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@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Look very closely at the people coming out against the McCabe firing. Those are your deep state agents!

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Retweet this if you think General Michael Flynn is an American patriot!

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Democrat Mark Warner has good reason to be worried. He asked a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch to arrange a clandes…

@BettyHalamicek Betty Halamickova @BettyHalamicek

@SUP3RFRUIT #SuperfruitLA I was awake to be able to see u on Periscope and IT WAS WORTH IT! IT WAS PERFECT!

@SUP3RFRUIT #SuperfruitLA I was awake to...

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Does John Brennan really think that Americans don't know he has been anti-American since before his tenure at the C…

@rcb799 ron baker @rcb799

@sophiarae10 i really miss you here and on periscope. I hope you come back on soon

@RealMattCouch Matt Couch 🎙 @RealMattCouch

Watch on #Periscope: Happy Tuesday Night America. Making Progress #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #KimDotcom #BradBaum…

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Comey signed FISA applications that cited the discredited anti-Trump dossier as evidence to conduct surveillance on…

@joe_sprout_test Joe Sprout Test @joe_sprout_test

US Navy launches submarine with gamepad-guided periscope

@esam74558152 Esam @esam74558152

@Defne76583612 على #Periscope: TURBANLI SHOWW

@onibugihyun ham @onibugihyun


@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Obama infamously declared that manufacturing jobs were never coming back to the US. Just one more time he was wron…

@JsScope JSScope 🏆🐿 @JsScope

TODAY is THE day! The 2018 Arizona PeriMeetup this afternoon at 5:00pm at the Yardhouse in Glendale. Scheduled to a…

@shankaraswami Shankaratilaka Swami @shankaraswami

NUEVO CAMBIO DE HORARIO‼️‼️ Evol-Escuela Vedica Omline GURU DARSHANA -PRASHNOTTARA- Tema: Preguntas y Respuestas s…

@Japan_Olympic 日本オリンピック委員会(JOC) @Japan_Olympic

#periscope ライブ配信中】金メダルを獲得したフィギュアスケートの羽生結弦選手、銀メダルの宇野昌磨選手の記者会見です! #オリンピック #がんばれニッポン #Pyeongchang2018

@lapisrelights Project PARALLEL 公式 @lapisrelights

早速ですが「AnimeJapan 2018」にて「Project PARALLEL」制作発表会&プレミアムライブをKLabブースで開催いたします!当日参加出来ないよーという方のために24日のステージは生放送も行います。ニコニコ生放…

@codeofvets Gretchen Smith @codeofvets

Watch on #Periscope: Code of Vets is a #GrassrootsFirestorm1) Endorsing Candidates 2)Helping Veterans

@CraigMyers1084 Craig Myers @CraigMyers1084

.@joeygiggles on #Periscope: Analysis of the #PeriMeetup in AZ and of course a powerful message on THUNDER SUNDAY #…

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Hacker who turned Chelsea Manning into the FBI is found dead. Weird, is that another #ClintonBodyCount?

@Melissa31920880 @Melissa @Melissa31920880

.@Hublife on #Periscope:: Still Breathin Sunday w/Congressional Candidate Brenden Dilley

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Thomas Paine is reporting that text message evidence exists the FBI considered physical harm on the this…

@Hottporno MuRoCaN Ve KeYFi @Hottporno

Periscope Yayını Part 3

Periscope Yayını 
Part 3

@justinsuntron Justin Sun @justinsuntron

#TRON entire tech team will have a live stream on Periscope at PST 18:30, Feb 11th, 2018. They will brief you on th…

@Melissa31920880 @Melissa @Melissa31920880

.@Hublife on #Periscope::: Still Breathin Sunday w/Congressional Candidate Brenden Dilley

@Melissa31920880 @Melissa @Melissa31920880

.@mitchellvii on #Periscope: YourVoice™ The Buzz (3/18) "Foreign Affairs & Defense!"

@dempsey_pompeo Patrick & Ellen @dempsey_pompeo

If you’ve watched the first 25 minutes of that periscope here is a clip from around 30:20 that I forgot to have you…

@Flash424242 Flash424242 @Flash424242

Assistir no #Periscope: no veo esos corazones

@pandoraskids Jean-Pierre DEMURGER @pandoraskids

Red hot, step by step tutorial on #periscope FREE

Red hot, step by step tutorial on #peris...

@withTudor Travel with Tudor @withTudor

.@PrattsN on #Periscope: ¡Bello atardecer! 🌅 Beautiful sunset! ❤️🌺🇵🇷 @PeriscopeTV

.@PrattsN on #Periscope: ¡Bello atardece...

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Looks McCabe will sing like a canary in a coal mine as he has threatened to take down others if he is fired. Sing A…

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Andrew McCabe because he is not receiving his full retirement after being fired a…

@mitchellvii Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii

Under President Trump the National Debt has increased $1T since he took office...1/2 the increase under President O…

@tjricks_tsp Tanei The Science Guy, PhD 🌞 @tjricks_tsp

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