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@nws NWS @nws

Follow @NWSBurlington for a riveting look at the reaction of a gas to an increase of solar radiation though the pro…

@collider Collider @collider

'Star Trek Discovery' Review: A Riveting Return to Starfleet -

@emilyctamkin Emily Tamkin @emilyctamkin

Here's a story on Iran and sanctions by @dandeluce and @KFJ_FP that is a shockingly riveting read @ForeignPolicy

@roosjane Jane Wilson @roosjane

The Handmaid's Tale is riveting & the characters so genuine. My faves: Offred, Serena Joy, Aunt Liz & Nick (heart eyes). @HandmaidsOnHulu

@caroucelle Celle @caroucelle

#SaveRespeto #ExtendRespeto the screenplay is at all turns riveting and powerful

@untomay j @untomay

Retail is riveting

@ctully26 Catana Tully @ctully26

“A riveting #autobiography & #DetectiveStory, in search4 knowledge, #identity and closure” #ian1 #asmsg

“A riveting #autobiography & #Detect...

@tmoakes Tristan Moakes @tmoakes

wearepenna: #Recruitment isn't serious all of the time. Here's how we're keeping abreast of #Brexit - a riveting r…

wearepenna: #Recruitment isn't serious a...

@wearepenna Penna @wearepenna

#Recruitment isn't serious all of the time. Here's how we're keeping abreast of #Brexit - a riveting read...

#Recruitment isn't serious all of the ti...

@countessmo Mo @countessmo

@ThatJoshLawson @SportyByNature Wasn't that riveting? I watched it twice through and still felt like I needed to hear it again.

@finelychopped Kalyan Karmakar @finelychopped

Made the mistake of seeing Rustom on @NetflixIndia just after we finished watching the riveting People versus OJ

@jesssfrankel Jesse Seth Frankel @jesssfrankel

Sometimes, giving everything isn't enough. #scifi #Action #aliens "Riveting book" "Awesome…

@authormbtosi AuthorMBTosi @authormbtosi

A riveting novel set against the backdrop of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

@constancewillli constance willliams @constancewillli

Book!!! A Thrilling/ Action Packed & Riveting Narrative Available Paperback $12.00 Kindle $1.99 👩😿😰😱🤣😭

A Thrilling/ Action Packed &...

@abidhussayn Abid Hussain @abidhussayn

Take out 25 minutes to watch this riveting and ultimately, heart-rending documentary on Qandeel -

@mittermayr Roman Mittermayr @mittermayr

Fin (Season 1)! The Evening Standard calls it “A riveting five-star reality-show masterpiece, a Taylor Swift lyrical extravaganza.”

@iansuth Ian Sutherland @iansuth

DEATH ON PARADISE ISLAND by @bmallsopp - "Riveting read!" (Amazon Review) #thriller

DEATH ON PARADISE ISLAND by @bmallsopp -...

@JoeKennard Joe Kennard @JoeKennard

Impossible not to be moved by @StrongerTheFilm. Jake Gyllenhaal's grounded and nuanced performance is riveting to watch. #StrongerMovie

@conordurnin1 Conor Durnin @conordurnin1

@NateisTheJap Keep the updates coming. Riveting

@jenleonard_ Jen Leonard @jenleonard_

The Long Room, with many busts and one riveting storyteller named Liam. #trinitycollege #longroom #dublin #ireland…

@designersurl Mahi Kumai @designersurl

6 Key Tricks That Can Help Create A Riveting Web Design

6 Key Tricks That Can Help Create A Rive...

@cynthiawoolf Cynthia Woolf @cynthiawoolf

BRAND NEW RELEASE! "A riveting story" 5 stars SOPHIA by Cynthia Woolf #IARTG #ibooks

@elmwoodproduct1 Mark Burton @elmwoodproduct1

@neverproductiv Yes, mate. I'm about to. Currently studying the formation of the SAS. Riveting stuff. Some were almost outlaws!

@cinemaseb Sebastian Visser @cinemaseb

#Netflix taps into #stephenking universe with riveting #film adaptation 1922 🔖#geraldsgame #series #horror #thriller

@zdrojkowski_ed Edward Salter @zdrojkowski_ed

@Jonsta1990 Apparently Dermot O'Leary's cat is on soon. It is riveting news. Meanwhile North Korea gets its fighter planes ready

@Tammysdragonfly Tamara Ferguson @Tammysdragonfly

#99c RIVETING #SCIFI @jcafesin ❉VIRTUAL LIFE❉ Experience #TexasFlood w/o Getting WET #ASMSG


@regalchen 생일왕님♚K²¹ @regalchen

bringing back this absolutely riveting rocker chen stage in commemoration of our vocally versatile baby's birthday…

@questorstheatre The Questors Theatre @questorstheatre

Audiences are calling 'When the Rain Stops Falling' "riveting", and "thunderously good". Until 30 September.…

@jansummersalt Jan @jansummersalt

@TaxInstituteOz Sounds riveting 🤔

@Damn_Tshepo Tshepo Modise 🔥 @Damn_Tshepo

#Isthunzi this is the best telenovela production in mzansi by far. It's completely captivating and riveting. Intriguing storyline & concept!

@omnificpub Omnific Publishing @omnificpub

Romance and zombies collide in the riveting sequel to Love in the Time of the Dead, Love at the End of Days...

@dizzyizzzy Isabella 👑 @dizzyizzzy

@JAR1024 sounds riveting! i'm omw

@stahltheatre Stahl @stahltheatre

All The Things I Lied About by Katie Bonna tomorrow. 'Riveting, funny and honest' - can't wait.@whatsonoundle @OundleMusic @oundleschool

@brian_g_5 Brian Greenblatt @brian_g_5

24 hr news. riveting stuff.

@lisaarmytage Lisa Armytage @lisaarmytage

Desire Under The Elms @crucibletheatre Sitting under the stars transported to another world. A riveting production.

@elementalauthor L.B. Gilbert @elementalauthor

34 Riveting First Lines From Literature

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