon realiza un campus dirigido por Pablo Villa ¿Te apuntas?

@mynameis_tobi My Name Is Tobi @mynameis_tobi

Ladies, Run When You See This Signs - He Wants To Use And Dump You >>

Ladies, Run When You See This Signs - He...

@jomu1950 John Murray @jomu1950

Good idea. It's run by tories anyway.

Good idea. It's run by tories anyway. ht...

@MetroUK Metro @MetroUK

These are the UK’s most wanted criminals that are still on the run

@littleironaidan Lil Iron Aidan @littleironaidan

On yesterday's run: full-on Fall. 🍁 #trailrunning

On yesterday's run: full-on Fall. 🍁

@snovio_ico Snovio Token Sale @snovio_ico

Alexis Kratko is planning to run a webinar❗ Post here your thoughts on what's interesting for you in regards to the…

@PositiveEast Positive East @PositiveEast

"We're on a world tour with our [Red Run] bag in our hand; on the 26th we'll be running as fast as we can - New Yor…

@kabi_run_run_ かび @kabi_run_run_

@mqiR_ けんしやるのかwww見てえ! 無理だったか…ボードゲーだしね…好き嫌い得意不得意ってあるもんなw

@supersoftcuddly Sammarine @supersoftcuddly

@Anish_Patel3107 1/ Gives them a handy shield 2 cower behind. Moments before they run & hide... Islamophobia's the…

@krunox123 Krunox @krunox123

Kenya's Odinga pulled out of election to avoid defeat: deputy president


How the fuck did they all run at the EXACT same time

How the fuck did they all run at the EXA...

@TheEconomist The Economist @TheEconomist

In 2018 it will be cheaper to buy and run an electric car than a petrol or diesel equivalent

In 2018 it will be cheaper to buy and ru...

@tinynikki Nikki @tinynikki

If you want to know what government run healthcare would look like, look at how Seattle handles it’s homeless probl…

@RoFlo Robert Flores @RoFlo

You can’t blame #Yankees fans for enjoying this team & this run, bc once baseball season ends, they’ve got to watch the #Knicks

@icetabetai_run るんるんあいす @icetabetai_run


@gIosskth dani @gIosskth

this is chopa turning up at taehyungs house at 6am the day after the run ep

this is chopa turning up at taehyungs ho...

@agroebbe Adelbert Groebbens @agroebbe

@flowchainsensei @innomadaPK Because otherwise they would run away from that micro-managed situation?

@n_naksoy Gelavêj @n_naksoy

-Run Peşmerge Run -canlı verilsede,Peşmerge kaçarken kıçlarını nasıl topukluyorlar görsek -Savaştan kaçana Peşmerge,direnene gerilla denir

@410lyrics シド歌詞bot@試運転中 @410lyrics

「プレゼントです。」と 惚気けてアピール あの店にも 恥ずかしくて 行けない(dog run-シド)

@rebirf_alice Alice Renee @rebirf_alice

@IrreplaceableWR @MikeStuchbery_ Also, Roots of Health is owned and run by those who've lived in rondavels, lol

@djk_run kd @djk_run

Check out this @SE_Careers opening for Customer Master Analyst. #SEGreatPeople #LifeIsOn #job

@NoShirtFlipFlop Cosmopolitan Ingrate @NoShirtFlipFlop

Late night gym run.

Late night gym run.

@epicwinftw A Winrar is You @epicwinftw

The Kessel Run Was Never So Delicious

@DepressedDarth Darth Vader @DepressedDarth

"You can't just run from your problems" me:

'You can't just run from your problems'...

@RVAwonk Caroline O. @RVAwonk

Interesting how Trump fans get so upset when Twitter accounts run by a Russian troll farm are shut down...

@teatimetay13 pumpkin spice lotte @teatimetay13

suddenly I'm crying over Taylor's cover of Run again

@run_run_manatu RUN&RUN⊿ @run_run_manatu

@nogitigo__oO いちごはブスじゃないよ!(多分)

@MargieKay5 Margie Kay @MargieKay5

@jim_fowlds @MightyBusterBro @jastone_stone Obama & Hillary ruined the Democratic Party. In the last 8 yrs Dems hav…

@english_idiom_ 英熟語・イディオム @english_idiom_

【前回の解答】run counter to ・・・に反する 【次回問】 なくなる


@IsaacFAdewole, @nard_nigeria @nmanigeria UNTH Enugu is failing!!! The Hospital is poorly run, Pls intervene immedi…

@TheMbuhari Parosident Buhari @TheMbuhari

So you people think that I shouldn’t run in 2019 so I’ll stop living this life. Lmaooooo Are you sure you can eve…

@johncardillo John Cardillo @johncardillo

- Hillary allegedly bribed by Russia while Holder & Co. covered up - #ISIS loses Raqqa, on the run - Dow at 23000 MSM: “Trump is mean”

@_Xoxorah 1K @_Xoxorah

Run me my shit gucci

@DonaldBKipkorir Donald B Kipkorir @DonaldBKipkorir

We can’t use Cambridge Analytica, a UK company to run negative campaigns that divide Kenya along tribal lines & still plead SOVEREIGNTY.

@PJGeller Philip Geller @PJGeller

Great night with @j8theatre. Another full night for under the market roof. No seated tickets left for the run. Stan…

@DrHipHops Tex @DrHipHops

Don't forget Texas Instrumental calculators run this fucking union

@mi7mi_1022 みなみ @mi7mi_1022

@GumI__run_99 そうそう臭いとこもあるよ!変な食べ物屋とか!!() 抹茶のカフェ入ったんだけど店員さん日本語喋れるし店の雰囲気とか普通に日本だし美味しいし最高なとこもあるよ(は)あと今日本の渋谷的なとこにいるんだが服とか店とか超可愛い(文が長ぇよ黙っとけ)

@BjornLomborg Bjorn Lomborg @BjornLomborg

World run mostly on fossil fuels (81.4%) 5% nuclear, 13.6% renewables Solar panels & wind turbines less than 0.7%…

@frontier_vinyl The Vinyl Frontier @frontier_vinyl

Local Oxfam has had a run on Nucleus. This is a terrific record. @Melkshamboy59

Local Oxfam has had a run on Nucleus. Th...

@_pooryorick Simone Vollbrecht @_pooryorick

Twitter Was Warned Repeatedly About This Fake Account Run By A Russian Troll Farm And Refused To Take It Down

@RVAwonk Caroline O. @RVAwonk

CONFIRMED: Pro-Trump @TEN_GOP Twitter account was run out of Russian troll farm. (H/T @eileendefreest)

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