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@asharangappa_ Asha Rangappa @asharangappa_

No one is interested. 98 other senators, Ds and Rs -- who can't otherwise agree on what toppings to put on a pizza…

@whattheffacts What The F*** Facts @whattheffacts

People who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer.

@falloutboy Fall Out Boy @falloutboy

pizza + wallet chains? 🤔 watch @petewentz play Fan Match w/ @Spotify

pizza + wallet chains?  🤔  watch @petewe...

@scrabblesnowbal Oulipean Cheater @scrabblesnowbal

A ho vex puff pizza

@whattoeatbot fifthbotshop @whattoeatbot

What should I eat? : pizza

@veganfeeds Juicy Vegan @veganfeeds

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust : What do cauliflower and pizza have in common? Apparently, a lot. All the cool kids…

@lespastras Les Pastras @lespastras

Sarah @sarahsayscoucou made this incredible pizza with @LesPastras #truffles... We’re speechless. And hungry.

Sarah @sarahsayscoucou made this incredi...

@chelseadorable Raine Chelsea 🦄 @chelseadorable


@baphomoga mundinho pantera negra sjc @baphomoga

comendo pizza amanhecida, café e pão com requeijão as 8h da manhã minha alimentação tá uma merda

@bancadibologna bancadibologna @bancadibologna

Serata a cena fuori, una buona pizza con gli amici e poi si paga alla romana! Preferisci pagare cash e cercare il r…

@fizzandfire Fizz and Fire @fizzandfire

Our evening menus are full of your favourite comfort food, so kick your heels off and tuck into a slice of pizza 🍕😍…

@kumparan kumparan @kumparan

Infografik: Fakta Unik Pizza yang Perlu Kamu Ketahui

@motgeneral Reda. @motgeneral

Each time one slice of pizza makes me happy, so don't worry.

@kotabe_ 小田部 @kotabe_



@ItsFoodPorn FoodPorn @ItsFoodPorn

Extra Cheese Pizza.

Extra Cheese Pizza.

@munfess m o o n @munfess

-rl permisi mau nanya.dijogja ada domino's pizza ga?kalo iya dimana ya?

@talkingmia Sanem Bahçekapılı @talkingmia

@Afropunzel Anneanneme pizza söyleyemedim ya dolmalar sarmalar yaptım ona shskshjs

@usblm Black Lives Matter @usblm

This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as…

@pizza_56412 다땡그르르르르를 @pizza_56412

@HunWith_412 뚫은지 얼마되셨는데용 ..??

@kotabe_ 小田部 @kotabe_

@pervypiesenpai ✞Perverted Devil✞ @pervypiesenpai

Aisu Meiku:Pizza :D #AustinBunnyBot

@FactsOfSchool Student Problems @FactsOfSchool

body type: not terrible but definitely enjoys pizza

@HolaSoySergio__ Sergio @HolaSoySergio__

Oye vosotros que sois gordos y frikis, ¿sabéis si los domingos hay alguna oferta de Telepizza? Porque tengo ganitas de pizza con piña.

@stephen_nyabuti Steave @stephen_nyabuti

Pizza, Holy shit. Am an African man. Nani leta yams ama s.potatoes.

@Rublicious R Ü B Ÿ💋 @Rublicious

Wo saary jahan ki khushiyan, Wo tera mujhy “Pizza khaye gi kehna”.🍕💕

@galo_aquino Galo Aquino @galo_aquino

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough :-)

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try...

@xXPRAEKOXx โอชิ Adam Driver @xXPRAEKOXx

This is a picture of Adam with someone’s dog on his lap and he’s giving this dog pizza.... I can not I’m..,,,,…

@saazuka Wine is lyfe 🍷🍷🍷 @saazuka

@Svetloyara @BabyBoom4Trump @scrowder @TCU Men sexually harassing a young girl who works in a pizza store are not good people.

@kiss_chong_gack Kichong @kiss_chong_gack

pizza 🍕🍕🍕

pizza 🍕🍕🍕

@kiguchiko 木口 @kiguchiko



@elaureus E @elaureus

layo muna tayo sa pizza at jollibee

@apolloplh Flo Apollo @apolloplh

@AnXCeal Frère j'ai une pizza moi ptdrr

@seokjinfansite jin love bot @seokjinfansite omg they showed the clip of jin saying ‘p a s t a pasta and p i z z a pizza’ and he looked… omg they showed...

@talking_toy1103 ふたつきMDR @talking_toy1103

@pizza_Intestine だいじょばない、アーメン( ° ∀ 。)

@ElasporelasOf Elas por elas @ElasporelasOf

Compartilhe se você: - Já beijou alguém do mesmo sexo. - Odeia azeitona. - Gosta de sexo violento. - Comeu pizza on…

@arbos1226 あめふらし(泥沼) @arbos1226



@jobartonnhs Joanne barton @jobartonnhs

@size22guru Step away from the pizza!!! It won’t help with your goals 😜

@SoDamnTrue Typical Girl @SoDamnTrue

It’s so annoying when the Touch ID doesn’t work on my iPhone like c’mon you already know it’s me with a little bit…

@tasty Tasty @tasty

Do you want a PIZZA my heart? 🍕 😍

Do you want a PIZZA my heart? 🍕 😍 https:...

@Pizza_Hut_Japan ピザハット @Pizza_Hut_Japan

🍕🙈#ピザハット当たるってよ🎯🍕 な、なんと総額100万円分のクーポンが抽選で1,000名に当たるんです!(*´∀`*)💘 応募方法⬇︎ ①@Pizza_Hut_Japanをフォロー👆 ②本投稿をRT↱↲✨ ※フォローしている人…

@froyoda tri @froyoda

Pepsi at snr pizza because na sstress na ako kay sir d***a

@jamesmartinchef James Martin @jamesmartinchef

My #AmericanAdventure is back today at 2pm @ITV and @WeAreSTV with a trip to LA. I visit the amazing @WolfgangPuck…

@StokePoliceNrth CI John Owen @StokePoliceNrth

We have arrested a 26 year old female for public order offences. Emergency Services must be able to carry out their…

@kaz_pup Pup Kaz @kaz_pup

@PupTykeUK @SpacePupSilver Pineapple on pizza is good 🍍🍕#unpopularOpinions

@OrdnchQ Shasha @OrdnchQ

He nolonger gives you the last slice of pizza

@muro_sub むろさきたま @muro_sub



@_cxndygxrl Sua @_cxndygxrl

Tengo otra pregunta seria para todos donde está en juego nuestra amistad. ¿Comen los bordes de la pizza o no los comen?

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