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@johncrossmirror John Cross @johncrossmirror

Jose Mourinho came across so badly in that post match interview. Sometimes you just gotta admit you were second best. #motd

@iancheeseman Ian Cheeseman @iancheeseman

Got to say Shearer & Murphy were great pundits on MOTD tonight - prepared to say the truth and then back it up when analysing both Derbys

@mhchehade Mootaz Chehade @mhchehade

Danny Murphy on MOTD: “I don’t know the guy (Lovren), but I know he has let Klopp down so many times before & he keeps selecting him.”

@linux_motd Linux Message of Day @linux_motd

SCSI's too wide. #Linux

@scottelliott99 Scott Elliott @scottelliott99

Apparently Ander Herrera has watched #MOTD three times now and he still hasn’t found David Silva.

Apparently Ander Herrera has watched #MO...

@joeleeds_motd JOE HO HO CAROLS #£$%&=+ @joeleeds_motd

#NIGELLA what was the recipe for that prosecco instead of gin cocktail...fancy one now,,,

@gunnerpunner JB™ @gunnerpunner

Mesut Özil's been dropping worldie performances for a few months now. Media say nothing. Just wait for the first av…

@ross_leslie10 Jerome 🐢 @ross_leslie10

@NOT_MOTD @bened_ct

@lalaluv82 lala_luv82 @lalaluv82

The come up is REAL 👌 practice makes perfect and ANYTHING is possible with effort and dedication. #motd #progress…

@davothkelly Dave 'Davoth' Kelly @davothkelly

@me316 The fella on MOTD was creaming his kecks, the Sky fella wasn’t half as irritating.

@iammesimplydee WiNjaFairy @iammesimplydee

regranned from @IAmMeSimplyDee - Chicago '17 #sickviews #nikon #greatimes #potd #motd…

@alanlpool66 Alan P #FBPE @alanlpool66

I think you'd make a great prime minister Gary... more interesting than #MOTD

@jimmysmith89 jimmy smith @jimmysmith89

@NOT_MOTD Very weak banter 😂😂😂

@joeleeds_motd JOE HO HO CAROLS #£$%&=+ @joeleeds_motd

#Nigella EGGScELLENT.....

@PLSL_tweet مراسل البريميرليغ @PLSL_tweet

🎞 تغطية الجولة (16) من البرنامج الشهير MOTD تحت هذه التغريدة 👇🏻

🎞 تغطية الجولة (16)
من البرنامج الشهير M...

@sipsmith Sipsmith Gin @sipsmith

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the gin is so delightful, And since we've no place to go, Let It Sloe! Le…

@karmakvp Mr Karma Monero KVP @karmakvp

@bigalsmash @ItsJurgenKlopp Watching MOTD they have video and still talking shit lol video won't really help... a…

@ukclassiccars UK Classic Cars @ukclassiccars

eBay: 1975 Triumph Stag Auto, MOTd 16th Dec 2018, 40,500 Miles, Outstanding Condition…

@k0tteri kotteri♡ @k0tteri

#todaysmakeup 💋 #motd 💋 #colormakeup 💋 #今日のメイク 💋 ✧ ✧ #eyemakeup 💋 maccosmeticsjapan ✧ MAC…

@alleluiabeauty Ange Brdas @alleluiabeauty

Hey beauties it’s going to be a busy day today so I went for my go to Bronze eye, cheeks & lippie! Getting myself i…

@obisingledigit Nnamdi Obinwanne @obisingledigit

MOTD is not the place for formation of such opinions

@joeleeds_motd JOE HO HO CAROLS #£$%&=+ @joeleeds_motd

The 25 best-selling cocktails in the world in 2017 via @BIUK

@connorryan1994 Connor Ryan @connorryan1994

@_RichardBrookes @NOT_MOTD Hahaha brilliant 😂😂

@k0tteri kotteri♡ @k0tteri

. . #makeup #motd #todaysmakeup #eyemakeup . . 今日もプレゼントのピアスをつけてコーディネート💄 . . 今日は#フープピアス…

@not_motd Not Match of the Day @not_motd



@brimvincible Brimbo @brimvincible

@AnthonyMunro What was that on motd 2? I'll have to watch

@ibz247 ibz @ibz247

@PrestwichBlue @city_kenton @FA Exactly no mention of it on motd either.

@no1alfielding Al Fielding @no1alfielding

Just catching up on MOTD. @IAmJermainDefoe 2nd goal.....👌.....

@chelsea10shi Chelsea @chelsea10shi



@davothkelly Dave 'Davoth' Kelly @davothkelly

My missus half-watched MOTD this morning and these were her actual words: “ why is this commentator a Liverpool fan…

@joeleeds_motd JOE HO HO CAROLS #£$%&=+ @joeleeds_motd

@angelauk1900 #nigella 🤣 au Naturelle.....

@jennehbear Jenny @jennehbear

@NOT_MOTD @Mclark93

@michael40301481 Mick O'C⚒⚒⚒ @michael40301481

@Hammers1010Alex @NOT_MOTD 25 mil well spent obviously 🙄

@pragmatic_alan Pragmatic Shearer Bot @pragmatic_alan

When the russian blues tingle the hill, Arnautovic now sings a optimistic Kronk Pepikrankenitz #soccer #football…

@m_rohatgi07 Mohit Rohatgi @m_rohatgi07

Word. Get that man a job on MOTD.

@h4mzi h @h4mzi

@NOT_MOTD @DaddyWeebMC Imagine people are actually salvaging the Everton draw as something 😂, When they still couldnt beat us with 10 men.

@joeleeds_motd JOE HO HO CAROLS #£$%&=+ @joeleeds_motd

@CyclingNewz for an Asthmatic Guy off pirates of the caribbean Bradleys doing great...

@CyclingNewz for an Asthmatic Guy  off p...

@russell_carr19 Russell Carr @russell_carr19

@NOT_MOTD @scarr_16 😂

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