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@jazelpanaglima JAZ @jazelpanaglima

@EnyaMelchor26 nux, congrats paul lav ka ni enya 💕

@jedistitch Jedistitch @jedistitch

@ibikus31 Hömma! Isch hab niedrieges Einkommen, ja habsch! Aber höhere Bildung habsch ausch! Du nux surda!

@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

또 다시 날 찾아온 헤픈엔딩.

@nux_walpurgis_w 발푸르기스의 밤 @nux_walpurgis_w

흐하하하하하, 하하하하 핫 아하하하 하하하하하하하 하하하 아하하하하하하하

@hymm_genom_bot ヒュムノス&ジェノメトリックbot @hymm_genom_bot

QuelI->EXiV[zod]->EXiV[noz]->EXiV[nux]->EXiV[bomb]->EXiV[endi]->EXeC->{RW}; 【Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE;~Original】

@javiddt Javi DDT @javiddt

Juego: ¿Hechizo de Harry Potter u Homeopatía? - Alohomora - Nux Vomica - Expecto patronum - Wingardium Leviosa - O…

@raakxhyr Raakxhyr @raakxhyr

@Nux_Alt :0000c

@nux_alt /Ren/ @nux_alt

@Raakxhyr Um yes?

@GameGrumps Game Grumps @GameGrumps

“I vant to clean your ears.”

“I vant to clean your ears.” https://t.c...

@Piemations Mike @Piemations

@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

난 재주 많은 곰 No, 곰 보단 여우

@Curvyllama curvyllama💓 @Curvyllama


It's Malcolm.....ITS ALWAYS MALCOLM http...

@minidanilp Weeping Angel @minidanilp

@Nux_Taku @NurBorno It's nice how excited you are for your own theory c: I better enchant my diamond armor with blast protection.

@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

여, 형님! 별풍 감ㅅ... 아, 동생이야?

@nux_walpurgis_w 발푸르기스의 밤 @nux_walpurgis_w

하하하핫, 막을 내리는 아이야. 푸흐흐, 으흐흐흐, 하하핫, 기계 장치를 부숴라. 무대 뒤를 부숴라, 막을 내려. 톱니바퀴를 멈춰라, 무대를 닫아! 하하하하하하하하하! 아하하하하하, 하하하하하하하하핫!

@muchtooheavy Heavy Thought Studios @muchtooheavy

Introducing Teresa, the female version of the three hole punch (14 of 24)! As a transgender woman, she fights intol…

@nux_2 ٰ @nux_2

يارب جنبني أذى خلقك وجنب خلقك أذاي.

@nux_2 ٰ @nux_2

استغفرالله العظيم.

@nux_2 ٰ @nux_2

للأبد اكرهني لمن اعصب

@BBRudy_22 Big Booty Rudy @BBRudy_22

I’m begging to be fucked

I’m begging to be fucked

@halfblooddrinks Half-Blood Mixology @halfblooddrinks

TEQUILA & PUS: - Add a measure of tequila - Add one pinch of pus - Add two scoops of nux myristica Garnish with lemon

@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

형님들이 주신 별풍선으로, 새 캠 샀다고!

@TWERKONMIKE lou,, want you back @TWERKONMIKE

Quand une chanson pas très catholique se lance et que tes parents sont dans le salon.

Quand une chanson pas très catholique se...

@nux_taku Nux @nux_taku

@Inspuck Hahaha, you may change your mind soon enough, feel free to get back to me on this one XD

@vikkingss T-G @vikkingss

@VGCU84 VieilleGardeCU84 @VGCU84

Cette image des ultras du @SMCaen est l'occasion de saluer la mémoire du marseillais Luc Borrelli, gardien de talen…

@nux_2 ٰ @nux_2

تفله بوجه الناس اللي تخلي الشخص يطلع من طوره غصب.

@ryzzlad Ryan otherwise known as Stinky Winky @ryzzlad

@Nux_Taku Fan theory: Luffy can choke out Kaido with his rubber wee wee

@inspuck Micky d @inspuck

@Nux_Taku You should check him out if you want some solid one piece theories, best youtuber for that no competition

@nux_taku Nux @nux_taku

@Inspuck Nope, but soon he'll be watching me XD

@inspuck Micky d @inspuck

@Nux_Taku Do you watch joy boy?

@tomthebandicoot Tom_the_Bandicoot @tomthebandicoot

@Nux_Alt Better than from nowhere I suppose right?

@nux_taku Nux @nux_taku

@AllDayAnimee Good luck man

@nux_alt /Ren/ @nux_alt

@TomtheBandicoot might come from my mom ;v;

@OverwatchTXT Overwatch.TXT @OverwatchTXT

@tomthebandicoot Tom_the_Bandicoot @tomthebandicoot

@Nux_Alt Hopefully that 200 comes sooner than you think

@nux_alt /Ren/ @nux_alt

200 more till i have enough for a new laptop ;v;

@alldayanimee Briggs ADA @alldayanimee


@nux_taku Nux @nux_taku

Average shounen YTer: I have a theory that in the next chapter something big's gonna happen Me: I just finished a…

@discordapp Discord @discordapp

Discord team went outside ☀️ Discord team liked Black Panther 🍿🎥 Discord team take photo for you 📸 Please enjoy 🤣

Discord team went outside ☀️ Discord tea...

@nux_taku Nux @nux_taku

@Havenadian Well, main difference is Ash usually loses XD

@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

다들 그렇게들 떠나나요 이미 저 너머 멀리에 가있네 여기에는 아무도 안 올 테니 그냥 집으로 돌아갈래

@rolandowrx414q Rolando Miranda @rolandowrx414q

RALLY WIDE! From subiewerks555 #SubieWerks555 #SubieWerksRallyTeam Render by: NUX Creative…

@syu07kyoupan syu @syu07kyoupan

赤のバイオギアと赤のnux テッカテカ!


@httpcarou carolin(d)a @httpcarou


@nux_the_bat NUX @nux_the_bat

돈도 없는데 뭘 자꾸 사냐니, 그러게 말입니다!

@syu07kyoupan syu @syu07kyoupan

arenaのnuxロイヤルブルー 前のつづき


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