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@consumerskenya COFEK, Kenya @consumerskenya

"Despite "almost violent opposition" from the Kenya Mission (as UN insider put it), Roselyn Akombe just got a promo…

@dineshdsouza Dinesh D'Souza @dineshdsouza

It’s one thing to be a ripoff artist. It’s another to be a ripoff artist while pretending to wear a halo

@consumerskenya COFEK, Kenya @consumerskenya

JANUARY-MARCH largely a busy season for auctioneers - acting on loan defaulters. As a loanee, make early arrangemen…

@matanmmatan921 mmatan921 @matanmmatan921

@skinhub Chris im soon going to school my friend play csgo ripoff and It had bad skins please give me codes so i c…

@wraithlette Nicole Walker @wraithlette

@TheFourOnFOX @FOXTV Oh look a @NBCTheVoice & @AmericanIdol ripoff

@TheFourOnFOX @FOXTV Oh look a @NBCTheVo...

@dmoor144moore Declan Moore @dmoor144moore

roblox ripoff brick planet: via @YouTube

@ConsumersKenya COFEK, Kenya @ConsumersKenya

GETTING AWAY with fraud? Case of Diamond Property Merchants Ltd conning agribusiness investors…

@vintagevibes_01 vintage vibes @vintagevibes_01

@ripoff_pod @zahiraxo @JustSomeWaves Where is it

@ripoff_pod @zahiraxo @JustSomeWaves Whe...

@weebprincess 🌹niki🌹 27 DAYS!!! @weebprincess

@omurichi its like... an eva ripoff as of rn.... the main girl is cute tho! im gay

@sahindeh Danielle Hendricks @sahindeh

Trying Flaming Hot Cheetos for the first time today. 1. I got this small packet for $10AUD. Wtf ripoff. 2. It’s not even hot.

@flowgator15 Justin Collins @flowgator15

@GAIGEQQ @Dylan_forreal @ls_nelson98 @DeeShack3 The Culling is a competitor. Ark is a competitor. Fortnite is a blatant ripoff.

@txiki_tales Txiki Stu @txiki_tales

Worst job ever? Working the @moneycorpTM counter at an airport - why don’t you just go and mug someone? Same result…

@thenerdwithin38 Michael H @thenerdwithin38

@CNN So while the government shuts down, this guy flies of to his resort courtesy of the American taxpayer, to play…

@DommeSource Domme Source @DommeSource

Home Wrecking Mind Fuck #JOI - @PrincessMika012 #FemDom #Homewrecker #Goddess #Worship…

@CofekSports Cofek Sports @CofekSports

IVORY COAST 1 down to champions Zambia after 20 minutes of play. Namibia comes up against Uganda next #CHAN2018…

@CofekTraffic CofekTraffic @CofekTraffic

HIGH COURT suspends night travel ban by NTSA until a case filed by activist @OkiyaOmtatah is heard and determined…

@NARemedy Spencer Taylor @NARemedy

So I asked several Chipotle employees. Tortilla: free. Cup of cheese: $1 tops. So why is a cheese quesadilla $6.50…

@weop256 Groovy Guy @weop256

@valeforXD *CinemaSins ripoff joke*

@bubbsy00 Dennis @bubbsy00

@justin_sligh @RandyS0725 @BlerdsOnline Yeah, they turned him into a Batman ripoff. It's just not the same. Green A…

@PrincessMika012 Princess Mika Promo @PrincessMika012

New #FemDom Video: Trippy Rip Off #FemDom #FemDom #Ripoff…

@meansplace50 Douglas @meansplace50

Health care for children is a crock of “S” as well! Taxpayer ripoff!

@multiverserpfan Kirk Parara @multiverserpfan

Please stop calling a literal DreamWorks web show a ripoff of a legitimate TV Show.

@ElaineF Elaine Filadelfo @ElaineF

@Nicole_Cliffe oh he ruined my wedding cake! I joked nonstop that the only part of wedding planning I truly was exc…

@thedamnbats THE DAMN BATS @thedamnbats

#tmobile is STILL a RIPOFF. Don't make the same mistake I did...don't give those assholes your money.

@SuccubusKay Succubus⛧Kay @SuccubusKay

Since I'm now back in (very) high spirits, I'm going to be doing a fun little giveaway. Once I pass 3K, I will pic…

@discomusicbox1 disco music @discomusicbox1

曲配信  crown heights affair - Love Ripoff

@csmith154004 Chels❤️ @csmith154004

@Madam_Finesse I told you!! It’s a complete ripoff down there😳😳

@cbcynth Cynthia Elliott @cbcynth

@realDonaldTrump And where are you? At work where you promised you’d be? Of course not. Liar and ripoff artist!!

@communicatenow1 Communicate Now @communicatenow1

Ripoff Report | Wells Fargo Complaint Review National Headquarters, New York

@ripoffreport Ripoff Report @ripoffreport

Scammers using likeness of A-list celebs in fake skincare ads More on #Ripoff Report at:…

@ag_negative Negative @ag_negative

@AustinJohnPlays Whats pixelmon some minecraft ripoff of Pokemon from the app store?

@clutch_knight68 Cruz @clutch_knight68

Only cause it’s a ripoff of a successful game and is free

@cjpeter1 Peter Olausson @cjpeter1

@BryceMousseau @DaveGeorgeson As I recall it was a pretty obvious AD&D ripoff, had a friend that had it and did read some of it.

@agentsheryl Sheryl Riley @agentsheryl

Freeform‘s new logo looks like a ripoff of Family Channel’s imo

@MINMINri ellie 🌺 @MINMINri

A ripoff? 😂😂😂 When Superstar SMTowm and JYPNation are made by the same company who made Superstar BTS lol someone's…

@MDMsketchcomedy Jelly Gang @MDMsketchcomedy

When you add cheese 🧀 on your pizza 🍕 yerrrr this is a ripoff

When you add cheese 🧀 on your pizza 🍕 ye...

@hyeoreulcha Tears of FAT @hyeoreulcha

meanwhile the other group is monstax ripoff....

@FetishLadyAnja Findom LadyAnja @FetishLadyAnja

You are so much easier to manipulate when your uninhibited. Get fucked up, stroke and send.…

@gm__smith GM Le Déplorable @gm__smith

$49 for Club Jetstar @JetstarAirways & haven't had a Member deal/offer for MONTHS....................... #RipOff #Fraud

@mikethernovich1 Mitch Thernovich @mikethernovich1

@Tonkasaw @JFGariepy @johnnyfoxrox It seems like nobody on youtube (between CRP and this Ripoff report) understands…

@amikebell Very proud Dad @amikebell

@reviewjournal Lyft, Uber, and the damn loop to strip #ripoff

@usa_mi_gr_chad Chad @usa_mi_gr_chad

@JenGranholm @SouthwestAir And the shameless promotion of @AmericanAir credit cards, only 39% APR! Give me two!…

@TrevorTraction Trevor The Traction Engine @TrevorTraction

I have decided to come back, this time, no TrevorMemes. Just Trevor. I don't want to be seen as a ripoff of Bertie…

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