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@edufeiok Eduardo Feinmann @edufeiok

La justicia por mano propia es la ley de la selva. El linchamiento no es el camino, es de primates.

@javisalas Javier Salas @javisalas

Los humanos no dormimos lo suficiente, basta con ver al resto de primates (Me pido chimpancé como poco)…

@caulfieldtim Timothy Caulfield @caulfieldtim

Interesting: "Humans don’t get enough sleep. Just ask other primates." #sleep

Interesting: 'Humans don’t get enough sl...

@kinkydata Kinky Data @kinkydata

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Size Comparison Of Primates

@nibelum 𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓 𝐌𝐈𝐓 𝐔𝐍𝐒 @nibelum

Atención!!! Se han escapado primates del zoo!!! Tengan cuidado vienen a pagarle su pensión!!!

Atención!!! Se han escapado primates del...

@CamBioanth CambridgeBioanth @CamBioanth

Thank you everyone who visited us at our stalls on the Downing site today! ☠️ We hope you enjoyed learning about hu…

@Lauraadri Adriana @Lauraadri

Primates ????? Cuidado !!!!!!! Tenemos sangre del "ESLABÓN PERDIDO" ...Linchar...👍👏👏

@GustavoVela71 Gustavo Vela @GustavoVela71

Somos primates

Somos primates

@edourdoo Eddie Du @edourdoo

It has long been known that fruit-eating primates (frugivores) tend to have bigger brains than leaf-eating primates…

@zevach_joel jimbo73 @zevach_joel

@Pajaropolitico @lopezobrador_ @INEMexico ¿Con los mineros que forman parte del sindicato que la suprema corte de j…

@eyre_mella Maria Mella 🌱🎗️ @eyre_mella

I love these primates 😃🐒 #wildlifephotography #saveprimates #savewildlife #animalconservation

I love these primates 😃🐒

@uikteindepe Carabanchelero Indepe @uikteindepe

@fray_fanatic No insulte usted a los nobles perros de caza mayor comparándolos con la plaga de ultraizmierda y otros primates allegados

@raulgalan4 Raul Galan @raulgalan4

@El_Universal_Mx No hace falta que estés muy TARADA @BeatrizParedesO para no darte cuenta que los PRImates se van a…


Animals used in cruel experiments 💔 Primates 🐵 Bunnies 🐇 Frogs 🐸 Rats 🐁 Mice 🐭 Dogs 🐶 Cats 🐱 Goats 🐐 Pigs 🐷 Sheep 🐑 #StopAnimalTests

@JorgeRiechmann Jorge Riechmann @JorgeRiechmann

Dos proposiciones básicas en filosofía práctica: uno, somos bandas de primates chismosos. Dos, el camino hacia la v…

@jt_tuan Tuan Jt @jt_tuan

Earth is full of various creatures. Living organisms need to hear, think, see, and adapt appropriately in order to…

@sonicmarioboom SanicDaHergedog @sonicmarioboom

Way too much people confront each other online like two fucking primates fighting for a mate. Calm down it's just D…

@penilepapulefix Penile Papules Fix @penilepapulefix

Penile Papules are sometimes described as vestigial remnants of penile spines, sensitive features found in other primates.

@findingmecca Alaskan Bull Worm @findingmecca

@_ninabynature Yea it’s mad interesting, especially the primates there

@speakboylese Sarah Boyle @speakboylese

Do other animals? Or is that something unique to primates? I imagine all mammals would have a certain amount becaus…

@speakboylese Sarah Boyle @speakboylese

So I’ve been rolling this question around in my head for a while and I can’t figure out how to find an answer. It o…

@noriaki_en noriaki kakyoin @noriaki_en

Orangutans are among the most intelligent primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each ni

@eckrules Eck Eckrules @eckrules

@tanya_plibersek @JayWeatherill Yeah Jay, pity you are unable to follow your renewables agenda for SA and Australia…

@huntingbtc5 John Hays @huntingbtc5

Earth is full of various creatures. Living organisms need to hear, think, see, and adapt appropriately in order to…

@jeremytmcmullen Jeremy Tam @jeremytmcmullen

@RAJANVAIRAWANAT Homo sapiens didn't evolve from monkey's but a common ancestor we shared with other primates. Our…

@stevenhamley Steven Hamley @stevenhamley

Humans don’t get enough sleep. Just ask other primates.

@puriscos Óscar Retana @puriscos

Tremendamente complicado el asunto... ahora, creo. A nadie le parecerá complicado en 1000 años cuando todos los “di…

@karlscarstensen Karla Carstensen @karlscarstensen

“Cuando del amor se trata, somos primates lanzando piedras apuntando a nuestro corazón.”

@DavisComeSaveUs Ethan @DavisComeSaveUs

Sydney funnel web spiders(nearly the most venomous spider in the world) are only venomous to humans and primates. T…

@almundodesdeels AlMundoDesdeElSur @almundodesdeels

On page 181 of 487 of La casa de los primates, by Sara Gruen

@jadechen818 JA Chen V●ᴥ●V @jadechen818

@hanceinmypocket @uhhhlexxxdee @iMthinkingPinoy Obviously, it shows who are the ohrangutang being mind controlled…

@basiliormz Basilio Ramírez @basiliormz

Hay que sacar al #PRI de #Oaxaca #NiUnVotoAlPRI #NoVotesPorElPRI #MexicoSinPRI #PRIasesino #PRIratero #PRIrepresor…

@marialujan2917 Maria Lujan @marialujan2917

@Pato_Salica @Flor_de_P Y ellos ,los chorros no son primates??? Somos todos primates unos con mejor suerte ya que s…

@wjpolk62 W.J. Polk @wjpolk62

“From Rats in Cages to Primates in Paradise — The Scientific Story of Stress in Society” by @scottsantens

@vegsongstress Chica Tchotchke @vegsongstress

I clicked to feed rescued primates @Care2:

@rustyedrea122 HBD2ME | MARCH 17 @rustyedrea122

What if there is no The Great Filter at all and we're all just paranoid primitive primates scared shitless for our own lives haha

@argenvilia E.Paulina P.Alchu @argenvilia

@edufeiok @lilianacannavin No es de primates, sino de sociedades carentes de educación.

@eitango_system3 システム英単語BOT3 @eitango_system3

humans and other primates:人間と他の霊長類 #systan

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