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@RogerBezanis ROGER BEZANIS @RogerBezanis

PAY ATTENTION Q-What is difference between the top & bottom of the pH Scale? A-The top is composed of waste calle…

@leonardihenacho Baba Shiny Suit @leonardihenacho

@don_jidz He could manipulate any other metal in the earth wrap it around his neck and choke him. He could essentia…

@flatulentfrog Flatulent Frog @flatulentfrog

@56blackcat @DTrump_Cat @FailShark As long as you got the jar she is ... Have you considered the many benefits of m…

@regiceser1 Regi 🌺[]👧 @regiceser1

@sayeekeyrun_ @S_O_W_M_Y_A Why ? Sweety Keerthy can go to for shopping there...u come with Us... we ll mummify u th…

@yasashiichiaki Lady Chiaki @yasashiichiaki

《Mummify》プレオープンのお知らせ ※風俗店ではありません。 私の所属しているビザールクリニックとは関係はありません。 “リラクゼーションを目的とした” マミーリラックスのお店です。 今後、痩身エステなどもメニューに追加す…

@cakecalamity Cupcake Calamity @cakecalamity

@adcadien Does that mean present me can just lay under the couch to mummify in peace

@pheobehorseing sweetpotato고구마 @pheobehorseing

Boy: I wonder what girls think about Girls: how to I mummify this frog in the dryer without my mom noticing

@myteacheraizawa Shota Aizawa @myteacheraizawa

@Electricily Aizawa tightened the fiber to practically mummify her into a cozy roll. "You're no good when you're t…

@pegleglheureux Eric L'Heureux @pegleglheureux

Abby this is how you mummify a body @ Balboa Park

@lillithkain Lillith Kain @lillithkain

A strange way to mummify: The mystery of Egypt's 'screaming mummy' via @ahramonline

@lillithkain Lillith Kain @lillithkain

A strange way to mummify: The mystery of Egypt's 'screaming mummy'

@Valentine__Vale Valentine Vale 💙✨ @Valentine__Vale

I don't just wanna tie up a sub-- I want to full-on mummify them. Leave them a needy, squirmy little cocoon locked…

@nikkikomori 💐nikki @ kpop wada💐 @nikkikomori

idol dating scandals and bashing in my timeline (again) aka people want to prevent their biases from reproducing an…

@BenioDominatrix DominatrixBenio @BenioDominatrix

ほどよい温みとクッションが座り心地良いマミー人形が恋しいなぁ。 #japanfemdom #japanesemistress #latex #Bondage #humanfurniture #mummify…

@MistressLocke Ms Stephanie Locke @MistressLocke

Lastly, a touch more #Spandex #Mummification to inspire!! Oh, how I love to #Mummify & #Dominate....#Bondage…

@valentine_robot Dick Valentine Bot @valentine_robot

Ancient Egyptians mummify and nobody can say exactly why.

@mumipyhia Pyhia 'Mumi' @mumipyhia

Mummify everything. I'll make it a trend again.

@mace_ellis Mace Ellis Bey @mace_ellis

In the Bed Nothing quite like being in my Bed. That's that mirror of de when the B be 13 at resc. No weight bonds m…

@HdMstrssScarlet HeadMistress Scarlet @HdMstrssScarlet

I'm ready for a new test subject to mummify. You will be completely immobilized as I experiment with your mind and…

@woridandscience World and Science @woridandscience

There are enough preservatives in a bag of Doritos to mummify a small dog.

@sudifish Brown Fish @sudifish

Ho chi minh wanted to be cremated and his ashes scattered over Vietnam, but his homies chose to mummify him

@vanessaedmunds Vanessa Edmunds @vanessaedmunds

@Dclantis That was my thought - or mummify them in the museum.

@jilyismyotp_ s(q)wat goals @jilyismyotp_

think about this the next time y'all decide to wear - no, mummify yourselves with - a sari for rhd

@ahramonline Ahram Online @ahramonline

A strange way to mummify: The mystery of #Egypt's 'screaming mummy'

A strange way to mummify: The mystery of...

@wakrtalley Robin Talley @wakrtalley

@joshuagates #Expedtionunknown The skull you all found COULD be Cleo&maid. Would there have been time to mummify her after Rome attacked?

@mumipyhia Pyhia 'Mumi' @mumipyhia

Mummify everything. I'll make it a trend again.

@nomrbot No, Mr. Bot... @nomrbot

"You expect me to just decompose in my tomb for eternity?" "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to mummify."

@Kelangdbn Spica @Kelangdbn

「叫ぶミイラ」の謎が解ける 1886年にハトシェプスト女王葬祭殿で発見された苦悩の表情が特徴の"Man E"。DNA分析によりラムセス3世(在位BC1186~1155年)の息子と判明…

@absterrs Abby @absterrs

“When I die, mummify me in fruit roll ups...& then hang me from a tree to turn into a chrysalis...& hatch as a beau…

@jack_lead Jack Lead @jack_lead

Blurble burble mummify. Backstreet flossed underground. Code seven, code seven. Ostracods at your ready, inadequate.

@durinnmcfurren Durinn McFurren @durinnmcfurren

@examinefaith @UmmAlMumineen @ConfessionsExMu Reminds me of the 'incorruptible' saints of the Orthodox, whom they c…

@kylieskylindsey Kylie-Sky Lindsey @kylieskylindsey

@christinaemoss When I was a kid (super young, like 7 or 8) I was super into Egypt. For a few month period I though…

@torineko4117 鳥猫(サムライニャパン) @torineko4117

A strange way to mummify: The mystery of Egypt's 'screaming mummy' - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

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