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@realbobmortimer bob mortimer @realbobmortimer

ITS A NEW YEAR SO WHY NOT GIVE YOUR DOG A NEW NAME Woofy Goldberg Vince Caramel Currently Fat Richard Leftovers Wi…

@djokernole Novak Djokovic @djokernole

Back after six months, it feels so great. And no better place to be than here in Australia 😁 #AusOpen (Photo credit…

@lfc Liverpool FC @lfc

Ron Yeats was a footballing giant in both size and standing 🔴🌠 5️⃣0️⃣ Men Who Made Liverpool FC:…

@DRFLivingston Barbara Livingston @DRFLivingston

Goodbye to Standardbred Hall of Fame broodmare COUNTRY KAY SUE, who has died at age 32 at owner Ron Allen's farm in…

@denaspostits Dena's Post-Its @denaspostits

Damn. People are catching on that I’ve snuck into the writer’s room wearing my Ron mask...#days

@gilbertcdelgado Gilbertcdelgado @gilbertcdelgado

Top story: Ron Jeffries on Twitter: ""We are [...] auditing the records of our …, see more

@jorgelrr_ Lil Pingüino🐧 @jorgelrr_

@diomedes_ron Kakakakaka maldito pero porque no nos vamos con. Nonina? Yo también quiero culiar

@Dane_i069 Dane @Dane_i069

Tip: Long conversations during your workout aren’t necessary. A quick wink can go a long way😉 #MuscleMonday💪🏽💦

Long conversations during your work...

@dunntania Tania Dunn @dunntania

Saw this live last night at @AustralianOpen Funny and you got love a bit of Ron Burgundy at the tennis #tennis…

@il_santo76 حسين واشنطن @il_santo76

اللي نايم رتويت

@ron_kmk 作業して @ron_kmk

違った~~~~違った すまない

@ron_torahige おたて@M40に浮気中 @ron_torahige

@nuo_ku いやじゃ!

@chinopereyra14 🌵 @chinopereyra14

Estamos de party mi bro, hey De Mari, de Molly, de ron, hey

@fsmktr3__ は る き ゃ ん 🐰🌸 @fsmktr3__

@ron___fi はじめまして!! いえいえです☺️❕ はい!繋がりましょ💭

@E_TooMuch SC: Sneaky_E @E_TooMuch

The 16 Story 2-1-18

The 16 Story


@s_kurosaki 黒崎 @s_kurosaki

@dark_u_ron 描写が婉曲的すぎるのか想像力が不足してるのかは事例次第だけど、議論が起きやすい分野では描写なし=存在なしの極論に行きつくパターンが多いですねぇ。物語を評論のように議論するのはスタートがそもそもズレているのでそうならざるを得ないんですが。

@NASAhistory NASA History Office @NASAhistory

#Classof78 included 3 African-American astronauts: Guion S. "Guy" Bluford, Fred Gregory, and Ron McNair. Guy Blufor…

@mattgreenfield Matthew Greenfield @mattgreenfield

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich: an odd couple United by a live of Putin and Russia.

@iammarcus_jacob Marcus Jacob @iammarcus_jacob

@RamgrlVA @Blockchain_Ron @BitcoinTre You're responsible for your own actions. Stop being a child and blaming others.

@ron_nuestro ronnieeee.😇😇 @ron_nuestro

Uso kase mag back read. Hahahahaha

@lynne_cleary Lynne Cleary @lynne_cleary

@mckinley0930 @charlieboy_ron hannity is so irrelevant he's started tweeting like a teenage girl

@mlke24 Mike @mlke24

Deadass just delivered to Ron Rivera

@c_hawley Christopher Hawley @c_hawley

Stoked for Thursday's show at Gracie's in Salt Lake City, Utah, 10pm-1am, with Marsha Bloom on bass and Ron Reich on drums!

@rob101011 rob10101 @rob101011

@AustralianOpen @rogerfederer A hard hitting interview Ron Burgundy style!

@MIES_Zona1 Inclusión Zona 1 @MIES_Zona1

Ahora @Salvador_Jiron Dir. #MIES Distrito Lago Agrio y @DiegoProanoCor Coord. Zona 1 mantienen reunión con Genny Ro…

@TFOBScienceCity TFOB Science City @TFOBScienceCity

Can humans craft an ethical relationship with the Universe? Find out at Science City, March 10th-11th, 2018. @TFOB…

@espn ESPN @espn

Bengals fans are donating to Blake Bortles' charity ... because they really don't like the Steelers.

@NicoleBonnet1 (((🏺NicoleBonnet🏺))) @NicoleBonnet1

November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

@RicWaves wolves @RicWaves

fumar porros es malo por eso me bebo 3 litros de ron cada fin de semana (sois asi)

@ron_cornubia35 Ron Bennett @ron_cornubia35

@SpayMsm Two wrongs make a right. The truth is they don't comment on the presence of a personality disorder. Pres…

@auslytherin Harry Potter @auslytherin

@Tori_GreenG Asoció directamente Rumanía con los Weasley, aunque no sabía con cual de todos.— ¿Ron? —Probó.

@ron__mykw07 ゆかろん@実は食べられる @ron__mykw07


@yoshiko_peko yoshiko peko @yoshiko_peko

2018/01/13 BIGFLO TalkShow #BIGFLO #RON #빅플로 #론  (@BIGFLO_RON)


@bookandmusics ❄️giulia @bookandmusics

Hermione salva la pelle a Ron e Harry parte 1 di infinite #HarryPotter

@dlcrss Dille @dlcrss

Absent sata ron

@ThomasSowell Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell

"The political left has never understood that, if you give the government enough power to create 'social justice,'…

@KennadiStraw k @KennadiStraw

My dad just said “Idk why you girls settle for such little effort nowadays. At 17 years old I was waiting at your m…

@rosestoariley ‏ؘ @rosestoariley

Sky High: Super Escola de Heróis (2005) - ria muito com o zach que brilhava - ron wilson: o motorista - queria que…

@ron___kabaddi 捻挫したカバディ@お前のあんぱん食わせろ @ron___kabaddi

@POP_CUTE_PHAGE おっおちつけ!おちつくんだ!:(;゙゚'ω゚'):っ【処女】

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