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@usatoday USA TODAY @usatoday

New California declares 'independence' from California in a bid to become the 51st state.

New California declares 'independence' f...

@soompi Soompi @soompi

#BTS Achieves New Twitter Milestone Of 12 Million Followers #BTS12M

#BTS Achieves New Twitter Milestone Of 1...

@realdonaldtrump Donald J. Trump @realdonaldtrump

New report from DOJ & DHS shows that nearly 3 in 4 individuals convicted of terrorism-related charges are foreign-b…

@bromonaquimby Bromona Quimby @bromonaquimby

@aparnapkin I watched the first 4 on demand. I can’t wait for new ones!

@trippymimi CUŃTk @trippymimi

Good sex, no stress, new boo, no ex, no calls, just text, small circle, big checks.....

@christopherd11 Christopher D. @christopherd11

@northpinecc Northpine CC @northpinecc

Are you ready for the new school year? Stay on top of it with our online calendar:

@motorolaindia Motorola India @motorolaindia

We're painting the town red with new #MotoHubs all around Delhi! Keep watching this space to know where the new hub…

@stone_ady Ady Stone @stone_ady

Me watching @shanedawson new video with @trishapaytas 😂

Me watching @shanedawson new video with...

@__D_T_B . @__D_T_B

Never let your past hurt sabotage your new happiness.

@queenmeaaa mea 👑 @queenmeaaa

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@beerentrepenuer Beers W/Entrepreneur @beerentrepenuer

I have 1 new followers from USA last week. See

I have 1 new followers from USA last wee...

@r0ykun royisha @r0ykun


@aubreebatchelor Aubree @aubreebatchelor

I can hear my neighbors watching New Girl through my wall as I cry on my homework.


The wife of a man deported to Mexico after living in the US for 30 years says they have not received any calls or a…

@nwprogressive Northwest Progressive Institute @nwprogressive

New on NPI's Cascadia Advocate: Hurrah! Same-day voter registration passes out of the Washington State Senate |…

@khw6025 멧돼지 현우(현천) @khw6025

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@SullivanHelton 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝𝕤𝕚𝕝𝕜 @SullivanHelton

new orleans people will eat nachos and cheese w/ jalapeños, a snowball, and boil seafood at the same time while the…

@jackncurryboyz Kim @jackncurryboyz

@Rasheed_Shabazz @EastBayTimes So pro-MUSLIM, according to this lazy trash article, is anti-police and anti genetic…

@garyaaltman2 🇺🇸DITCH MITCH🇺🇸 @garyaaltman2

@DavidDobrik DAVID DOBRIK @DavidDobrik

Choosing one person who RT's to be next videos shoutout! New vid is up! Like and subscribe!

@gmapinoytv GMA Pinoy TV @gmapinoytv

LOOK: Our #KapusoAbroad fans came to Sydney all the way from the UK, US and New Zealand! 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇳🇿 Maraming salamat, m…

@Jeff__Benjamin Jeff Benjamin @Jeff__Benjamin

JBJ appear on this week's chart alongside the likes of BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Twice, GOT7, Monsta X and Blackpink so…

@poppophart Jonathan Hart @poppophart

@bsp_13 I always forget he is from New Canaan

@dilshanijanez 😍GRETHAN😍 @dilshanijanez

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@jondknight Jonathan Knight @jondknight

Continental brings new GM at its ContiTech factory near Arad

@mrsquiggle32 Mr. Squiggle @mrsquiggle32

New theory: Trump supporters lack basic reading comprehension skills. You just have to read a bit more, it’s like a…

@TheJaneTales jΛne @TheJaneTales

#Tech - IG is making big changes. Hashtags posted in the comments will no longer display under search results, expo…

@111HONGSI 장화 신은 홍시 @111HONGSI

아가 츄르 처음 먹고 놀람

아가 츄르 처음 먹고 놀람

@HourlyApple Fresh Apple News @HourlyApple

Apple to Lease New Office Building in Culver City - Mac Rumors

@KazHiraiCEO CEO Kaz Hirai @KazHiraiCEO

Nintendo has its new solution for Switch Voice chat

Nintendo has its new solution for Switch...

@_ShinyGyarados Shiny Gyarados @_ShinyGyarados

With new update! Now kyogre is close to the catch screen😍🙌🙌 @StarDustFarmPG

With new update! Now kyogre is close to...

@chrismoon1986 CJingle 🎅 @chrismoon1986

@GabsVictoriax @alexandani Good to know. You may have some new ones soon

@maxkonnorxxx MAX KONNOR @maxkonnorxxx

🚨🚨New Exclusive Video🚨🚨 This was a spontaneous fuck with a hot Asian boy after the gym. H…

@AceFambam #AceFambam-Yardsticc @AceFambam

Click the link And Download & Buy Baby Nucc New CD Unhook Khakis it's only $1. 50🎵🎼📱 retwe…

@MayWardPatrol MAYWARD PATROL 🚨 @MayWardPatrol

ALERT Official NEW tag for today : TWEET - RETWEET - QUOTE - SPREAD ------------------------- MAYWARDFebIBIG CO…

@ilgalkag carry @ilgalkag

Xbox One Game Pass Adding These New Games To Play In February

@naseemk2 Citizen @naseemk2

India will still be no 1 even after 3-0 defeat. They will learn from their defeat& do better next time, Lets not ta…

@fabiolucv Fábio @fabiolucv

Tillerson to visit London, hopes to visit new embassy

Tillerson to visit London, hopes to visi...

@mitchmatuguinas Mitchy Matuguinas @mitchmatuguinas

I posted a new video to Facebook

@Reuters Reuters Top News @Reuters

WATCH: Apple to pay $38 billion in U.S. taxes, open a new campus. @StephenNellis reports: v…

@AnandKu1253903 Anand Kumar Pathak @AnandKu1253903

@yadavakhilesh Pranaam sir sir aapne Jo new add nikla tha 07/12/12 o suprimcort be bahal kr Diya hai Us pr sir kuc…

@GladysB Gladys Berejiklian @GladysB

Two swimmers’ lives have been saved at #LeonnoxHead with our new drone technology, the first rescue of this kind.

Two swimmers’ lives have been saved at #...

@jonahthenomad Jonah @jonahthenomad

I liked a @YouTube video HEY SMALL YOUTUBER: STOP CRYING. (New Youtube Rules 2018)

@cissyvoo Charlotte Issyvoo @cissyvoo

@HijaDe2Madre This is a building with a huge proportion of elderly, sick, and disabled people because it's a medica…

@travellinwander April 🌛 @travellinwander

After hearing about the new rules YouTube has put on small influencers, Iets start a subscribe thread. Let’s make i…

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