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@scandalabc Scandal @scandalabc

...all the way from this moment when Olivia Pope stole our hearts. THANK YOU, GLADIATORS! Retweet to show your lo…

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

wine: red past: dark coat: white enemies: handled scandal i love you. olivia i love you. shonda i love you.

@joethemorton Joe Morton @joethemorton

Olivia&Fitz standing opposite one another with something between them, leaves open the question as to her future, e…

@gbfsalty Salty gbf @gbfsalty

76B36D94 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 100 Dark Angel Olivia

76B36D94 :Battle ID
I need backup!
Lvl 1...

@univers9l monami @univers9l

i found new girl crushes..olivia and sana


7 years of Olivia Pope finally come to an end #TheFinalScandal @kerrywashington thank YOU.

7 years of Olivia Pope finally come to a...

@oyotracy Tracy \ omb @oyotracy

fuck olivia Monse is skinny and un-bothered

@PrincessFaith_ face @PrincessFaith_

@kbrookes_ @olivia_micah Y’all are the only reason my phone gets any use😂

@kerrywashington kerry washington @kerrywashington

Thank you for the honor! And for sending it straight from the runway show 😍 We were struggling a bit with Olivia’s…

@CesarVPeru César Villanueva @CesarVPeru

Como amazónico, me siento muy consternado por el asesinato de Olivia Arévalo Lomas, lideresa shipibo-konibo. Compar…

@radiodisney RADIO DISNEY @radiodisney

Today @selenagomez @jennaortega @SofiaCarson @olivia_holt @Jordan_Fisher & @maddieziegler rocked the blue carpet at…

@lovelyvicki8 vicky 🤪💛 @lovelyvicki8

Me waiting for SEASON 2 of On My Block, is Olivia gonna live? Is Cesar gonna tell Spooky? Is Spooky gonna HANDLE IT…

@heartofscandal liyah missed scandal @heartofscandal

tonight we say goodbye to one of the most beautiful and fierce characters i’ve ever seen, Olivia Pope.…

@Ookay ookay ! @Ookay

Rest up @Avicii . You’ve worked hard.

@ONUPeru Naciones Unidas Perú @ONUPeru

Condenamos el asesinato de la maestra y liderasa indígena Olivia Arévalo. Proteger la voz, el trabajo y la vida de…

@olivianjnews Olivia Newton-John @olivianjnews

'Grease' at 40: Olivia Newton-John, Frankie Valli & John Farrar Reflect on the Blockbuster Songs (by Chuck Arnold)…

@angiecoiro Radio Angie 📻 @angiecoiro

Olivia N.J.'s "I Honesty Love You" on the sound system is contraindicated in restaurants. #gag

@suriel Suriel Chacon @suriel

Perú: condenamos el asesinato de Olivia Arévalo Lomas, quien fue acribillada en la Comunidad Intercultural Victoria…

@freshnudemodels 🎈Freshnudes @freshnudemodels

STUNNING OLIVIA (Top FTV Girls) - WATCH VIDEO HERE: #publicnudity #freshnudes #topless…

@LiamPayne Liam @LiamPayne

Oh my god truly devastated for Avicii very very sad news way to young ... what a talent he was. rest in peace x

@caroleone1 CAROLEONE @caroleone1

Pérou - Assassinat d'Olivia Arévalo, défenseu... #ABYAYALA #Pérou #Peuplesoriginaires #Féminicides #Shipibo-Konibo

@ClintFalin Clint Falin @ClintFalin

i really didn’t think you’d do it friend, but you went in and did the boop.

i really didn’t think you’d do it friend...

@olivia_duh liv d @olivia_duh

NOOOOO!!!!! 😭 #ripavicii

@olivia_sola Olivia Sola @olivia_sola

@FonsiLoaiza @jmbartomeu Fascista? Esto es una gran mentira. La pena es q te lo crees. Muestras una gran deslealtad…

@jcpantherath JAXCO ATHLETICS @jcpantherath

It's official. Be there!

It's official.  Be there!

@emilyyfinn mle @emilyyfinn

at this age you gotta realize everyone has a lot of growing to do so you either grow together or outgrow each other

@_jayne79 Jayne Marie @_jayne79

🆘 VERY URGENT.. HELP POOR OLIVIA #carsonshelter .🆘 She has great problems with her back legs. She needs some help a…

@CMPFloraTristan CMP Flora Tristán @CMPFloraTristan

Demandamos a las autoridades una pronta investigación por el asesinato de Olivia Arévalo Lomas así como la captura…

@maihooooo mai @maihooooo

Olivia ruins everything 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Olivia ruins everything 🙃🙃🙃🙃 https://t.c...

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